Santa Claus vs The April Fool!

April Fool’s Day at North Pole City is merrier than usual as little Elfin pranksters run amok! The Enchanted Elves replace their normal winter tasseled hats with goofy jesters caps. These jolly jokers then perpetuate pranks and spread silly jokes among fellow Elves, other Christmas citizens, visitors, and even Santa Claus himself! This is not only good clean fun but also bolsters the Spirit Of Merriment that contributes to the greater Spirit Of Christmas. Naturally, even coming from the Christmas Capital the fun fosters its fair share to The Spirit Of April Fools. The Spirit is generally a force for good in the enchanted world.

The April Fool

Santa Claus has never met the elusive leader of April Fool’s Day until April 1st, 2019. The Trickster known as The April Fool got his paranormal power from the Norse God Loki. The Fool is clad in jesters clothing with a mission to perpetuate pranks both simple and elaborate upon unsuspecting individuals. When done to those who are good it is an honor to be joked by the happy harlequin. Sometimes those who are a little too self-righteous truly deserve to be embarrassed and humbled. These pranks are often harmless and lighthearted. When it’s done to those who walk the path of darkness then the pranks can be quite malicious with a sense of grand justice. However, in the end, not even the evil ones end up physically injured or die by the hand of the funny Fool.

Does Santa Deserve A Lighthearted Or A More Malicious Prank?

Santa Claus is a Demi-Angel of righteous justice who has always fought to not only protect humankind but also to instill happiness in their hearts. However, he has always striven to be humble and not acquire a bloated ego. As plausibly one of the most powerful physical beings on Earth, it would be easy for him to have alarming arrogance. So The April Fool pranking Santa would probably come from a place of admiration and respect. Really the Fool is a crazy clown and his seriousness is only seen in his silliness! Santa has mentioned on a few occasions he would be honored to be pranked by the Fool.

The April Fool Penetrates North Pole City

The April Fool probably never pranked Santa until now because he isn’t a complete Fool and is cautious when going up against powerful entities. There’s also a protection spell on North Pole City he may not have been able to penetrate while keeping all his powers. Not to mention the constant pure holy light of the Christmas Star. Unfortunately, for the Fool, Santa doesn’t seem to ever leave the Christmas Capital on April 1st by sheer coincidence. It seems Loki got extra cozy with some Winter Goddesses who frequent the North Pole. He wanted to reward the Fool for his wonderful years of service by letting him prank the quintessence of goodness on Earth. The Winter Deities granted North Pole access rights to The April Fool.

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The April Fool Pranks Santa Claus For The First Time

The fantastical Fool more or less wields a variety of powers including localized reality warping. He was beyond excited by his new high priority prank target and he went to town on Old Saint Nick. When Santa awoke to disrobe and enter his luxurious steam room shower he instead found himself in the center of downtown North Pole City. Elves and several guests halted in their tracks and stared in disbelief. Thankfully, there is a censorship spell on the city that prevents nudity of any sort. The Fool was unable to override it completely. Only a small area was blurred. Santa’s face turned beet red as he loudly exclaimed, “Nothing to see here my children! Just out for a brisk natural run!” Santa tried to teleport himself home but something was dampening his Angelic abilities. He only ended up down the road where more people gasped. He then began running to his house while waving to everyone with a smile and exclaimed, “Merry Christmas!” The entire way an echoing giggle bounced about the air. Santa then psychically sensed the April Fool was afoot.

April Fool’s Pranks Turn To Citywide Chaos!

At home, Santa got dressed and attempted to telepathically communicate with the Fool that the joke was funny. He was honored he had been chosen by him. The titanic Trickster laughed with glee but refused to appear. He then replaced every Angel image and statue in the entire city to that of the Devil. Santa nearly choked on his eggnog as he screamed, “Sweet Jesus!” Suddenly Mrs. Claus ran in from outside wearing nothing but some well placed magical blurs. Santa was shocked and said, “Oh my Dear not you as well?” She was mortified as she ran upstairs while saying, “My gosh it’s hot out there!” Santa went outside and the thermometer said it was pushing 100 degrees Fahrenheit! Snow was melting everywhere causing flooding. Some Elves slid down a hill screaming amid a slushy avalanche. Frosty The Snowman walked up pleading for help as he was melting away. Santa tried to use his Cryokinetic powers to keep Frosty intact but again it was being weakened. Suddenly Santa found himself in a goofy jesters costume as his reindeer ran past. Well, they had become cats with one having a glowing red nose. Rudolph The Red Nosed Cat stopped to stare at Santa before letting loose a loud, “MEOW!”ūüôÄ

The April Fool Goes Crazy!

It seems The April Fool was going crazy and drawing upon the full power of The Spirit Of Fool’s Day along with Loki as well. He was literally drunk with power over what he considered the ultimate power prank! The Winter Goddesses implored him to halt his alarming activities as it had gone too far. He just cackled like a loon and cast them away into another dimension. Soon all the evergreen trees clad in lights and decor were turning into cactus and palm trees. Snow was transmuting into sand. At least it was absorbing the flood waters and gave the reindeer cats a place to relieve themselves! Santa angrily bellowed,”Stop this madness!” Again the now almost maniacal laughter rang throughout the entire city causing windows to shatter. The Primordial Winter God Jack Frost appeared and ranted about his ice castle turning into a life-size Barbie Doll House. Santa told him it was The April Fool.

Santa Claus Battles The Fool

So far the protection spells were in place to ensure nobody got hurt but things were deteriorating fast. Jack Frost disappeared and apparently had a huge higher dimensional battle with Loki. In the end, at least that power was cut off from the Fool while Santa prayed to his Archangel Father. Santa’s powers were unblocked by Heavenly override and he culled the Fool from his invisible status. He forcibly declared, “My God man this has gone beyond any respectable prank! What did I do to deserve this? You’re destroying my home! Please don’t force me to defend it!” The Fool replied, “I’m the April Fool and I’ll prank you straight to hell Nicky boy!” The Fool clearly wasn’t his light jovial self.¬† Santa sensed there was a darkness within him. He then had a psychic vision of the April Anti-Fool and the Anti-Claus formulating a plan to destroy North Pole City. A plan to corrupt The April Fool. Although the Anti-Fool, a perpetually evil version of The Fool, can only appear on April 2nd, aka Dark Fool’s Day, The Dark Claus suddenly stood before his righteous twin brother. With the holy defenses of the city falling down the Anti-Claus was able to enter.

The Anti-Claus Enters The Fools Fray

The Anti-Claus cackled crazily in unison with the Fool, He then said, “Yes brother I think we’ve finally got you this time! Prepare to be with our Father in Heaven!” He then shot crimson energy beams at Santa while the Fool shot reality warping waves. Santa fell to his knees as he struggled to block the effects of the egregious energy! Jack Frost teleported next to Santa and took his fair share of the blast while shooting back sky blue colored cold waves. Santa stood up and marshaled The Spirit Of Christmas and even called upon The Spirit Of Easter. He then lobbed white angelic energy balls at the dark duo. At least a dozen Elves converged on the battle and began directing swirling red and white energy beams from a giant candy cane staff they held together. Suddenly the April Fool snapped out of the muddled mental state due to all the Angelic energies he was absorbing. He then began directing his energy attack toward the Anti-Claus. The Demi-Demon Claus screamed in pain as he ran away as super speed. Jack Frost and the Fool wanted to go after him but Santa stopped them. The Dark Claus’s black sleigh pulled by hell hounds and a werewolf flew away into the moderately sunny skies. He screamed, “This isn’t over! I’ll be back!”

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A Most Unusually Serious April Fool

The April Fool uncharacteristically profusely apologized for his behavior. He then began repairing his damage with the help of Santa and Jack. Not before Jack punched the Fool in the face when Santa wasn’t looking. Jack angrily said,” That’s for messing up my castle! Barbie doll house? Seriously?” The Fool just shrugged his shoulders and went to work cleaning up his mess. Within hours everything was back to Christmas harmony at North Pole City. Later Santa, Mrs. Claus, Jack, and The Fool sat around the lit hearth at Claus Manor. There they actually had a serious conversation with the Fool while sipping sweet eggnog with some peppermint scones to snack on. This is unprecedented as The Fool is always a nutty giggling clown who has never put even a few serious sentences together! He kept apologizing as Santa and Mrs. Claus reassured him all was forgiven. He then said, “This isn’t why I signed up to be The April Fool. I’m deeply sorry for what I’ve done. I offer you something I’ve never granted to anyone! The right to prank me!” Santa paused for a bit and then replied, “For it to be a real prank it has to be a surprise. I accept your offer but reserve the right to release my prank on a future April Fool’s Day. It will be a time when you least expect it!” The Fool shook Santa’s hand as he finally giggled again, “I agree to your terms, my good sir! I shall look forward to being holy pranked by a Saint!” He bid all farewell and teleported away in a swirl of sparkling colors that left iridescent confetti, streamers, and glitter all over the room. Everyone just stared at each other quietly before laughing loudly. Over the laughter, the Fool invisibly bellowed, “Happy April Fool’s Day To All And To All A Prank Filled Night!”ūüÉŹ

How Did The April Fool Defy The Raw Power Of Saint Nicholas?

Mystic Investigations Analysis: As a Demi-Angel, Heavenly Saint, and direct conduit for The Spirit Of Christmas Santa Claus is virtually the most powerful paranormal person on Earth. So how was he bested by The April Fool? The Fool called upon the Spirit of his holiday. Loki himself is a higher dimensional deity who can channel enchanted energy from the greater Norse God Pantheon. He also has other powerful paranormal allies. In addition, Loki is technically a nature deity so he can cull the energy of Mother Earth herself. The Goddess Gaia who happens to be a Daughter Of The Omniverse God living out one of many Parallel Universe lives. In this one, she’s the Spirit of our planet.

All of this energy was channeled into The April Fool. Despite this, you’ll note Santa’s powers were only dampened and not completely neutralized. The Great Claus was able to restore his abilities after calling upon his own Pantheon. That of his Archangel Father and the other Angels of Heaven who approve of Santa Claus’s Christmas ways!ūüéÖ

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The Mystical Polar Horses Of North Pole City

North Pole City boasts a herd of Polar Horses bred by Santa Claus himself. They are descended from the Greek horses who used to pull his sleigh in ancient times before his flying reindeer came to be. Reindeer are more suited to flying and are more resistant to the forces of darkness. Santa’s horses are a product of cross-breeding with Icelandic Horses, his angelic grace, a bit of magic, and a hint of various polar animals bearing the familiar snow white color.

These majestic steeds have full flowing manes that are like silk. Their fur is satin soft as well. The eyes of these noble beasts often glow a light blue indicating the metaphysical energy of the Christmas Spirit flows within them along with the Demi-Angel Santa’s grace. They are extremely friendly and approachable by people. Anyone can ride a polar horse even without a saddle as they roam about North Pole City. However, they do return to the stables next to the reindeer’s barn to eat and sleep at night. There some are saddled for guests to ride about the winter wonderland.

The polar horses favorite pastime seems to be running along the Arctic beaches and even going in for a short icy dip. On sunny days Elves can sometimes be seen running among the herd giggling with glee as they play snowball tag. The horses beautifully eerie whinnies are carried by the arctic winds and can echo throughout North Pole City at times. Once a year Santa Claus holds a cross country polar horse race around North Pole City. The prize for the rider is a small pot of lucky Leprechauns Gold minus the wishing power. The horse gets a big bucket of perfect Truffles said to be from the Garden Of Eden. The horses also enjoy frolicking with their reindeer friends and various other enchanted animals including the 12 shy Unicorns that hide about the Christmas realm.

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What Did Santa Claus Do On Saint Patrick’s Day?

Where Does Saint Patrick Physically Materialize On Earth?
Santa Claus Meets LeprechaunOn Saint Patrick’s Day Saint Nicholas, aka¬†Santa Claus, &¬†Mrs.Holly Claus¬†along with their children, Nick, and Mary, traveled to the heart of Ireland to visit the secret stronghold of the Leprechaun’s. ¬†Santa’s normally bright red sleigh was magically tinted¬†green in honor of the luckiest Lilliputians on Earth! The sleigh mystically pulled by¬†nine levitating reindeer flew across sunny Irish skies, and followed a mystical Rainbow to it’s supernatural end. There Santa gracefully landed in a field of shiny shamrocks near the¬†magically cloaked Leprechaun village sometime in the early afternoon. Santa met with the Leader Of The Leprechauns, King Lochlann, who gave the Claus Family the grand tour of their enchanted enclave including Lucky Lake at the center. Lucky Lake is the largest natural magical wishing well on the planet.¬† The entire lake bed glimmers bright from all the gold coins lining the bottom. Santa threw in his annual ceremonial gold North Pole coin, and made an undisclosed wish. Lochlann then blessed Santa & his holy family¬†with good luck in an ancient traditional Leprechaun luck ceremony in which Santa was presented with a bag of Supernatural Shamrock’s, and Lucky Charms. No we’re not talking about the cereal here folks!

As evening approached Santa Claus changed into traditional Leprechaun garb provided as a gift in an XXXX-Large size. ¬†However The Great Claus still left his trademark red stocking cap on.¬† At sunset an¬†exalted ceremony of enchantment¬†was conducted to summon the Angel Saint Patrick who is the Patron Saint of the Leprechauns, and all the Irish people. He is the ultimate leader of St. Patrick’s Day who professionally organized the Leprechauns sometime in the 5th century in their mission of spreading global good luck. Before that Leprechauns had mainly stayed in Ireland, and were more concerned with collecting gold which does have a natural attraction of metaphysical luck. ¬†They were originally created by the Irish¬†nature Gods to be miners, and managers of Gold.¬† From the Heavens in a green sparkling aura of fantastical light,¬†the Angel Patrick descended down past the iridescent sunset as everyone was struck silent in awe of the awesome sight. Saint Patrick materialized wearing a dark emerald¬†silk robe sparking with Shamrocks as a glittering gold halo was just barely visible above his head.¬†King¬†Lochlann, and the other Lilliputians bowed before their patron Saint. Santa, being a half-Archangel, and a Saint himself, walked over to him. ¬†He shook his hand heartily while loudly saying,”Ho ho ho Merry Saint Patrick’s Day our most honored Irish Angel Patrick!” Patrick then replied,”God bless you my saintly brother Nicholas! Everyone in Heaven appreciates all you do to aid the cause of goodness on our fine Lords Earth!” As night fell torches of holy emerald tinted flames were lit. Everyone took a seat¬†at a long glimmering green¬†table with specks of glittering gold in it. ¬†It was supposedly made of “infinite” shamrocks paranormally pressed together amid the luck of saintly shredded gold by Leprechaun, and Elf artisans many centuries ago! ¬†The titanic table was¬†set with pure solid gold dishware in front of a large outdoor amphitheater. The honored guests were served a sumptuous seven course supper. Then some of the Leprechauns put on a stupendous show which included singing, dancing, and magnificent magic. ¬†There was even a special guesting starring appearance from a usually shy Unicorn who was quite jubilant!

As the two supernatural saints¬†ate, and drank green shamrock ale, they discussed the latest metaphysical happenings going on in Heaven, and around the Universe. They even whispered about extraterrestrial worlds in other galaxies humans didn’t have a clue about! There was brief talk of Armageddon, and other serious matters on the state of the paranormal planet. Jolly Old Saint Nick seemed suddenly sullen as the Devil’s name was mentioned as a major player in the coming chaos of the inevitable apocalypse to decide the fate of Earth, and humankind. Talk of his twin brother, the Anti-Claus, caused a visible sadness in Saint Nick. Unfortunately when they started talking about the Omniverse God they began speaking in an undecipherable Angelic language that was even beyond Enochian. It sounded something like a series of mesmerizing¬†melodies more than actual spoken words. ¬†Like a couple of supernatural song birds. The vocalizations put both Mermaids, and Sirens to shame! Santa appeared a bit shocked near the end of the conversation as a gasp was uttered loudly. ¬†A master Leprechaun linguist nearby claims he understood one phrase, “The Darkness“. ¬†Clearly the forces of evil will not be easily defeated! ¬†Luckily the grim talk was brief, and most of the evening was jolly joking, and upbeat revelry!

When the show ended¬†toward the Midnight Witching Hour the Saints Patrick, and Nicholas rose along with everyone else sitting at the table to applaud, and cheer with glee.¬†Saint Patrick then led the entire crowd to Lucky Lake where he blessed the waters holy, and baptized seven lucky Leprechauns. Saint Nicholas did the same with 12 other Leprechauns. The baptizing process was a way to appease the Archangel hierarchy when Patrick first proposed embracing the Pagan Leprechauns who were the direct product of the Earthly Gods, and Goddesses. ¬†So Leprechauns are not only lucky but holy as well! Saint Patrick bid everyone a warm farewell, and wade into the blessed holy waters causing it to¬†glow¬†brightly in a neon spring green hue. Once at the lakes center he waved majestically while¬†floating upward. ¬†Patrick¬†ascended into the dark starry skies glittering blindly with green, and gold as he phased away ascending back to the¬†Heavenly dimensions above. This caused a serene shower of glittering energy flakes to fall forth upon everyone like a magical snow. Several Leprechauns began scurrying about collecting the substance in glass jars as it was pure essence of holy luck. ¬†Saint Nicholas then took a loving leave of his little friends. ¬†The Claus Family’s sleigh shot off into the sky in a flurry of sparkling red, green, and white light.¬†They arrived back at North Pole City at 2:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time. ¬†This information¬†was acquired by our secret supernatural sources, and we hope everyone had a very merry Saint Patrick’s Day!

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That Friday The 13th Santa Claus Fought Jason Voorhees!

Friday, October 13th, 1989

Santa Claus’s battle with Jason Voorhees amid the 1989 Halloween season took place in Ohio. Santa ended up saving a group of teenagers who decided to spend a spooky Friday The 13th night at an abandoned summer camp. Naturally, they thought it was all good fun to invoke the nefarious name of Voorhees thinking he wasn’t real. To their shock they found out he was very real! Jason then went after them with a murderous vengeance! Their shrill screams echoed through the cold shadowy woods as they found themselves in a living horror movie!

The first potential victim was about to be slain by a sharp implement as his friends looked on in terror. They tried to intervene but were easily tossed aside by the living dead menace. Frozen in fear they prepared to witness their friends death and flee into the dark forest. At that moment Santa Claus rushed from the brush and punched Jason in the face so hard he flew right through a tree losing his blade in the process! Santa screamed, “Run my children and don’t ever look back!” Indeed they scurried away and made it safety home.

Santa had been in the area dropping off Elves who were scouting locations to hide magical energy reserves and mystical traps. These are essential in dealing with the Anti-Claus and his annual attacks during Santa’s Christmas Eve gift delivery’s. Jason arose and stomped toward Santa with intent to kill! Father Christmas held his hand forth and said, “Jason you still have a shed of child like innocence in you! You were never allowed to grow up!” I can release you from your demonic bonds if you allow me to infuse The Spirit Of Christmas within your dark heart while I introduce some of my soul to heal you. If you do this then you have my solemn promise that together we will march into the bowels of Hell and free your Mother from bondage! Despite both your crimes against humanity you can be redeemed and find peace in Heaven someday! Take my hand and begin the journey into your salvation. End this nightmare for all concerned my son!”

Jason had stopped and stood stoic as if truly considering Santa’s plea. He reached out his decayed hand to Saint Nicholas. Santa smiled nodding his head. He grabbed his hand and forcibly pulled the Fatherly Claus close. Santa expected a hug but only got a violent machete plunged into his heart! Jason kept looking at Santa and down at the bloodless entry point of the blade. Saint Nick looked sad and replied,”Oh Jason you disappoint me. Don’t you remember the joy of Christmas and the gifts I gave you before you drowned in Crystal Lake?” Jason tried to sink the blade in further but Santa picked up the confused Voorhees and launched him hundreds of feet into nearby lake with a super splash!

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Santa Claus pulled the machete out and threw it to the ground as a white Angelic light sealed the wound and healed any minor damage to his heart. He then muttered, “Gosh darn Mrs. Claus just mended my suit a few months ago!” while looking at his torn clothing. Santa strolled down to the lake just in time to see the violent Voorhees emerge from the water. As Jason still had a shred of childhood innocence within him he could not harm him. Instead, Santa reluctantly began to recite an incantation that would send Jason to Purgatory where he could begin the rehabilitation process with Ice Demons. A magical spell only a Demi-Angel or beyond powerful witch could utilize.

Jason lie on the waters edge weakened as Santa got half way through the paranormal process. It was at that time over a dozen members of the Voorhees Cult tackled Santa to the ground. The Cult Leader Secilia was a powerful dark witch who quickly recited a spell of her own that teleported Jason to parts unknown. Just as Santa shook off the dozen or so mere humans she focused a purple colored metaphysical energy beam and dark spell at him. He briefly felt some pain and grunted before rapidly recovering and sending forth a beam of holy white light with sparkling snowflakes in it. Within seconds it overcame her power and Secilia collapsed on the ground.

She looked up at Santa with contempt while the cult members circled not sure what to do in the presence of such great power. Secilia then asked, “What manner of magician are you?” Santa replied, “Why I’m Santa Claus of course!” Everyone started laughing while the dark witch said there’s no such thing. Santa countered, “You live in a world of Jason Voorhees, demons, magic, and countless creatures of supernatural origin yet Santa Claus can’t be real?” Secilia replied, “Well if you’re Santa then you should support us. We strive to empower Jason to cleanse the Earth of sinners. The sexual deviants, tormentors of the weak, and those who take their supposedly loving lives selfishly for granted!” Santa retorted, “You are deeply misguided in your warped vision of the world my child. Nobody has a right to pass such depraved death sentences and murder people in cold blood!”

Secilia motioned to her cultists and they scattered into the woods. She sprung forth and disappeared in a dazzling display of shimmering lights after exclaiming, “Until we meet again you meddling old man!” Father Christmas stood in the dark shaking his head. It truly puzzled him as to how so many people could be so easily manipulated and made malevolent. Santa tried to sense Jason’s presence but he was mystically cloaked. In later years it is said the Devil himself aided in this so Santa could not interfere with one of his servants of chaotic horror! So he did what he could. Saint Nick knelt into the water and blessed the entire lake holy. Theoretically, Jason wouldn’t be able to infest the general area for at least 100 years before the blessing wore off!

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