The Movie Elf Is Based On A True Story

The movie “Elf“, Starring Will Ferrell, is the story of an orphaned human baby who is raised as one of Santa’s Elves at the magical North Pole Capital Of Christmas.  An unnamed celebrity in the paranormal community who is a regular guest of North Pole City learned of the true “Elf” story and then gave the idea to “Elf” Screenplay Writer David Berenbaum.  David then built his own Buddy The Human Elf story around the real one because the rights to the original story are held by Santa Claus, and the Human Elf.  However, Santa does give people permission to create similar stories around the true ones. To some extent, the Supernatural Secrecy Pact could be in play but realistically nobody would believe such stories are real anyway.

In truth is the real “Elf” was technically Santa, and Mrs.Claus’s first child. Although be it an adopted one.  On Christmas Eve of 1888, Mrs. Holly Claus wanted to come along during Santa’s present deliveries that included the usual three Sleigh Managing Elves who assist Santa.  There are certain dangers with her coming along as she was merely a Human at the time who had to be magically protected against the stresses of the flying a light speed-teleportation sleigh. There are also potential attacks from various dark supernatural beings. Even currently as an Immortal Human these supernatural stresses would still be an issue. The magical protections required things to be slowed down which can also make Santa more vulnerable to the Anti-Claus, Krampus, or other destroyers of Christmas. Since most of these dark Christmas entities where beaten back sufficiently in 1888, it was somewhat safe for Mrs.Claus to join Santa.

Mrs.Claus only came down the chimneys of select places with Santa. That included a religious orphanage in New York City where she greeted some of the babies in their cribs as Santa delivered gifts.  The Priest who ran it actually knew Saint Nicholas so there was no violation of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact.  Mrs.Claus took an automatic liking to one baby in particular and she rocked him gently in her arms.  When it was time to go she asked Santa if they could take the child back to the North Pole to raise as their own.  This was before the Angelic Heavenly hierarchy intervened to grant them children of their own. Immortals such as Santa can’t have children naturally despite an Angel being able to have one Immortal child with a human.  It’s nature’s way of preventing the Earth from being overrun with Immortals thereby overshadowing the predestined story of Humanity.

The Priest had no objection to the adoption but Santa regretfully said he was forbidden from bringing a human to North Pole City who did not find their way there on their own.  This was another amendment of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact.  She was quite melancholy over leaving the child behind in his crib.  Her sobbing in the back of the sleigh made the rest of the delivery schedule a real downer.  Santa and the Elves tried to console her but she just couldn’t forget the adorable little baby boy.  However, she eventually kept a stiff upper lip and fell silent so as not to hinder Christmas in any way.

Top 100 Christmas Toys

Later on, during Christmas Morning Santa was enjoying his first post-delivery meal. A behemoth of a breakfast fit only for a powerful Human-Angel Hybrid like Saint Nicholas.  Mrs.Claus barely touched her hot cakes laden in peppermint syrup while a plethora of Elves chowed down with glee.  Suddenly everyone stopped inhaling their sugary food as the subtle sounds of a baby cooing could be heard. Santa uttered, “What in the seventh Heaven is that?”  Everyone walked over to Santa’s giant red velvet sack that should have been empty after being drained of all Christmas toys. The bag was moving and suddenly a baby came crawling out smiling at everyone. It was Mrs. Claus’s baby boy from the orphanage! The child had somehow miraculously left his crib and entered the bag in the short span of a minute!  It was discovered years later the Orphanage Priest secretly placed the child in the sack after seeing how much Mrs. Claus loved the child.

Mother Christmas scooped the cute baby up in her warm loving arms as she cried tears of joy.  She looked at Santa, and asked, “He found his way here on his own! Can we keep him, dear?”  He grinned widely, and told her.”Yes, my dear!”  From that moment onward she raised him as their own child and named him Sandy in honor of Santa’s Father, the Archangel Sarandiel.  Although he spent a great deal of time with Santa’s Elves.  Normally people age extremely slow at North Pole City including Mrs.Claus.  However, no human baby had ever lived there for any long length of time.  An unknown variety of supernatural stimuli caused him to rapidly age physically to adulthood by the time he was 12 years old in the year 1900. Although, he was still mentally a child since his friends were all childlike Elves.

Thankfully he had acquired Elfin immortality by then and would not age another day. Santa wanted to give Sandy purpose so he allowed the Elves to train him from an early age.  At some point, he began to believe he was an Elf, and nobody contradicted him.  Such belief in something within an innocent child in the hallowed heart of the holy winter wonderland makes dreams come true.  The human boy Sandy began manifesting various Elf abilities such as immortality, enhanced strength, speed, senses, and mastery of toy creation among other talents.  At 6’1″ he was a giant among the 2-3 foot tall Elves.  His greater size made for greater powers.  Unfortunately, his large size also created various awkward situations such as entry into tiny Elf only homes and buildings.  Sandy was given full-size tools and a work-space to accomplish his toy-making duties unlike Buddy in the “Elf” movie. He also easily won every ice hockey game and snowball fight. These are the number one sports among Santa’s Enchanted Elves.  That, and the accidental crushing of a few Elf homes led to Sandy overhearing some Elves question if he should even be there since he was a Human.

Sandy confronted his adoptive Father Santa.  He, and Mrs.Claus sat down with Sandy to give him the news he was adopted, and was originally a human.
Despite that Santa made it clear he was their real son brought to them by the Spirit Of Christmas.  He had also grown into a real Elf and should no longer consider himself human.  Sandy was content for a time but in 1909 with the birth of Santa and Holy Claus’s first biological son, Nicholas, Jr., Sandy became somewhat disenchanted. He decided to return to the human world in 1911 to find his real parents.  As a Demi-Angel Santa could look into anyone’s mind and see who their parents were. Sandy learned that his very young parents had him out of wedlock which was a deep shame at the time.  The respective families forcibly separated his parents and put Sandy in an orphanage.  Both his Father and Mother had very unhappy lives thus far as they were meant to be together.

Sandy’s Mother, Ellen Hemingsworth, was apart of an affluent New York City family who arranged a marriage for her to another wealthy clan.  Her husband, Percy Hemingsworth, was a horrible cad who cheated on her, and was only in the marriage to increase his family’s power, and position in life.  Sandy’s heartbroken Father, Patrick Forrester, was disowned by his own working class family, and run out of town so they wouldn’t be blacklisted from working at local factories.  He headed out west and became a cowboy who never married because he was still hopelessly in love with Sandy’s mother.

Sandy was given a mystical snow globe by Santa that allowed him to open various portals. In a flash, he was out West in a small Colorado town called Woodland Springs. Current home of Mystic Investigations, the creators of this website!  He found his father on a cattle ranch.  Without blood and DNA tests it took some time to convince Pat Forrester he was his son. Thankfully his mystical Elf powers aided him and they bonded for some years.  Sandy didn’t reveal where he had been raised as per the Supernatural Secrecy Pact along with being told by Santa he would be branded a nut burger without proof he wasn’t allowed to produce.  Although in defense of life one can reveal their paranormal powers.  This happened when a violent gang of psychopathic cattle rustlers attacked the ranch in the winter of 1913. Everyone would have surely died if Sandy had not single handedly repelled them. Mostly via dense high speed snowball throwing.  Being beaned with a 100 mph wet packed snowball can mess a person up real good! Sandy was also forced to display other Elfin abilities such as super strength when he tossed a few rustlers around. This caused the formation of glittering Elf Dust to emanate from him.  He finally told his Dad he was an Elf. Knowing such magic existed inspired him to take his son back East to reclaim his true love. They traveled there instantly via Santa’s paranormal portal activated by the magical snow globe.

In New York City, Christmas 1913 was approaching as Sandy finally convinced his Mother he was her son.  She demanded a divorce from Percy Hemingsworth as she fell in love with
Pat Forrester all over again.  However, the abusive cad of a husband sent thugs after Father and Elfin Son.  The thugs that were then dispatched Christmas style by Sandy!  A divorce was denied by everyone as Sandy’s Mother Ellen was whisked away to England in the dead of the night.  Father, and Son managed to find out where she was but the magical snow globe portal was only programmed to go to Woodland Springs, Colorado, New York City, and back to North Pole City.  Sandy was going to return to the North Pole with his Father to ask Santa for help but it was Christmas Eve and they spotted him in the skies above bellowing, “Ho ho ho Merry Christmas!”  Santa sensed Sandy’s presence below and landed in some woods nearby.  After hearing what happened Sandy and his Father hopped in the sainted red sleigh, and flew away to England in a flash!

Santa tried to calm Sandy and Pat down as they walked toward the front door of a the British Hemingsworth mansion.  Sandy’s Father Pat demanded, “Kick the door in Son!” As he belted two attacking guards across the face.  Santa stood behind saying, “Oh sweet Lord you must turn the other cheek my sons!”  However, a third guard came behind Santa and swatted him in the head with a billy club.  Santa swung around and inadvertently belted the guard in the face knocking him out cold.  Saint Nicholas leaned over him and apologized profusely while using his Angelic powers to heal the man. He also simultaneously put him into a deep sleep to prevent further interference.

Sandy kicked in the door and his Father got into an epic fist fight with the abusive cad Percy Hemingsworth.  As Sandy hugged his mother he yelled, “Let him eat floor Dad!” After healing the other two guards, and putting them into a deep sleep, Old Saint Nick strolled in with an uneasy smile. He then easily pulled the two brawling men apart with his titanic Angel strength! His supernatural voice bellowed loudly, “Enough of this insane violence! This is Christmas Eve for the love of God!”  Sandy pleaded with Santa that his parents should be together as the wealthy cad said he had every right to keep his wife and demand everyone leave his property.

Santa reluctantly agreed but then recited some important words, “I Saint Nicholas in my holy capacity of Heavenly Ambassador hereby make this unholy marriage null and void in the eyes of the Holy Lord and Savior of the Universe! Amen!” Percy Hemingsworth angrily attempted to punch Santa in the kisser as he exclaimed those words meant nothing because he had marriage papers.  Santa restrained him and said, “All papers and records of this marriage have been supernaturally disintegrated.  You are no longer married and you will continue to be on my Naughty List for the rest of your life no doubt!” Santa placed the pathetic Percy into a deep sleep as Sandy’s parents embraced and kissed. The joyous family used the snow globe to travel to North Pole City with Santa’s blessing. Santa finished his Christmas deliveries and near Noon on Christmas Day, at Saint Nicholas Church in the witness of several Elves, Sandy’s parents were married by Father Christmas himself!  To this very day, Sandy and his parents still reside at North Pole City.

The Magic Of Marvelous Manifestation!

Sandy still makes toys part time but he discovered he was even more talented at baking. Something he learned from his adoptive Mother Mrs. Holly Claus who is probably the greatest Chef on Earth! Utilizing this talent he runs his own establishment Sandy’s Sugar Shack.  A shoppe of sweet confections since he has an insane sweet tooth like most Elves do.   He runs the shoppe with his parents who not only age very slowly in the supernatural atmosphere of North Pole City but are also kept young by other mystical measures.  Mystic Investigations has had the pleasure of meeting the largest and virtually the most powerful Elf next to the Chief Elf.  On our recent visit to North Pole City, we enjoyed the sinfully sweet candies, donuts, cakes, and other treats Sandy baked for us!

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What Does Santa Claus Do On Friday The 13th?

Santa Claus Saint NickSanta Claus certainly doesn’t have to worry about Friday The 13th  and all the bad luck associated with it. This is due to him being a Demi-Angel, and Angels are even luckier than Leprechauns!  There’s also the fact that his sainted North Pole City is a bastion of good luck.  It’s one of the top good fortune centers on Earth. Second only the Capital Of Good Luck and home of the Leprechauns known as Lucky Lake. The largest natural wishing well on the planet. There are also various enchanted energy centers around the world related to the heart of our world Goddess Gaia Mother Earth.

Friday The 13th Past

Here we will post any future updates related to Santa Claus and anything he did on this dark luck day.

Friday, December 13, 2013 – The Demon Specter

While taking his sleigh on a test run on the night of Friday The 13th in 2013 a most disturbing cry for help crept into Santa’s mind. Being part Angel he can hear prayers or pleas for help from a great distance. Since many humans are in pain he has to block them out. Only a high-level God can take the mental pressure of bearing the emotional anguish of all souls! There’s also the fact that he is bound to some extent by the selective non-interference policy of Heaven and of course the Supernatural Secrecy Pact. However, Santa has been known to carefully violate both when it comes to saving human lives!

On this night he heard a couple in bed literally paralyzed in fear as the Friday The 13th Demon Specter attacked them. A Specter finally eradicated in 2015 with a little help from us here at Mystic Investigations. Santa immediately landed his sleigh on the couple’s roof and entered the house via chimney shimmering. Once inside he rushed upstairs to check on their son and daughter sleeping silently. Luckily the sinister specter never bothers kids as their innocence is too much for his pure evil to bear!

Santa tried to enter the parent’s room but the door was supernaturally sealed shut even under his immense angelic strength. He then employed Enochian angel magic to burst through the door in a blinding holy light that caused the foggy black specter to actually scream and scatter briefly. Almost instantly the black smoke transformed back to its vaporous skeletal form complete with glowing crimson eyes. It floated toward Santa while sending forth wayward waves from its body that were the usual dark metaphysical energy to instill fear and pain.

Top 100 Christmas Toys

Santa swallowed and inhaled the dark vapors while smiling. Although he burped and said,”Excuse me Rudolph eyes!” The Specter wasn’t amused and threatened,”I don’t know what manner of entity you are but your death is at hand!” Santa chuckled,”Ho ho ho leave this innocent family alone and be gone you blasphemous beast!” The Specter screamed in anger and turned into a tornado engulfing Santa Claus.  Santa inhaled the entire Specter and then froze with eyes closed as an internal mental battle took place.

Within Santa’s mind, the demon and demi-angel appeared to engage in a good old-fashioned fist fight. As they fought Santa attempted to turn it’s dark metaphysical matter and energy into that of angelic light. The demon was merely trying to kill Santa! However, every cell in the Great Claus’s body was bright with energized holy light! So he focused most of his power on possessing Santa’s mind. Despite his efforts, the demon saw nothing but strength, good cheer, and justice dancing amid sugar plum fairies. There was nothing to exploit in this holy man’s mind. The demon was trapped as he felt every fiber of his evil being succumbing to Santa’s awesome power!

In a last-ditch attempt to escape he coalesced into a dense ball in Santa’s lungs and caused a gargantuan cough followed by a super sneeze that blew a huge hole out the side of the house. The Specter flew away into the dark starry skies to heal before haunting humanity again. Santa was weakened to an extent and couldn’t go after him.

Rudolph saw the demon fly off and declared,”Holy Cow!” Thankfully, the couple in bed was out cold from the demon and would probably assume it was an odd shared nightmare. That is after Santa and an Elf in the sleigh repaired the wall. They then left and returned to the North Pole to recuperate and reflect on the horrifying incident!

Friday, January 13th, 2012 –  Claus Family Road Trip

Santa is on vacation with Mrs. Claus, and family after his hard work delivering Christmas gifts. This includes the annual battles against the Anti-Claus as he attempts to derail Christmas.  The Claus Family is traveling about North America on a road trip in an RV. The entire trip was delightfully uneventful in a supernatural sense! Every so often Santa wants to live like a human and have his seemingly perpetually young kids experience a normal childhood as well. Today on Friday The 13th, 2012 Santa Claus is at CES, The Consumer Electronics Show, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada browsing new high tech Christmas gifts for future holiday seasons.  Naturally, he keeps a low profile outside of the Christmas season so he’s traveling incognito under the name Kris Kringle.  He dyes his hair brown and trims his beard short.  In addition, he wears normal clothing although he tends to mostly wear red, white, and sometimes green clothes.  There have been no reports of bad luck at CES most likely due to Santa milling about the crowd spreading good cheer. Usually, a few Gremlins like to show up to mess around with the gadgets.  If you feel a vibe of goodness from a bearded man and think you’ve known him all your life then you may have in fact had a rare brush with old Saint Nick!

Friday, October 13th, 1989 – Jason Voorhees

Santa’s battle with Jason Voorhees amid the Halloween season. To be written about at a later date.

Friday, June 13th, 1913 – Dark Leprechaun Deals

Santa saves an innocent man from making a dark deal with a Clurichaun, aka evil Leprechaun.

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Who Is Santa Claus’s Wife?

How Did Santa Claus Meet Mrs.Claus?
Young Mrs.ClausSanta Claus’s wife is named Holly Claus, aka Mother Christmas. However, she’s best known as Mrs.Claus. Despite standing next to the most famous supernatural man in history her life seems to have been shrouded in mystery until now.  Holly’s Father Daniel McBride was an Irish immigrant and young Architect who aided in the construction of several buildings within the United States Capital. Her Mother Janey McBride was a homemaker, originally from Scotland, who nearly died during Holly’s birth, and was told by Doctors she could never risk having another child.  Holly Claus was born Holly Janey McBride On Christmas Day 1792 at precisely 12:12 AM in the new City Of Washington DC.

Fate placed Santa’s diabolical identical twin brother, The Anti-Claus, in the vicinity of Holly’s home as she was being born. As usual, The Dark Claus was out attempting to halt Santa’s deliveries and destroy Christmas.  Truly the Dark Claus was the original Grinch, and Scrooge combined!  Of course, the Grinch was at one time his Chief Gnome before delusions of grandeur caused a parting of ways.  The Anti-Claus heard Holly’s newborn cries and eyed the baby through a frosty window.  Something about Holly caught his eye, and he decided to take her as his own child.  Something this despicable individual had done before!  Generally, the child was raised mostly by his Dark Gnomes, and became a horrific human deep into the dark demonic magics!

The Anti-Claus, aka Claude Claus, kicked the front door of the house causing it to shatter into splinters while mockingly laughing maniacally, “Ho Ho Ho Merry Mad Christmas! Bwwwwwaaaaaaa ha ha ha!”  Daniel ran from the bedroom, leaped for his single-shot Flintlock pistol, and shot the Anti-Claus square in the heart. Unfortunately, it merely bounced off the Demi-Demonic menace!  He kept cackling insanely as his eyes glowed crimson with sinister glee. Without any effort, he shoved Daniel through a wall knocking him out cold while Janey screamed amid Holly’s whaling.  The Midwife who aided in the birth was on her knees shaking in a corner as she kissed her crucifix necklace, and said the Lord’s Prayer silently.  The Anti-Claus glared at her, and bellowed, “Shut that nonsense up, and cover that vile artifact…..or else!”  The Midwife complied and cowered into the fetal position.  The Anti-Claus then calmed himself, and gently said to Janey, “Oh sweet Miss don’t be sad for your child will be mine. Your baby shall be raised in my Island Mansion in the Pacific.  She’ll awaken to warm island breezes, lovely sunsets, and my pack of Hell Hounds! Her dreams will be filled with my demon masters!”  He started laughing like a loon again, and ripped Holly from Janey’s bosom!  Janey pleaded with Claude but her cries fell upon deaf ears as he strolled right out the front door into the cold snowy night.

Meanwhile, in the skies overhead the Demi-Angel jolly Old Saint Nick was directing his Enchanted Reindeer, led by Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, onward as he would continue to make
Christmas deliveries until 4 AM.  With him were three helper Elves chosen each year by lottery to join him on his magical journey through the starry Christmas skies of Earth. Suddenly the psychically keen Claus sensed trouble below. He then spotted his brother Claude launch upward in his black sleigh pulled by 8 levitating Hell Hounds led by an obedient sapient Werewolf named Wickaninnish! Santa heard the baby scream and focused his Angelic vision to spot Holly in the Anti-Claus’s arms.  He then had a retrocognitive vision of the child’s abduction.  Santa flew into hot pursuit and chased the Dark Claus west into future California in the blink of an eye.

Top 100 Christmas Toys

The Anti-Claus felt an unidentifiable special bond with Holly he never felt before. So much so he ignored his usual instinct to attack Santa, and just attempted to flee from him, and hide with the precious child!  Santa also went against his usual instinct of peace, and carefully opened precision magical fire on his evil brother’s Werewolf.  He was successful in de-transforming the Werewolf Wickaninnish back into human form.  Santa then sent a metaphysical energy surge into the confused Hell Hounds. The dark sleigh of stolen gifts, meant to be re-gifted to the loyal forces of darkness, plummeted into the Pacific Ocean. Thankfully Santa swooped down and used his telekinetic Force-like powers to levitate the Baby Holly into his warm caring arms. The Anti-Claus and his motley crew splashed into the ocean while Santa turned around, and flew back to Washington DC.  As he held the now smiling Holly in his muscular arms he felt the same overwhelming enchanted bond that his twin brother the Anti-Claus had felt.  Not even his ancient Angelic mind could explain what he was experiencing.

Clearly in violation of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact Santa Claus landed his sleigh on Daniel McBride’s front lawn, and walked into the house with Holly.  The house had grown cold without a front door.  While holding Holly in one arm he motioned his other arm causing red, and green glitter to flying forth past his three little Elves into a small tree outside. As it fell over one Elf still standing outside the doorway yelled, “Timber!”  Santa then said, “Please give these good folks a new door my little Elves.”  In unison, all three replied, “Yes Santa Sir!”  Two scurried to the tree at super speed while the third got the toolbox out of the sleigh.  They then began constructing a new door.  Santa headed toward the bedroom Holly was born in but noticed her Father lying on the floor unconscious. Saint Nick rested a hand on Daniels forehead.  A soothing amber glow radiated forth healing him.  Although he was still asleep as Santa carried Holly into the bedroom.  The Midwife was sobbing with Janey on the bed when Santa entered.  The Midwife screamed thinking it was the Anti-Claus, and dove under the bed.  Janey quaked with fear.  Santa then serenely stated, “Ma’am I sincerely apologize for the horrifying actions of my twin brother Claude.  I’m returning your baby to you unharmed.”  He gently rested Holly back upon her mothers bosom as Janey lovingly cradled her baby.  She smiled while weeping tears of joy for the safe return of her Christmas newborn.

Santa knelt down and reassured the Midwife all was well. He coaxed her out from under the bed and started to help her upright when Daniel ran in
screaming, “Be gone you demonic scourge!”  He attempted to impale a sword through Santa’s back but it merely shattered into metal bits.  Daniel just stood there silently shocked.  Santa just smiled, and said, “Fear not for my abominable twin has left your pleasant presence.  My name is Nicholas, and you are now under my protection!  No harm shall ever fall upon you or your daughter. You will know I am always with you when you find a brightly wrapped gift under your Christmas tree from Santa Claus.”  Daniel then replied, “What are you?  What were those Dwarves at my front door?”  Santa exclaimed, “Those are my Elves repairing your door, and I am a being born of an Angel many centuries ago.  I only wish to bring peace, and happiness to humankind, unlike my unfortunate brother who has descended into diabolical demonhood!  I must take leave of you now as I have much work to do. Merry Christmas, and may you have the happiest of New Years!  Oh, and don’t tell anyone about this, or they’ll brand you as being delusional, or possessed by a demon.”  All bid farewell as Daniel followed Santa out past his completed new front door. Before leaving Santa patted the door, and said to Daniel, “This door is of enchanted Elfin construction! It will stand the test of time, and deter any intruder!”  The three Elves beamed proudly on the front porch as they gazed upon their fine handy work.  Daniel looked on with awestruck amazement as Saint Nick flew off into the skies in his red sleigh to resume Christmas deliveries.

mrs clausAnd so Santa kept his word to protect the Mcbride family by personally blessing their home so the holiness would repel the Anti-Claus. In addition, his Human-Angel Hybrid mind sub-consciously focused on the family he could know in advance if danger was near, and be there as fast as light itself!  The Anti-Claus was aware of this and only attempted to kidnap Holly on Christmas when Santa was clearly occupied with his deliveries.  However, every time Claude, and even his paranormal cohorts would attempt to get near the McBrides a plethora of magical practitioners would repel them with extreme prejudice.  Many of them were close allies of Santa who practiced Enochian Angel magic.  The Dark Claus was simply unable to get anywhere near Holly, and he eventually gave up so he could fully concentrate on destroying Christmas! Thus far only Mrs.Claus has the power to briefly warm the Anti-Claus’s dark heart!

Part II: How Did Santa Finally Meet Holly McBride As An Adult & Marry Her? 

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Santa Claus vs Pennywise The IT Clown

Santa Claus Was Helpless To Stop The Horrors Of World War II!

It was Christmas of 1941 when Santa Claus had been given a stern warning from the Archangels of Heaven! Saint Nicholas was not allowed to interfere with large scale human affairs under the terms of The Supernatural Secrecy Pact. Santa has always been known to skirt this agreement as he yearned to bring peace to humankind. During 1941 World War II he saved some Jewish children from being taken away by Nazi soldiers in Poland. That is when he learned the horrors of the concentration camps. Santa Claus was about to launch a supernatural assault and liberate a camp when Santa’s Archangel Father appeared telling him he had to let these atrocities play out. Humankind needed to see their worst before they could rise to their best in future centuries. Their destiny was ascension to Godhood that would ultimately surpass the power of even the Archangels! This was the wish of the holy Omniverse Lord.🎄

Not Even World War Can Stop The Spirit Of Christmas!

On Christmas Eve 1942 Santa Claus made his appointed gift rounds with a demeanor that was more sullen than jolly. The Spirit Of Christmas was weak as the winds of world war waged its toll upon Mother Earth. Father Christmas had the power to stop the war with the full arsenal of his Demi-Angel powers! Unfortunately, his hands were tied! Santa instead tried to focus on making the kids at home have a Merry Christmas. It was difficult to be excited for even the most wonderful gifts as their Fathers fought and died for the fate of the free world! Some found their Mothers taken away by work, the war effort, or as causalities themselves! Then there were those children living in the heart of war on the European front! Santa mustered up all the joy he could in his hallowed heart to give the innocent children the best Christmas possible.

Something Wicked Warps The Christmas Spirit

Sometime after Midnight the Great Claus and his flying sleigh pulled by nine reindeer descended on Derry, Maine. A town said to be a work of fiction in Stephen King’sIT” novels and movies. It mysteriously appeared on no maps with zero mention of it in any real world publications. The town had been under a sinister spell since it was established in the 18th century! That of Pennywise, aka the IT clown, who was born of The Spirit Of Fear billions of years ago! This cursed power cloaked what was going on there. This even extended to Santa until he heard the screams of kids in a sewer below! Santa was to finally find out why the Spirit Of Christmas always felt wickedly warped in this community.

Santa Claus Enters The Dark Dirty Domain Of Pennywise!

Father Christmas ripped off a manhole cover as if it was cardboard! It went flying and hit one of his two helper Elves in the head. He fell down but quickly got up rubbing his head while saying, “Errr gosh Santa you hit my widdle noggin!” Santa looked back and replied, “Oh sorry my little Elf! Sometimes I don’t know my own strength!” The Elf answered, “That’s okay Santa. The stars I’m seeing are so beautiful!” Elves are a lot tougher than they look! Santa then dropped into the dark cold sewer as it began to lightly snow. He sloshed through the mucky grey water following the sounds of distressed children screaming in terror amid maniacal laughter. For a second Santa thought it was the Anti-Claus but he didn’t sense his evil twin brother was afoot. Instead, something far more ancient and dark was locally destroying the Christmas Spirit.

Top 100 Christmas Toys

Father Christmas Saves Innocent Kids From Certain Doom!

Santa entered a large chamber and was shocked to see silent and still children floating above. In front of him, he saw the spookiest looking Santa Claus ever! It wasn’t the Dark Claus but it was someone posing as him. His eyes glowed orange as he displayed his razor-sharp teeth cackling with terrifying intensity! He had lured the kids into the sewer with a promise of Christmas presents. Santa burst forth from the shadows and yelled, “How dare you twist my image for your wicked ways you blasphemous beast!” Suddenly the Claus impostor stopped laughing and shape shifted to that of a cringe-worthy clown. The clown was the infamous IT, aka Pennywise! He fell silent as he looked a bit shocked. Santa quickly got in between Pennywise and the kids as he instructed them to run down the tunnel. There his Elves helped them out of the sewer.🤡

The Dark Clown vs Father Christmas

Pennywise attempted to go after the kids but Santa belted him in the face causing his red nose to fly off. The clown looked a bit scared as Santa bellowed, “What in the unholy hell is this insanity?” He looked up at the floating kids and used his telekinesis to override the dark force keeping them aloft. As they slowly lowered he was disgusted by what he saw. He would have his work cut out for him healing and resurrecting these poor children! Pennywise sprung up and screamed, “You’re ruining my frightful fun! You must die old man!” Clearly, the clown’s telepathic ability to make adults apathetic wasn’t working. So he tried to sense Santa’s greatest fear. Indeed he gleaned a vision of a post-Armageddon world where the Devil’s demonic minions won. He warped reality around Santa to make him think he was in this hellish future.

Pennywise Plays On Santa’s Worst Fears!

Santa was horrified as he stood in the middle of a muddy battlefield littered with bloody bodies as flames were lit everywhere. The sun was blocked by eerie dark clouds amid orange hellfire streaming between them. Not one tree was left while the smell of brimstone hung heavy in the hot air. Dark ash reigned down around the Great Claus. In the distance, the shrill screams of tortured humans tugged at Santa’s heartstrings. Suddenly the Anti-Claus, aka a shapeshifted Pennywise, appeared and said, “It’s not too late for you brother! Join us on the dark side and we can rule Earth in the Devils name!” Santa yelled, “Never!” Santa was confused but began to realize he was experiencing the reality warping powers of Pennywise. Santa pushed the Anti-Claus away and screamed, “You’re not my brother clown!” Pennywise then changed into the quintessential image of the Devil complete with horns.  Satan angrily bellowed, “I will bring you and all that you love to your knees! You’re no match for me you hybrid abomination!”

Santa Fears The Devil And A Loss At Armageddon!

The 12 foot tall Devil then picked up Santa by his neck and lifted him up while laughing in a wild sinister manner. The Emperor Of Hell had literal fire in his eyes that began to shoot toward Santa’s face. Santa was chocking before shooting energy from his own eyes that appeared white with glittering snowflakes in it. It canceled the Devil’s fire beams and hit him in the face! The Devil fell to the ground screaming and the apocalyptic environment around him disappeared revealing they never left the sewer chamber. Pennywise returned to clown form now quite scared which thereby weakened his powers that feed off kids fear. Santa stood over him pointed his hands at the clown as warm amber energy engulfed him. Santa implored, “Let the Holy Spirit Of Christmas wash away the wickedness of whatever the equivalent of your soul is! See the light and let humankind be!” Pennywise shot back, “Never! I’ll never rest until I feast upon everyone’s fright ridden flesh you weak animals!” Santa then said, “You’re the animal! It pains me to take this drastic action to end your reign of terror!”

Santa Smacks Down Pennywise!

Pennywise grabbed Santa’s legs and pulled him to the ground as he jumped on top of him to lie face to face. He tried to take a blasphemous bite out of Santa in a last-ditch attempt to win this battle of good vs evil. However, Santa easily kicked him away into a concrete wall caused it to crumble. The defeated clown lay in the smelly muck shaking. He stewed in the very fear he loved to feed off innocent children like the complete coward that he is! The very core of Santa’s angelic soul was to never harm and certainly not kill any living being! However, exceptions had to be made in the case of pure evil for the greater good of all! Saint Nicholas was about to put this denizen of darkness out of his misery but he saw what a pathetic coward Pennywise was. He was nothing without the power to grow fear in children ready for his horrifying harvest!

The Downfall Of Pennywise

Santa sensed there as an extremely powerful Darkness that made Pennywise essentially amortal. Therefore it would have been futile to kill him as he would eventually resurrect. He tried to banish him to another dimension but a mysterious force kept him bound to Derry, Maine. Finally, he decided to bind Pennywise in the same type of holy silver shackles that kept the Anti-Christmas monster Krampus in check for several centuries. After this task, Santa set his sights on healing the previously floating kids that were still alive. They were beginning awake from their nightmarish coma. They began crying and Santa calmed them while sending healing angel energy from his hands. He hummed Christmas tunes as he began resurrecting some of the kids. However, after three he felt weakened by all the expended energy. It was then that the Angel Of Death appeared telling him the rest were destined to reside in Heaven now. Of course like all fallen children they could come back to Earth to visit Santa’s North Pole City. Santa lowered his head in silence for the fallen he could not save as he witnessed the kid’s souls swirl to Heavenly bliss. He then directed the living kids down the sewer tunnel to rendezvous at his bright red sleigh.

The Eternal Tomb Of IT?

Before leaving Father Christmas punched the supports to the chamber entrance. It came crashing down loudly. As the entrance became blocked with heavy concrete debris Santa could hear Pennywise whimpering like a baby, “Don’t leave me without my precious scared kids!” Father Christmas then recited several Enochian Angel Magic incantations to supernaturally seal the chamber. Santa hoped this would be Pennywise’s tomb of eternal rest so he could no longer harm another child on Earth! As he walked away down the dark tunnel an ominous bright red balloon floated past him. Santa popped it before accidentally stepping on a paper boat clearly made by a child.

A Very Merry Derry Christmas

Santa found the kids waiting by the sleigh. They were eating candy canes provided by the Elves as they played with the reindeer. However, they were fearful of Rudolph’s red nose being similar to Pennywise’s clown nose. Santa reassured them all was well before flying them to their homes and wiping their nightmarish memories away. Naturally, they were replaced with visions of sugar plum fairies! As he delivered gifts throughout Derry he spread good cheer and sent forth the Spirit Of Christmas to wash away all apathy, fear, and despair! While leaving for the next community his warm laughter echoed majestically through the somber winter night, “Ho ho ho Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!” In the shadows of the pine trees below a Santa like figure emerged. It was the real Anti-Claus whispering to himself, “Oh dear brother we cannot let a delightful darkness like Pennywise be locked away for too long!” He then let loose a loud fast repeating cackle that abruptly stopped as he entered a nearby sewer tunnel…🎅

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