What Is The Boarhog Moothyson Monster?

Boarhog MoothysonThe Boarhog Moothyson is a Human-Hog Hybrid monster created by cruel fate some 1,153 years ago in Japan. It has a grotesque boarish hog body with a human torso atop it. Despite being part boar the hair is missing due to molten Mount Fuji lava searing it off! The monstrous Moothyson has a large goofy looking humanoid moon face. It generally walks on all fours but will sometimes rear up on its haunches when it feels threatened. Ancient Japanese legend states that the Moothyson was a tall big boned woman who ate her family out of house, and home while bloating up to 400 pounds in the year 864. This epic eating episode only occured after all the men in her village refused to marry her.  They found her homely unfeminine appearance, and somewhat slow witted mind quite unsettling. Naturally the excessive weight didn’t help any.

Men of the time were also repelled by her because she cared not for housework, and was extremely piggish in her way of life.  Her family was forced to abandon her due to her insane diet, and selfish messy ways. They left her to die in the Aokigahara, a haunted mystical forest northwest of Mount Fuji.  A forest famous for ghosts, and all forms of paranormal life along with suicides, and undesirables being abandoned to relieve society of their burden. It was the frightening forest of many cruel fates!

Moothyson was lost for days dying of hunger until she heard the eruption of Mount Fuji, and followed the thunderous sounds to the sight of lit lava.  She caught sight of a Wild Boar near a hot lava flow, and wrestled it to the ground under her titanically immense weight before literally eating the squealing beast alive. In the process of the Moothyson’s feeding frenzy, her, and the horrified hog fell into the deadly lava! The two were forged together in the fires of hell on Earth forming an Obsidian monument to the madness of their meeting.

There they lie entangled for 100 years! During that time the Moothyson dwelled as a ghost mindlessly chasing the spirit of the boar hog about the forest. Both trapped by the metaphysical magnetism of the Aokigahara forest. Moothyson was also distraught over not being loved by her family. She couldn’t move on to the Heavenly Afterlife, and the boar was unable to dwell in Goddess Gaia’s Paradise Plane. Finally the duo cast in shiny stone was found by one of Japan’s first Sorcerer’s looking to test his powers on September 1st, 964. He sensed the life force in the obsidian sculpture of volcanic origin, and cast powerful magics upon it. He ended up creating the hideous Boarhog Moothyson monster via a magical spell, and curse!

The Boarhog Moothyson was startled by its reanimation, and its new mind of the melded Moothyson woman, and the boar spirit. The Sorcerer laughed maniacally at its deformed creation before disappearing in a flash of teleportation light.  The 7 foot tall, 1 ton, behemoth couldn’t talk at first, and only grunted. Later it’s been said it learned to utter short phrases while on rampages to eat anything, and everything in sight! This includes innocent humans!  Thankfully this only occurs every 100 years.

The blasphemous beast hibernates so deep inside Mount Fuji that it’s very near hot lava flows.  For 100 years it sleeps in a nightmarish state with its deformed spirit haunting the Aokigahara forest. Then the hunger pains in the body awaken it.  The Moothyson then storms down the mountain to the nearest village to pillage, and consume all food followed by any animals, and humans it can spot moving! Once it has its fill it returns to Mount Fuji to slumber in hell once again.

The last time it appeared was 1823 when the Boarhog attempted to attack Edo, later becoming Tokyo, Japan. The Japan Legendshoggish horror was repelled by several Samurai warriors, and mystical sages wielding sacred objects of unknown origin. The Moothyson was set to appear again in 1923 but a devastating Earthquake possibly destroyed it via a cave in, trapped it in Mount Fuji, or did something to keep it dormant.  However paranormal investigators continued to detect the dark tormented spirit of the Moothyson in the Aokigahara. During the 1923 Earthquake animals, and people in the forest were possessed by the bad Boarhogs spirit. The animals were labeled as rabid, and put down. Possessed humans were declared psychotic, and confined to mental health facilities as they were never the same ever again! This went on for 3 days! We seriously recommend steering clear of the Aokigahara between September 1-3, 2123. Assuming you live that long through life extension technologies, and it doesn’t gain access to its big pig body before then!

Does Holy Rain Or Holy Snow Exist?

vatican-holy-rainIn the previous post we defined Holy Water as any source of water blessed holy by a Priest. Often for use in spiritual cleansing or the fight against supernatural evil. However it’s generally a rather small stoup or bottle that is blessed. So can larger bodies of water be blessed?  Yes in fact a powerful Priest or, group of Priests may bless a huge body of water such as a pond or even a lake.  There are even legends of small seas being blessed for a brief time.  Although there is no record of entire oceans beings blessed.  Still these mass blessed waters can evaporate, and come down as rain or snow. However over time they mix with other water in the environment thereby rendering them holy neutral in nature.

Various powerful places on Earth that are blessed will naturally bless things it comes in contact with.  For instance all rain that falls on Vatican City is Holy Rain.  This is one reason you’ll never find a vampire, werewolf, dark warlock, or other paranormal beings of darkness anywhere near there.  Even if they could withstand the hallowed grounds, or hover above, the holy rains dousing them would be quite devastating! All snow that falls upon Saint Nicholas’s North Pole City is considered Holy Snow.  Even as it lies on the ground it repels all forces of evil.  Various other religious or magical places on our paranormal planet are also blessed with the protective Holy Precipitation.

In addition let’s not forget that the entire planet is protected during the day by Holy Light provided by our Sun.  It’s thought that all stars were personally inspired or created by God to represent every blessed soul that ever existed. It’s rays are naturally blessed, and therefore holy in nature.  This is why so many supernatural beings are unable to withstand its cleansing photonic rays of goodness.

Find Holy Water Here!

Does The Devil Only Meddle In Earth’s Affairs?

DevilThe Devil is the Chief Archdemon Of The Omniverse, and Emperor Of Hell. Technically he exists simultaneously in a plethora of Multiverses just as we exist in a variety of parallel Universes. So our Devil is merely the Archdemon Of The Multiverse. However there is most likely a dormant entity, or one will be born someday, with all the memories of his parallel Multiverse selves. In the meantime he is the Master Of Evil in this Multiverse, and deals in darkness across all manner of parallel Universes. Something that’s realistic for a five dimensional being such as himself. Just in case you thought he, and his demons, don’t really seem to have much to do on Earth.

The Devil’s domain of darkness includes every reality where Earth exists but anywhere a planet has sapient life to corrupt. In some cases the forces of good may block him on a given planet but it’s thought he is the Devil on millions of planets across the great galactic expanses of any given Universe. He, and his demons, battle the forces of righteousness on these planets while also devising trillions of Armageddon’s as well. There’s also the creation of demonic based entities such as demi-demons, vampires, werewolves, etc. Each planet having it’s own unique demonic monsters!

On these various planets in a multitude of realities the Devil goes by different names, and has varying legends written about him. It will be interesting to explore the stars, and meet extraterrestrials to compare Biblical notes. The similarities in stories my startle even the most logical supernatural skeptics!