Does Everyone Have A Guardian Angel?

Yes just about everyone has a Guardian Angel, and they’re on you right now like white on rice!   Even the Humans who are judged unworthy for ascension to Godhood across the near infinite parallel Universes. A multitude of realities where they lead an amazing number of lives encompassing just about every scenario within reason.  Ascending to Godhood is, of course, the ultimate purpose of humankind despite the establishment religions mantra of eternal servitude to God.  These guardian angels are there to protect the individual and make sure the various life scenarios can be played out to see how a person handles any given situation.  Protection from demons, various other forces of evil, and even just random chaos are the reason for these Heavenly watchers.

Naturally, you might find it creepy, and intrusive to have some invisible person watching every move you make in private.  Luckily we have some good news about that. Evidence deeply suggests that these guardian angels are actually you.  Heaven exists outside of time so your soul or Angel self already exists in Heaven with all the memories of your many lives.  Your first duty as an Angel is to watch over and protect yourself in any particular given Multiverse, aka collection of related Parallel Universes.  Yes, you also exist in other Multiverses and have multiple angel selves who will later be fused together in one Archangel self who can then choose to rise to Godhood, and start their own Omniverse, aka massive collection of Multiverses!

Clearly, it’s convenient to have yourself as a Guardian Angel since you wouldn’t want anyone else seeing every moment of your life. Moments that would inevitably include private compromising, and embarrassing situations. Whether it be sex or even using the crapper!  Thankfully your Guardian Angel also halts potentially awkward intrusions from the Afterlife.  The spirits of deceased family, friends, and even enemies who might phase into your reality violating your privacy.  Guardian Angels even have the authority to censor certain moments from Heavenly Angels. However high-level Archangels, and of course the Omniverse God can simply see everything long distance whether you like it or not!

Amazingly one Guardian Angel watches over all your parallel Universe selves in an entire Multiverse! This may seem like an impossible mission but you’re a higher dimensional super being who can simultaneously be everywhere at once. You’d simply be bored watching over yourself in only one Universe!  It’s hard to comprehend that at this very moment you exist in the first level of Heaven, aka the 6th dimension, as a 5-dimensional being.  A being of amazing power who exists there, and near every biological, or even mechanical body, your soul is intertwined with including right next to you at this very moment as you read this.  You’re smiling at yourself right now.  Just turn to your right, and smile back since guardian angels generally exist on the right side of a person.  Also when you’re talking to yourself you literally are talking to Yourself.  They’re answering right back at you but you obviously can’t hear them. So next time you see a person talking to themselves don’t brand them as a nutty kook, or a sad lonely soul.

Since your Guardian Angel has all your memories they know how your life is supposed to go, and cannot change anything under Universal Laws.   Most likely they wouldn’t want to because they’ve gone through your life, and learned valuable lessons.  They’re now living the sweet life in the great beyond with all their, aka your,  family, and friends.  Although I’m sure they, or you, don’t enjoy seeing you go through the various unpleasant situations of life.  When you look back and wonder how you got through the tough times it’s most likely your Angel self who gave you the strength to succeed. Your metaphysical anchor compelling you to bear the hardships of physical life.

A minute amount of people who are exceptionally evil already have their souls in Hell which isn’t a punishment for them.  They were simply destined to ascend, or more precisely descend, into Demonhood. Those who aren’t considered righteous yet aren’t evil enough to be wanted by the powers of Hell still watch over themselves without fully knowing their ultimate fate.  They still might be judged good in enough other Multiverses.  However, that’s unheard of.  Once they’re unified as an Archangel they’re informed they failed at life, and at that moment they will feel it in their dull hearts.  The unfortunate individual will then be mercifully blinked out of existence.  Man what a rotten note to end this article on. 🙂 Thankfully they exist in other Omniverses, and will always exist in some form in the greater infinite Macroverse.

So how do we know all of this?  You guessed it!  Years of extensive research into ancient secret scrolls, and texts with the knowledge of amazing mystics, and psychics who know the real deal of the great beyond.  Secrets kept from humankind by the religious establishments of the world for the purposes of command, and control.  Now you’ve been enlightened to the truth, and can live secure in your new found knowledge!

How To Communicate With Your Guardian Angel!

October 2nd Is The Memorial Of The Holy Guardian Angels Day

What Is An Earth Angel?

Are You An Earth Angel?
Earth AngelIf you’ve read even a small part of this website then you know that everyone who appears human may very well be something supernatural in nature whether they know it or not.  You and others may think they’re human but you could be something else entirely.  One such example is Incarnated Entities, or higher dimensional beings & Extraterrestrial souls born as humans.  An Earth Angel is a human incarnated Heavenly Angel of the Omniverse Lord. These are the Angels created directly by him rather than a Human origin ascended Afterlife Angel.  At some point, God might decide an Angel should experience what it is to exist as a biological being in our Universe.

In some cases, it’s done to those whose ego begins to shine too brightly.  The most extreme case was Lucifer, aka the Devil, who God attempted to cast down to Earth in human form for the purpose of humbling him.  However, his power was so great that he escaped creating his own Hell realm.  In addition, an Angel may choose to experience being human, or even an extraterrestrial, with the Lords approval of course.  In order to truly experience humanity, they must be born here as babies with no memory of ever being an Angel. Otherwise, their trials would be too easy knowing the paradise they will return to. Their triumphs wouldn’t mean much knowing the splendor they came from.

An Earth Angel is completely a biological human without any special powers despite their soul being that of a Lord’s Holy Angel.  Somewhat the same way humans have amazing God like souls with psychokinetic powers most can never access in their lifetimes.  However, they are more likely to access some level of powers than an average human. They the supposed humans who display glowing eyes at times. In addition, the souls of  Earth Angels have been supernaturally transmuted completely into their physical body rather than having simultaneous higher dimensional souls in the Heavenly realms. They live out naturally aging lives growing old and dying. Although, they tend to age slower than a human. When they die their body instantly reverts to Angel form, and they ascend back to Heaven with full memory restoration.  This is unlike a physical demon who’s in complete biological form when in our reality.  In that case, their death here means complete incineration of their existence!

In order to be immersed in the full human experience, an Earth Angel must enter the world as a newborn into a human family.  God usually doesn’t perform any immaculate conceptions unless he wants an Angel to experience a particular couple. Often unexpected miracle births are Earth Angels. Generally, at the moment of conception, he injects the Angel into the surrogate mother before a human soul connects with it.  A soul connects with any given biological form via matching frequencies at the energy string level. One’s frequency is what identifies them no matter what incarnation they have anywhere in the vast Multiverse.  The growing baby adopts the frequency of the Angel so it truly becomes their body.  However, technically the Angel is a child of the Lord rather than the biological parents.  In essence, they are the adoptive parents of the Earth Angel.

As with humans, an Earth Angel has a Guardian Angel but instead, there are three Angels invisibly in tow. One has the sole purpose of protecting the Earth Angel from any demonic or other higher dimensional being interference since these entities would see past their human guise.  The second one is tasked by God to manipulate daily events in order to challenge the Earthly Angel and teach it valuable life lessons.  A third Angel, that is of human origin, provides sub-conscious moral support as the Earth Angel struggles with what they always feel as an unnatural physical existence.  Generally, once they’ve completed several human incarnations in various parallel Universes they are promoted to the Archangel inner circle that directly deals with the Omniverse God on a daily basis.

An Earth Angel is not the same as an Angel coming to Earth on a mission, or willingly defying God, coming here in biological, or pure photonic light form.  These missionary or defiant Angels are fully aware who they are and have the complete range of higher dimensional powers to match.  Although, those coming here without the Lord’s approval become Fallen Angels rather quickly, and eventually degrade into Demons thereby losing quite a bit of their Heavenly power.

Some people seem to think Earth Angels are humans who need to relive lives in order to permanently graduate to full Angel status or afterlife humans who choose to be re-born here again in order to spread goodness in the world.  The fact is humans live out every scenario in the amazing multitude of Parallel Universes, and Multiverses. There is no need to return as they have in essence lived through everything there is, and learned every lesson possible within a physical existence.  It’s up to the people who already exist here to spread goodness, and shape the world into a better place in defiance of the forces of darkness!

So What Are The Signs You’re An Earth Angel?
Earth Angel’s are very contradictory creatures who often are described as Angelic looking, or being a calming Angelic presence.  They’ve never been comfortable in their own body, and feel imprisoned within it. Sometime yearning to be free to the point of causing a brief glowing of the eyes.  They may even feel jailed upon this Earth yet at the same time they are at peace in natural settings, love animals, and are bewitched by Gods creations. There’s always a lonely longing for a home they only see in their Heavenly dreams where clues of their true nature are presented to them.  Angelic relations often commune with them in the Astral Dream Plane yet don’t reveal their true nature.  An Earth Angel feels most at home in places Angels may dwell such as churches, or other holy places.

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The human culture seems weird, and foreign to them at times with many things being a puzzle despite growing up with us.  They are extremely curious about life, and easily entertained by things that might seem mundane to humans.  Despite feeling alien among humans Earth Angels are extremely empathic and caring toward them with a need to send forth healing soothing energy. They have a strong need to make the wrongs of the world right.  Earth Angels are often excellent workers who enjoy following orders when a clear purpose of general betterment is presented.  In addition bullies, and various nefarious figures may inexplicably fear them despite the human form Angel appearing to be no threat. Often the Earth Angel may experience strings of good luck. This is their Guardian Angels steering them away from unnecessary danger or from a path the Lord doesn’t want them to take.

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Accessing the Akashic Records, or mastering Astral Projection could lead to an answer as to whether you’re an Earth Angel or not?


Do Frozen People Go To Heaven?

So far the science of Cryogenic Freezing, when it comes to brains, heads, and entire bodies, is limited only to the freezing side. That is to say the thawing of a corpse causes damaging ice crystals to form in the cells thereby ending any hope of reanimation. Only small tissue samples have been thawed intact thus far…at least in mainstream science. There are rumors of highly expensive top secret private, and government projects that have revived humans, and animals with sometimes shocking results. Certainly supernatural freezing techniques, including those with highly advanced Cryokinetic Powers, have frozen and unfrozen people to favorable fruition! The hope of freezing humans at death is to bring them back to life when a cure for what killed them is found. That includes the aging process. The fallen frozen ones who will never see life again now reside in the higher dimensional afterlife some call Heaven. However those who will be successfully revived are a different story.

You Can’t Trick The Universe Into Thinking You’re Dead!
You’re either permanently dead in this Universe, or your not. Since the afterlife of higher dimensions resides outside of time it sees our entire reality as one point of time past, present, and future. If you’re temporarily dead here then you’re seen as still alive from Heaven’s viewpoint. There’s no coming back to spill the secrets of the afterlife to everyone. Clearly no brain activity is taking place in a corpse, and a consciousness cannot reside in a dead body. Nor can our pure metaphysical or non-corporeal consciousness ever be shut down! Therefore it must be active somewhere that doesn’t include the afterlife. Paranormal research indicates that all frozen people who will come back to life someday are in fact Ghosts!

The most damning evidence of the ghostly frozen come from reports by those with Cryokinesis. People they froze in battle, or for other reasons, did indeed appear to haunt them in spirit! There are also suppressed reports from various Cryogenic Freezing companies who have had to hire paranormal professionals to consistently cleanse their facilities of ghosts. A cleansing process that proves to ultimately be futile as the ghosts are psychically linked to their bodies in the extreme.

The Frozen Congo Ghost
The most famous frozen ghost is The Congo Ghost. It’s the story of one of the first known cases of Cryokinesis in approximately the year 200 BC. A young tribesman discovered his Cryokinetic powers in a moment of anger against an attacking tribe. He inadvertently froze himself solid. As he was his own source of refrigeration there is nothing that could ever thaw him out. Not even hot lava! Magic was attempted at some point but it wasn’t strong enough. His people interpreted his state as a miracle, and he was kept in a temple hut for hundreds of years until an invading tribe stole him. They saw him as the tribes lucky charm, and as the source of their bad luck. They buried him deep in the Congo Rainforest never to be seen again. To this day he haunts those traveling through the forest. The ghost has been known possess a variety of jungle animals. Sometimes with violent results. Possession of people has also taken place but he can’t maintain it when the people are eventually taken away far from his frozen corpse. Various supernatural expeditions have attempted to locate the frozen Congo Ghost for the purpose of thawing via powerful magics. Clearly since he’s an active ghost it indicates that he will be unfrozen back to life someday.

The Metaphysical Price Of Being Frozen
If you’re planning on being Cryogenically Frozen then be sure you’re prepared for life as a Ghost for decades or even centuries! Most ghosts are formed by traumatic lives, and/or deaths. For a long time they are often in a confused state, and not sure what is happening to them. Some are more cognizant when their ghostly state comes from serious unfinished business, or an insane will to live. If you had an average life with a common cause of death then you will be quite aware of what is going on. Especially if you’re reading this article now!

Unfortunately you will be far more metaphysically chained to your body than a normal ghost. The longer they live the more likely they can break free of their haunted house, and eventually explore the world. The Earth itself being the ultimate haunted house! The facility your frozen form resides in will be your haunted house to which your spirit is tied secondary to your body. It will take a great deal of time, energy, and practice to break though the walls, and walk invisibly into the outside world. However the farther you stray from your body the weaker you will become. Even if you absorb enchanted energy sources like a standard ghost. You’re simply too anchored to a body that will be alive again someday. Venture too far, and you will be snapped back violently!  Plausibly a five miles radius is the furthest you could go. Unfortunately the unique state of the corpse put a cap on the freedom of Astral Projection.

If you choose to be frozen then decide if living the lonely life of a ghost for potentially centuries is worth being alive again. More than likely a life in the fantastical future when immortality is achieved thus allowing you to exist for thousands of years! If that is the case then it’s probably worth the hardship! All we ask is that you be kind in your possession of people, and animals. A fine art acquired by all long lived ghosts! Unfortunately you will most likely not remember your time as a ghost on the conscious level. However you will have dreams about it, and may eventually recover memories via sub-conscious retrieval techniques such as Hypnosis.

Another concern of being revived after cryonic death is the fact that your brain could be used in any number of science experiments. You could wake up to find yourself in an animal body, as a Frankenstein, or even as Robocop!

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