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What Are The Top 12 Happiest & Most Magical Places On Earth?

Disneyland has always been touted as the happiest place on Earth while Disney World is known as the most magical place on Earth.  However we must take into account supernatural locations as well.  When considering that Disneyland comes in 24th … Continue reading

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What Is Santa Claus’s Address?

Where is Santa Claus exactly located at? Santa Claus lives at North Pole City, North Pole, Arctic Ocean. We can’t give the exact coordinates due to the secrecy that must be maintained For Santa’s own safety.  However, we can give you … Continue reading

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Will I Be Safe At North Pole City During A Zombie Apocalypse?

Is The North Pole A Viable Safe Haven For All Global Scale Disasters? You’re darn tooting you’ll be super safe!  If the Earth were ever to fall prey to a global Zombie, Vampire, or even a Werewolf Pandemic then the … Continue reading

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