Blood Harvest Moon Warning!

Normally the mainstream media would call the October Full Moon the Hunter’s Moon which is now set for November. However they are referring to it as the Harvest Moon since this Moon is the one closest to the Autumnal Equinox. In the supernatural world we know that it will be the Blood-Harvest Halloween Moon! This is due to the early nature of September’s weak Harvest Moon, and the early Full Moon of this particular October. Normally this is solely the Blood Moon under the deep influence of Halloween thereby causing an exponential increase in all manner of paranormal activity. On the other hand the Harvest Moon generally only affects Werewolves who are drawn to farm fields, and anyone foolish to be there at night! Theoretically the distance of this Full Moon from Halloween should weaken its force. Unfortunately when combined with the Harvest Moon we see a diabolical duo! Read The Rest Of This Full Moon Paranormal Activity Forecast…

Who Is The Macroverse Lord?

Macroverse GodThe Macroverse is literally everything, and everyone that is for eternity, and beyond.  Probably what the average person would simply call the Universe.  The Macroverse is made up of parallel Universes, Parallel Multiverses, Parallel Omniverses, a variety of parallel, and higher dimensions along with a plethora of Gods at various level who are ascended Afterlife beings such as humans.  The Macroverse itself is the highest level God, and the only infinite God along with being the only true 100% non-corporeal pure thought being in existence. Everything below it is Metaphysical Energy to some extent, not including the Physical Energy of Universes such as our own.

Mounting evidence indicates it came into existence via something similar to a bootstrap, or ontological paradox.  However far more complex, and beyond the comprehension of our 3-D minds.  Every infinite soul frequency, aka all of us, first spontaneously evolved from a sea of pure information thought waves. These individual spirits, that can be called Vice-Macroverse Gods, then simultaneously, and spontaneously created a Neural Network that became the Macroverse God.  Simultaneously to this creation the Macroverse God created the sea of pure information. Read The Rest Of This Recently Updated Article On Our Main Website…


What Does Blood Taste Like To Vampires?

Vampire RoyaltyHumans find their own blood to have a rusty metallic salt like taste due to the iron content in the hemoglobin. On the other hand Vampires find the taste to be like an unimaginable, and indescribable sweet Heavenly nectar.  It’s like being able to perpetually exist off nothing but sweet desserts without any negative health repercussion.  In fact they get powerful benefits! Naturally different blood types along with a person’s nutritional balance alter that sweetness positively or negatively.  This amazing supernatural taste, and the feeling of literal power surging through a vampire’s body after ingesting it causes it to be quite addictive. Unfortunately this propels a vampire forward into preying on humans.  The true source of this power is the human soul which manifests power properties into blood that are undetectable to human science.  A metaphysical energy ripe with information from the soul sails through the blood, and is psychically detected by the vampire’s mind upon ingestion.

The most ideal food for vampires is human blood. Animal blood just doesn’t taste as good nor does it give them the same power surge.  However there are various paranormalVampire Blood creatures whose blood might be even sweeter, or merely just provide more powerful bodily effects that would motivate a vampire to go after them.  Since these creatures are rare there’s not much opportunity to seize upon such beings.  For instance Gnome blood is said to taste like peppermint wheat grass mushrooms.  This is probably due to all the mint clover they smoke, and the paranormal toadstools they eat.  Still vampires will grin, and bear it if they are lucky enough to bag a Gnome. This is due to the blood giving them the ability to exist in sunlight for a few hours.

It’s also known that Mermaid blood is even sweeter than human blood but it causes vampires to temporarily turn into a mermaid which puts them ironically in a weakened fish out of water state. It’s said that the sweetest blood of all is that of an Angel taking biological form.  Unfortunately it will kill most vampires instantly.  For those whose soul is good it will actually reverse their vampirism, and restore their human state.  The next sweetest blood is said to be Unicorn blood which in fact will make a vampire invincible, and immune to all magic.  This state is rumored to be permanent if the blood is fresh.   This is why Unicorn blood is just about the most sought after blood for vampires, and many other supernatural beings as well.

The most avoided blood is that of the Walking Dead Zombie, or the blood of any dead human, which acts as a weakening poison on vampires.  In a way it’s like Kryptonite to vampires.  In large enough quantities it might kill them.  It is said to taste like rotted meat which makes sense considering a zombie is in fact a rotting living dead corpse. This taste, and it’s stench protects vampires from being tricked into drinking it. However sneaky magical methods can mask this, and damn them to death!

Vampire blood itself is virtually tasteless to a vampire but they will partake of each others blood to form a psychic bond, and in some cases to share memories.  The joy of drinking another vampires blood comes from the emotional aspect rather then the lack of taste, and physical attributes. It is essential in the process of transforming a human to a vampire as it creates the bond between sire, and vampire child.  To humans, vampire blood ironically tastes similar in sweetness to human blood on a vampires palate. That’s why vampires use it to lure in unsuspecting human victims on which to prey upon!