What Happens On New Year’s Eve At North Pole City?

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There are many New Year’s Eve parties taking place around North Pole City. All citizens and visitors are welcome at every celebration. Especially the one at Claus Manor hosted by Santa and his family. Most people party hop to get a taste of each one. It’s also polite to make room for new guests in The Spirit Of Christmas giving. Although Santa does utilize higher dimensional geometric magic via his angelic powers to make his home temporarily four-dimensional. This creates unlimited space but can become confusing as some people get lost. Thankfully, once the magic wears off on January 2nd everyone phases back into the 3-D manor.🧐

Generally, the various festivities around the winter wonderland begin between 5 PM and 7 PM. Santa’s wholesome celebration starts the evening with a buffet dinner. Those seeking a more adult atmosphere attend The Winter God Jack Frost’s party at his Ice Castle. Interestingly enough, his castle is the only place in North Pole City not under the spell of complete child-like innocence as instilled by The Christmas Spirit. These glorious get-togethers offer a unique chance to mingle with the magical members of the supernatural community. Certainly, an opportunity to converse with Santa and Mrs.Claus one on one. Of course, talking with the primordial God Of Winter isn’t too shabby as well. The parties feature fantastical food, musicians, magicians, and other paranormal performers offering enchanted entertainment.

The host of any given celebration usually offers a toast to the New Year a minute before Midnight. Others give a short speech afterward. Many begin counting down to the New Year in unison. There’s also the dazzling New Year’s Star that is dropped from the Time Tower Of Christmas Past. As the tallest structure at the North Pole, it’s the ideal place to drop the equivalent of the Times Square New Year’s Ball. The bright blazing star is actually a meteor that was the first falling star that landed in North Pole City in the year 1225. Santa saw it first and made a wish upon it. He made the unusual choice of wishing for a future favor. It’s unknown if he ever used the favor. For those not in attendance they can watch the star drop on The North Pole Television Network.

At the Witching Hour, every bell tolls within the sainted city as everyone heads outdoors to witness the sky lit ablaze by fantastic fireworks and the aurora borealis exponentially increased by magic. The Christmas Star that usually keeps the city lit during the dark winter months dips below the horizon and circles for most of the night before returning to the highest point in the sky. It creates a light show of its own glittering around the entire horizon. Santa’s celebration ends at 2 AM while Jack Frost’s lasts until at least 4 AM. The numerous other parties end somewhere in between. Naturally, everyone sleeps late into the morning on New Year’s Day. Most awaken around 10 AM to find their New Year’s gift delivered by Enchanted Elves. Then the New Year’s Day festivities begin. This includes the arrival of The Baby New Year and Father Time…👼

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