The Only Coffee For Halloween: Death Wish Coffee!

What do you do when the Midnight Oils need to be burned at both ends of the candle yet the flames of energy just aren’t manifesting with the standard cup of Joe? When the Red Bull dies and all else fails there’s Death Wish Coffee! A flavorful, yet dangerous, 728 mg roast of caffeine that will jolt the ever loving hell out of you through the night straight to dawn! Oh no you’re not done yet! The power punch is packed all the way past lunch and maybe even down to hell in a hand basket! Ah yes fine folks, Death Wish Coffee will bring you to death’s door and back again as your life passes before your very eyes!

The blasphemous brew is strong enough to resurrect Charles Bronson in zombie form…well maybe not that strong. LOL!  This Halloween be sure to treat yourself to the very best as you pull a trick o treat all nighter with Death Wish Coffee!  Don’t let ghosts, goblins, ghouls, vampires, werewolves, and zombies get the best of you when nodding off in a graveyard. Let Death Wish Coffee breath new life into you this Halloween. Perhaps even keeping you so awake you never die to begin with! Or you could drop dead after one cup! Ah who the hell knows?

And don’t forget to drink this potent, almost paranormal, brew from your special Death Wish Coffee Travel Mug. Why?  Why not?  It’s black, it’s got a cool skull on it, and people will think you’re damn tough! Death Wish Coffee is available at, motorcycle biker bars, underground fight clubs, in the bowels of Hell, under the Underworld, and many fine stores! Click Here To Join The Death Wish Coffee game!

Warning:  A full pot of Death Wish Coffee contains 5,096 mg of heart pounding Frankenstein jolting caffeine that will make your very immortal soul ascend to levels of Heaven the Angels don’t even know about!

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