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The North Pole Winter Solstice Yule Ceremony

The Annual Winter Solstice Yule Ceremony is held at North Pole City to celebrate all things Winter. The sacred ceremony takes place in Claus Forest at the exact hour of the Solstice. Santa Claus wears a light blue suit while … Continue reading

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Crazy Couple Obsessed With Santa Claus

This Saturday Night Live Skit features a crazy couple with an obsessive belief in Santa Claus. So much so that they hold a Christmas party hostage in the grips of their dark madness. This despite the assumption they are humans … Continue reading

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Who Is Jack Frost?

Jack Frost, sometimes called Old Man Winter, and even Father Winter is the literal original personification of Winter on Earth. ¬†This makes him the Chief Winter God, and Grand Master Of Cryokinesis on Earth. He was worshiped as a God … Continue reading

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Santa Claus vs The April Fool!

April Fool’s Day at North Pole City is merrier than usual as little Elfin pranksters run amok! The Enchanted Elves replace their normal winter tasseled hats with goofy jesters caps. These jolly jokers then perpetuate pranks and spread silly jokes … Continue reading

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