Michael Myers vs The Look-See Monster

The infamous mental institution of the Batman Universe known as Arkham Asylum is taken over by The Joker. Apparently the Asylum happens to be home for Michael Myers of Halloween fame and the notorious Look-See monster in this unusual reality. Imagine Batman vs Myers! Joker becomes MC of a killing competition between Myers and Look-See. Whoever kills … Read moreMichael Myers vs The Look-See Monster

Halloween Walk Home Into An Abyss Of Hell!

A guy walks his little brother home after staying out a little too late Trick-O-Treating on Halloween. The roads are deserted so it’s plausibly the Witching Hour! The two are joking around until the kid disappears from the guys side. Suddenly the kid is standing a distance away in the dark with eyes closed as … Read moreHalloween Walk Home Into An Abyss Of Hell!

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