The Plague Doctor Cult

Plague Doctor Of DeathThe Plague Doctor is the darkest paranormal master of disease on Earth! The ultimate Asymptomatic carrier of virtually every disease on Earth! Although a loner at heart, the Plague Doctor realized there was only so much pain, suffering, humiliation, and death he could deliver on his own! Even as a Dark Immortal with Pestilence & Death in his corner there was still only one of him.  He began enlisting the help of evil humans who showed great promise.  In addition he allowed his disturbing sycophants to form a cult in his name, and worship at his diseased feet!  It seems every supernatural being attracts obsessed humans looking for someone to give their empty delusional lives meaning. The Plague Doctor is no different.  Whatever their position in his offensive organization they all fall under the umbrella of The Plague Doctor Cult.  A clandestine union of mostly humans who see the Plague Doctor as their Unholy Lord just as the Doctor sees two of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as his Gods. That being the aforementioned Pestilence, and Death whose altars he bows before each day with malice in his decayed heart of darkness!

The Surgeon General Of Suffering’s Trusted Lieutenants
At the very top of the cult are his trusted lieutenants, and those with supernatural abilitiesTyphoid-Mary that aid in his quest to cause a global pandemic apocalypse! His second in command is the notorious Typhoid Mary, aka Mary Mallon. The Plague Doctor has promised to give many of his loyal followers powers, and Dark Immortal status but he rarely delivers. Often these pathetic lackeys die for his cause willingly or otherwise. However Mary was one of the few he rewarded with Immortality.  Her spreading of Typhoid, and other diabolical schemes not known to mainstream history, deeply impressed him. Rarely do humans mean anything to him.  She has become the closest thing to a female Plague Doctor, and is probably the only person he truly trusts.  He taught her how to channel the dark metaphysical energies of diseased suffering, and death to acquire Dark Immortality. Her feminine wiles are an effective tool in seducing key people, infiltrating affluent homes, and various facilities to spread sinister sickness.  Even to this day she enjoys posing as a cook which was her profession when she was a human.  Just making someone barf at a fast food drive thru is said to make her laugh manically with a wild look in her cold eyes! Typhoid Mary provides important insulation for the Plague Doctor as he is one the most wanted supernatural beings on Earth!

The Plague Paradigm
Next command of this hierarchy of havoc are the various paranormal beings, and dark practitioners of magic who serve at the pleasure of their precious Plague Master. They are called The Plague Paradigm. They consist of virtually any entity who wants to see the Earth wiped clean of humanity to make room for a new evolutionary line where the Cult are the Earthly Gods. Their master plan is the evolutionary rise of viruses, and bacteria which would be transformed into sapient beings of the most monstrous magnitudes!  Think real life Giant Microbe dolls! The Plague Doctors sick vision of this planet’s future is beyond nightmarish!  Those who share his quest to quell the natural evolution of Goddess Gaia’s sacred body include some demonic beings, such as certain Vampires, who don’t agree with the Devil’s Armageddon agenda.  Every group of evil entities seems to have a handful who support the Doctor Of Death.  The practitioners of magic who join the Plague Paradigm tend to be dark warlocks, and witches with some wizards working their alchemist magic with a biological twist!  Sorcerers are too strong willed to usually serve anyone but themselves.

The Oath Breakers
Star Of DeathBelow The Plague Paradigm are the so called Oath Breakers who often wear The Star Of Death Ring or necklace.  This is an upside down Star Of Life with a reverse Rod of Asclepius. Important members have theirs encrusted with black, and red precious gems. These Oath Breakers, who defy the Hippocratic Oath of healing, can be doctors, nurses, scientists, government officials, pharmacists, pharmaceutical executives, and anyone else in a medical related career who wants to gain power through the spread of disease, death, and destruction.  At the lowest levels are those involved in the agricultural, and food service industries! The perfect mechanism to deliver disease to thousands!  It’s said that various E. Coli outbreaks across the world are caused by these dirty dogs!  The Plague Doctor lures these people to serve within his dark deceptive web with promises of riches, influence, and even those immortal powers he’s quite stingy with. Ultimately many of them end up diseased or dead after their usefulness has come to a close.   As far as we know the Plague Doctor cannot grant someone else powers but he can teach people how to acquire them. He rarely does this most likely because he’s got better things to do, and doesn’t want to risk someone becoming more powerful than he is!  However his promise of riches is easily kept most of the time through theft!

The Useful Idiots
At the lowest levels of the cult are his useful idiots who most commonly work at fast food jobs, picking produce in farm fields, or as hospital orderlies.  They also include common thieves, and thugs who are down with any job required to meet the Plague Doctor’s master plans.  In some cases they might be happy to serve him. In other cases they have no clue he, or the supernatural world exists. They’re in it for money, and their own personal joy to inflict pain on others. These lowest of the Plague Cult scums are the ones to die the most, and quickest as well. Often to protect the Plague Doctor, and cover his tracks.  He, and his crazed cohorts would gladly shove you into rush hour traffic just to get to their destination a second sooner!

Those in the cult who look to the Plague Doctor as their God, or Christ figure, erect altars in their homes, and even secret rooms in large corporations where they commit terrifying human, and animal sacrifices by giving the victim a deeply deadly disease!  Although they have been known to do it the old fashioned way as well! There are even Plague Doctor Temples, or Churches, hidden in remote rural areas where he gives his lackeys the honor of his visitation on occasion.  He’s even been known to host despicable orgies at swanky mansions where everyone is wearing a Plague Doctor mask. Sadistic sexual ceremonies somewhat reminiscent of the movie “Eyes Wide Shut“.  These blasphemous bastards actually consider it a privilege to contract an STD from him or Typhoid Mary!  They save the deadly ones for unfortunate victims sacrificed at these sickening macabre parties! The Plague Doctor’s Virokinetic Disease Manipulation Powers can exponentially accelerate the deterioration power of a disease in an individual!  It’s said that The Plague Doctor & Typhoid Mary not only carry every disease on Earth but can spread it to someone else at will or hold it back! Any time a new disease manifests they inject themselves with it, and assimilate it into their unique Immortal bodies surging with dark spiritual energy!

As our broken society grows more mentally ill,and devoid of purpose with each passing day, more people are inducted into The Plague Doctor’s Cult. This is by far the most disgusting, and dangerous supernatural organizations on Earth!  Brave souls in the supernatural community fight each day to shut down these sick paranormal puppies but it’s like pulling weeds. Another one always rears it’s ugly head!  If this disturbing trend continues then it’s not a matter of if but when a major pandemic will wipe out our civilization! That being said we have other dark supernatural factions whose agenda conflicts with the Plague Doctors.  So in essence they could act as anti-heroes, and stop him for their own selfish reasons thereby inadvertently saving humankind! Our Original Plague Doctor Article.

Dress Up As The Plague Doctor For Halloween If You Dare!  Beware That You May Attract The Attention Of The Real Plague Doctor Or Plague Doctor Slayers On The Prowl! You May Also End Up Having Oath Keepers & Other Lackeys Bowing At Your Feet Ready To Serve You!

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Are The X-Men Real?

Are X-Men Mutants Based On A True Story?
To an extent the X-Men comics, and movies are real.  Not necessarily the specific characters, storylines, or the description of their reality but rather the fact that superhumans do exist. With each passing decade the number of humans beings born with minor, or full on psychokinetic, telepathic, and other superhuman abilities is steadily increasing.  Those with psychic powers who can control their surroundings, or manifest forms of matter, and energy from their bodies or thin air!  Others who have enhanced strength, speed, agility, intelligence, and senses.  This is merely the natural course of how sapient species evolve on plants across our paranormal Universe.  When biological species evolve to a certain point of self-aware intelligence they generate a soul that is simultaneously born in countless higher dimensions outside of time-space.  At some point there is a God like ascension to prodigious power in those unimaginable dynamic dimensions.  Our various dimensional incarnations are linked to each other metaphysically which is evidenced by Junk DNA that more or less contains latent super abilities in most humans. However to some degree, mostly too minute to notice, every human has an array of superpowers.  The most common is mind over matter as witnessed by the Placebo Effect, and various fabulous feats publically performed by entertaining individuals.

The ever advanced evolution of a sentient species pushes them ever closer to ascension into higher dimensional Godhood as a society outside the normal individual ascension via simple death.  The body, and brain begin to assimilate the Junk DNA as normal DNA thereby slowly but surely activating various super powers in each successive generation.  As we speak now there is a silent minority of superheros, and supervillians who fight a secret battle in the shadows against each other, versus the supernatural forces of darkness, and humans who oppose them as well.  Secrecy is essential in order to prevent public panic, and the ensuing witch hunt followed by capture, experimentation, and even potential extermination by close minded frightened individuals.  Certainly secret black ops divisions of various governments, such as the US Paranormal Defense Agency, are aware of the existence of these X-Men Mutants. Although they’re of course not called that. Generally they’re referred to as Superhuman, or identified by their particular power.  These heros, and villains are sought after by the government who wish to understand, and harness their awesome powers.  At the end of the day it’s inevitable that humanity’s future will see everyone with a scientifically measureable degree of super powers in about 10,000 years or so based on current estimates.

Is Magneto, Professor X, And Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters Real?
There are currently no central superheros, or villains who rally the forces of superhuman, good, and evil.  There are supernatural beings other than human who fill such roles but strictly in the superhuman arena our world isn’t like the X-Men in that respect.  Many operate independently or join up with various small gangs mainly for the purposes of amassing money, and power.  It’s not that uncommon for powers to give people delusions of grandeur, and superiority which prompt them to join paranormal or human criminal organizations to elevate their status in life.  There are all manner of secret supernatural, and magic schools around the world that will train those with superpowers in order to hone their skills so that they may join the battle against the forces of evil.  The McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences is largest and most prestigious institution that covers virtually all things metaphysically marvelous!  Plausibly the closest thing to Xavier’s School is the Tanzania Psychokinetic College. It’s the top learning institution on Earth specializing in Psychokinetic powers of the mind.  The vast underground complex is said to be hidden in the Tanzanian jungle near a large lake for those with water manipulation powers.  Students usually practice their powers inside the concrete, and steel facility but also in the open jungle as well.  Any student with pyrokinetic powers (fire manipulation) is usually shadowed by one with Cryokinetic (Ice Manipulation), or Hydrokinetic abilities to prevent large scale jungle fires.  However it’s rumored a witch is on staff to provide protection spells to prevent damage to nature, and other students just learning to harness their potentially horrifying powers!

On Mystic Investigations own supernatural crime fighting team we have a telekinetic psychic named Julia Hathaway.  Our resident witch Rebecca Abernathy has hydrokinesis, Faunapathy, and other abilities based in her Mermaid genes.  She also has witch DNA that gives her a natural ability to command magic, and utilize her active witchcraft power known as the Mystic Sphere.  Drake Alexander is a powerful 5th generation vampire while Zack Powers has advanced bionic based superhuman enhancements.  Our Cryptozoologist Doctor Ashley Abercrombie has minor abilities based on the fact that she’s half zombie!  I myself as Mystic Investigations President have displayed some superhuman tendencies in tense situations but no definitive source of that has been sighted. It could simply be good old fashioned mind over matter!  | Watch All The X-Men Movies Online! |

Manifest Latent Powers & Abilities

Find the latent powers within you!










X-Men: Apocalypse In Theaters May 2016!

What Is The Conexus & Shadow Mercs?

The ConexusA number of clandestine soldiers for hire have called themselves Shadow Mercs, or Shadow Mercenaries if for no other reason to sound cool, and intimidating. However as of late those calling themselves Shadow Mercs who operate from the Astral Plane are the seemingly non-corporeal henchmen of a relatively new high level inter-dimensional organization called The Conexus. They may very well be a dangerous wildcard in the war of Armageddon to determine the ultimate supernatural rulers of Earth. Their origins are metaphysically mysterious but it’s thought that a handful of higher dimensional beings were unsatisfied with their respective royal hierarchies, and set out to forge their own dark path. These could include Angels, Demons, Jinn, Various Gods, and a number of other higher, or parallel dimensional beings from all over the greater Omniverse. Some rumors indicate their end game is to possess the Omniverse Gods mind, and take over our reality. A somewhat similair agenda to the infamous Sorcerer, and current King Of Hell Dimitri Diablo. It’s unknown if he has a hand in The Conexus despite always claiming he would single handedly possess the soul of the Omniverse, aka sapient consciousness of the parallel Universe/Multiverse collective.

The Conexus are more or less independent supernatural scavengers looking to add persons of paranormal interest to their army of darkness either willingly or by force. To use a Star Trek reference they can be thought of as a higher multi-dimensional metaphysical Borg assimilating as many beings as possible into their cancerous collective. However some join willingly rather than being zombie like slaves. Thankfully so far there hasn’t been any major indications of physical manifestations as that would immediately expose them to Angels, Demons, Jinn, Earthly Gods, and other paranormal power players who could destroy them in their current state of infancy.  Although brief forays into our reality might be the explanation for a small percentage of Shadow Specters witnessed on this planet.  Most of the time such sapient shadows are in fact Jinn, aka free Genies.

The Conexus, via their Astral Shadow Mercs, usually only attack people’s spirits through the Shadow MercenaryAstral Plane which acts as a trans-dimensional metaphysical energy hub for their clandestine activities. They infiltrate the souls, minds, dreams, and astral activities of people who are of paranormal power interest.  Many times a person has no idea they’ve been possessed while those conscious of it who rabidly fight back may be mistaken as being mentally ill, or possessed by a demon. Stealthy mental conquering is their first approach if they telepathically deduce the person will not cooperate, and join the Conexus cause.  If that fails then it’s a full on multi-pronged psychic attack in order to mentally weaken the victim to own their minds. A variety of special supernatural people on Earth may have already been unknowingly compromised, and are ticking time bombs. These people may have active powers, latent abilities, or something special within their spirits. At some appointed time they will most likely become activated drones, and act as physical paranormal warriors for The Conexus. With these foot soldiers, and an army of supernatural souls in their paranormal pockets the high level players, including the Shadow Mercs, may then manifest on Earth to wreak havoc!

Whether within a day dream, nightmare, or even an astral projection jaunt it should be cause Shadow Merc MIBof concern if you are psychically attacked by dark shadowy beings dressed as Men In Black, Ninja’s, cloaked figures, mere smokey forms, or even as someone you know.  Their state of dress may indicate their position in the Conexus hierarchy. Generally when these Shadow Mercs enter someones mind they manifest from a billowing cloud of foreboding smoke with explosive astral lighting, and terrifying thunder shooting forth. Their glowing eyes rise out of the spectral storm to gaze into your soul, and claim you for The Conexus! Depending on your level of mental recall you may or may not remember all, some, or none of these details.  If you suspect you have been contacted, or astrally attacked by The Conexus & their Shadow Mercenaries then please contact us, a reputable supernatural crime fighting firm, or a high level practitioner of magic immediately for the love of your very immortal soul!

Who Is Hat Man?
The mysteriously notorious Hat Man of urban legends fame is in fact a real person who we now know to be a member of the Conexus.  He’s appeared around the world as a Shadow Specter, and even in seemingly full corporeal form on some occasions. When seen in his complete form he wears either of his trademark top hats or Fedoras.  His sinister gaze has been known to give people heart attacks, or at the least deep heart palpitations!  He is the collective spirit form of the Conexus.  The only member with enough power to be permanently in our reality in at least a shadow form, and definitely the only one to attain a human like physical form. He is their top agent sent forth to find people to assimilate into the higher dimensional collective along with eradicating those who pose a threat. They also suck the souls from random people thereby eradicating them just to spiritually add more fuel to their astral fires!  If you encounter Hat Man your best move is to pretend to faint, and play dead.  He will consider you too weak to even bother with.