The Placid Autumnal Forest River

It’s a warm Autumn afternoon as you enter the forest of fantastic foliage. The trees are rich with leaves of golden and orange hues. The foliage flutters down slowly while gleaming magically in the sunlight. A cool refreshing breeze flows in from the distance along with the soothing sound of rushing water. You hike down a trail toward the sound through crunchy brown leaves. At the end you discover a small waterfall and river complementing the peaceful beauty of the colorful forest.

Fantastic Fall Foliage And Wonderful Waters

Resting upon a rock near the water’s edge you feel the Spirit Of Halloween and Mother Nature flowing through your very soul. You even believe you’ve spotted a lit Jack-O-Lantern in the distance but it must have been your imagination. The weather grows cooler as the sun sets. You begin to hike home but look back one last time. You spot a woman laden in leaves who then disappears into a pile of fallen foliage. Again you assume your eyes are playing tricks on you and it couldn’t possibly be some type of Autumn deity.🍂

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