The Challenges Of Filming A Zombie Apocalypse

The Walking Dead Merle Dixon Zombie Action Figure The video that was originally embedded on this page from The Weather Channel has disappeared. For some reason these weather websites routinely delete their videos after a time whether it is a weather forecast or not. I guess they enjoy destroying their own revenue sources. Anyway at least the related article about how the weather affects the shooting of the hit TV series “The Walking Dead” is still there. The terrifying television show most prominently features the eradication of attacking Zombies in daylight.  In reality, at least in the ones we know of, zombies shun the sunlight.

However it has nothing to do with its holy light rays repelling them since zombies
have no demonic DNA.  It’s due to their rotting eyes being unable to handle the glare of the light itself.  In The Walking Dead’s defense the show clearly takes place in a Parallel Universe since the word “Zombie” itself doesn’t exist for them. Instead they come up with a number of slang words for zombies. It seems amazing nobody in the history of their reality ever  created the entertainment concept for a reanimated corpse.🧟‍♂️

You can learn how the weather really affects zombies here…

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