Halloween Walk Home Into An Abyss Of Hell!

A guy walks his little brother home after staying out a little too late Trick-O-Treating on Halloween. The roads are deserted so it’s plausibly the Witching Hour! The two are joking around until the kid disappears from the guys side. Suddenly the kid is standing a distance away in the dark with eyes closed as a sinister voice speaks in the child’s place. Then his eyes glow, and both of them disappear never to be seen again!

A supernatural analysis of this incident indicates a demonic force has possessed the kid. More than likely one of the houses they trick or treated at was a dark Devil worshipping witch who threw a hex pouch into the candy bag. It marked both for demonic targeting, and ritual sacrifice. They were mystically teleported to a location deep in the woods where they met their maker during the Devil’s Hour! From that point their immortal souls are sucked into an abyss of Hell itself! They become mere metaphysical power sources for the Devil, and his minions! Always be alert, and aware of what people are giving you at all times but especially on Halloween!

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