The Merry Dancing Peanuts Snoopy Doll

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The seemingly sentient dog of Peanuts fame, we all know as Snoopy, has always been an endearing character to children, and adults alike. Now this smart dog comes in the form of an adorable doll who dances about with glee as the Peanuts Theme Song sails forth from him by some mystical power. The darling doll also has the ability to wag his ears up and down wildly. In addition Snoopy reacts in a variety of ways when you kiss or touch his nose. This animated Plush Snoopy Doll makes a delightful gift of whimsy for any child.  Snoopy is sure to also bring smiles to the faces of adults with his humorous dancing, and mannerisms. Click here to learn more about this dandy doll or purchase it at!

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