Fake Santa Claus & Evil Elf Minion Violates The Spirit Of Christmas

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Fake Greedy Santa Elf
Oh boy we just photographed you! Whatcha gonna do now!

Beginning at the 2:00 mark the video above catches a glimpse of some greedy Scrooges at a Los Angeles mall. A gleeful child is excited at seeing a mall Santa Claus. His mother is innocently filming when a disgruntled fake Elf, clearly under the orders of the fake Santa, says something like “We can’t have you filming here!” while holding a stick in a menacing manner. Really Evil Elf? People can’t film in a public venue? Would that include the press filming as well because every citizen is an independent journalist? Isn’t this clearly a free speech violation? I’d have stood my ground with the camera, and just waited for a sweet Constitutional lawsuit to materialize.

It’s assumed the reason for them banning filming is most likely greedy in nature. The diabolical mall Santa, and his minions take photos, or videos so parents have to pay a pretty penny for it. If that’s the case then enclose the area in a tent like structure, and then post a notice that no photography can take place within if that’s the whole point of their nefarious little operation preying on sweet innocent children who just want to see Santa.   Even then no self-respecting person who cherishes the holidays would step foot within their den of iniquity! These despicable greedy Grinch like individuals sully the good name of Saint Nicholas, and contribute nothing to the Spirit Of Christmas. This is the kind of BS we’d expect from the Anti-Claus. Just a brief glimpse before the Elf says anything gives off a vibe totally devoid of all things Christmas despite their attire.

After viewing the video we called Santa Claus who is nearly healed from his injuries in the First Battle Of Armageddon. He was disgusted by what he saw since the purpose of mall Santa’s is to spread good cheer to fuel the Sprint Of Christmas which in turn counters the forces of evil on Earth. Total fakes like the Santa, and Elf seen in the video only work to corrupt the Spirit, and allow evil to win. Santa has informed us he will take care of these ill willed individuals in a stern yet peaceful manner. If anyone knows what specific Mall that is then please go there, and defy their unlawful orders by filming the ever loving hell out of them. Thank you!

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