Hip Happening Halloween Treats

Learn how to make a variety of Halloween-themed food and beverages that will surely liven up any party on All Hallow’s Eve.  These terrifying treats are: Pumpkin Pretzels (Pretzels coated with orange candy and chocolate) Candy Corn Sugar Cookies (Sugar Cookies with food dye shaped to look like Candy Corn) Frankamole (Guacamole made to look … Read moreHip Happening Halloween Treats

Martha Stewart’s Spooky Halloween Treats

Martha Stewart partakes of her annual preparation of Halloween crafts, decor, and treats. Bewitching us with her classy charm spinning the spirit of the season into our homes. In supernatural circles Martha is known as one of the most famous witches on Earth! Naturally, she doesn’t display these magical skills as it would violate The … Read moreMartha Stewart’s Spooky Halloween Treats

Sometimes Halloween Can Be Too Scary For Kids!

 👻Martha Stewart’s idea of Halloween seems to be quite disturbing for these clearly scared kids in the video above. Young kids can be quite perceptive and perhaps they could sense her witchcraft powers. In the paranormal world, we know that Martha is a powerful witch. She practices both white and black magic when deemed … Read moreSometimes Halloween Can Be Too Scary For Kids!

Zombie Survival Can Energy Drink

 The Zombie Survival Can is the quintessential energy drink to keep your wits about you while staying in tip top shape during a zombie apocalypse.  The carbonated zombie energy drink is pink in color and has a raspberry taste. It’s the perfect item to stock your apocalypse bunker with!  The delightful drink is also … Read moreZombie Survival Can Energy Drink