What Is An Autumn Nymph?

Autumn NymphAn Autumn Nymph is a low-level nature deity whose considered a localized Sub-Goddess of the Autumn season. Nymphs dwell upon the Earth as an invisible or ghostly metaphysical energy spirit. However, sometimes they may manifest in a physical human-like form to truly bond with nature, or interact with special humans. They exist physically more often in the Paradise Plane that is out of phase without our reality. Often a whirlwind of fall foliage is seen before the manifestation of these alluring Autumn Angels. She is the conscious personification of the Fall season who is responsible for directing Autumn in any given region assigned to her by the higher level Earthly Gods & Goddesses. Generally, Fall Nymphs work under the guidance of a full-fledged Autumn God or Goddess.  Although first, and foremost they feel a mystical bond with Mother Earth Goddess Gaia.

An Autumn Nymph is a creative artistic free spirit who uses nature as her canvas. She loves painting a kaleidoscope of colors across foliage flowing about the lovely landscape. The nature nymph enjoys directing iridescent leaves to gracefully flutter down through the sunlight in all manner of patterns.  Those who become mesmerized by particularly mystical looking leaf events can be relatively certain that an Autumn Nymph is in the vicinity.  Witches and other practitioners of magic that may call upon a Fall Spirit know such venues are the best place to practice their magic as the prime Autumn holiday of Halloween approaches. Some Autumnal spirits even get the privilege of personally serving Shala, The Queen Of Halloween. As the only known Angel-Demon Hybrid, she is the quintessence of the balance between Summer, and Winter that Autumn represents.  Under her direction, with the permission of higher Goddesses, a lucky Nymph may find herself as a temporary Halloween Nymph!

The Autumnal Duties Of A Fall Deity

The Autumn Nymph also directs a variety of nature nymphs, and fairies including her fellow sister nymphs of the wind to blow the fantastic flora about the ground creating a symphony of rustling sounds, and pretty patterns for humans to enjoy. These localized Goddesses of Autumn will speak to the animals via zoopathic powers and tell them it’s time to prepare for the coming snow and ice. The Nymph may aid young animals facing the coming cold, and potentially harsh weather for the first time.  She also works with winter, and summer nymphs to create a magical mix of weather conditions as the transition from summer to winter takes place.  With the aid of her sisters of nature, she creates Indian Summer as a final farewell to the season of warmth that gives way to first frosts that beckon forth winter.  The Autumn Spirit also takes on the responsibility of the harvest bringing Mother Nature, and human crops to maximum maturity.  Even before the Autumn Equinox Autumn Goddesses are contacting Moon Goddesses to provide a bright Harvest Moon so farmers can work in the fields at night.

How Are Autumn Nymphs Born?

Autumn Flora Falling In The Path Of An Autumn NymphAutumn Nymphs can come into existence through the collective consciousness of Gods and humans.  They can also be the children of other nymphs, or Gods along with Fall Fairies promoted to Autumn Nymph status. These Autumnal deities may also be supernatural beings who died, and their afterlife is to exist as spirits on Earth.  In addition, sometimes human beings who have a deep love for autumn can become beautiful autumn goddesses.  Many times these include witches and those who commune with the serene souls of nature.  In essence, skipping the normal human Afterlife in Heaven. Although after many thousands of years they sometimes choose to move on to the great higher dimensional beyond!

Human Interaction With Fall Nymphs

All Nymphs are amorous free spirits by nature and will take physical biological form if they see a human they find interesting.  If you find yourself being seduced by an extremely exquisite looking enchantress who has decorated herself with nothing but colorful leaves then she may very well be an alluring Autumn Nymph.  These gentle creatures are harmless, and you can feel free to indulge yourself without worry of supernatural repercussions.  However be aware that a Nymph-Human Hybrid may come to life.  Becoming a parent to a supernatural being is one way for humans to enter the wondrous immortal world of the paranormal!  At the least, you will gain Immortality and access to the Paradise Plane!

What Is A Fall Fairy?

Fall FairyFall or Autumn Fairies are considered Sub-Nymphs who work under the guidance of Autumn Nymphs. A Nymph is considered ready for ascension to complete Goddess status when she’s able to create a Fairy with her own two hands! From an artistic standpoint, they are the Nymphs painting brush. From a business view, they are micro-managers who handle a plethora of small enchanted environmental details along with directing various nature fairies in their area of operation.  In turn, these fairies may deal with other nature spirits, and even physical paranormal beings such as Leprechauns, or Elves.

What Are Autumn Elves?

Elves are the tiny custodians of the environment scurrying about rapidly just out of view of prying human eyes. They clean up and fix things with glee!  If you’ve ever wondered who the hell is piling up leaves in the woods, or the middle of nowhere, then an Autumn Elf is probably nearby with his little unbreakable wooden rake! If you find such a lil’ rake then odds are good the poor little fellow met his maker!  Plausibly at the hands of a nasty Gnome! Gnomes are notorious for kicking and scattering the Elves leaf piles to kingdom come out of spite! Realistically thousands of trees shedding leaves everywhere annually would cause several feet of leaves even with a decent rate of decay. It is the Fall Elves who are maintaining Mother Nature’s yard! Look for their little shoe prints among squirrel and chipmunk tracks.

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Are Tooth Fairies Real?

Tooth FairyTooth Fairies are indeed real, and the misconception of there being only one Tooth Fairy is false.  They are in essence a rogue union of capitalist fairies who meet a paranormal market demand. They know that baby teeth have magical value in various potions, and spells due to children possessing the unique magic of innocence. The same magic marshaled on Christmas, Easter, and even Halloween. So the Tooth Fairies met the need by becoming tooth scavengers.  They collect baby teeth that kids leave under their pillows, and in turn, leave an amount of money which is generally in the currency of the nation the child is in.  Although in the distant past they’d leave gold or silver. The amount is based on the condition of the tooth. In fact, some Tooth Fairies will leave a note praising the child on their tooth brushing habits to encourage further top-flight teeth. The whiter and brighter the better.

The teeth are then sold on the mystical supernatural black market, known as the Black Bazaar, to variousTooth Fairy sorcerers, wizards, warlocks, and witches.  They are generally paid in gold and silver.  The amount the Fairies receive for the teeth is far greater than what they leave for the kids.  So the business of baby teeth is quite profitable for these capitalist Fairies. The supernatural industry is made even more profitable due to parents leaving the money, and then throwing the tooth away because they don’t believe in the Tooth Fairy. The tooth is then retrieved by the Fairy free of charge since the parents left just compensation in their name.

Now you might be asking why don’t the Fairies just take teeth from the garbage, to begin with?  Especially from dentists offices. There are certain metaphysical laws set forth by Angelic, and even Demonic forces along with Earthly Nature Deities.  Basically, paranormal beings cannot take from an innocent child without permission or compensation otherwise they shall face certain undesirable repercussions.  Particularly when the teeth in question may be used for either good or evil. Tooth Fairies are constantly scouting family homes around the world watching, and waiting for children to lose their baby teeth. They’re waiting to see a tooth placed under the pillow, and whether or not the parents will do their job so they can get a free tooth thus boosting their profit margin.

You might also be asking what does a Fairy need with money?  Firstly, the collection ofMystical Guardian Garden Fairy gold, and silver is a status symbol among these type of Fairies in the same way it is with Leprechauns, and their magical lucky pots of gold. Secondly, Fairy gold and silver is imbued with lucky magic just like Leprechauns. It has magical properties that can be leveraged for power positions in the supernatural world. Thirdly, those collecting enough gold gain powers, and can eventually change their appearance temporarily so as to appear as a full-sized human rather than a hand-sized fairy. They then use their fortune to lead lives in the lap of luxury and exercise power in the human world of business, and even governments. These Fairies are not to be messed with and pose somewhat of a threat to various other paranormal powers jockeying for global domination.  Once at this point they generally give in to the forces of darkness and become demon-like! Some may even be in league with demons and become true Dark Fairies!

Despite Tooth Fairies lust for power, and profit most do care about the kids whose teeth they sell.  In fact, they originate from a line of Guardian Fairies designed by Gods & Goddesses to protect children. Unfortunately spending too much time around humans rather than Mother Nature & others of their own kind ended up warping some to become Tooth Fairies. Thankfully this instinct to protect kids stays with them! They’ve been known to defend children from dangers both normal & paranormal in nature.  Some eventually become disenchanted with the tooth collection game after several centuries in their immortal lives.  It’s not uncommon for them to return to life as Guardian Fairies looking after the welfare of children.  After thousands of years, they may ascend to become Tooth Nymphs, and possibly even Dental Gods & Goddesses!

The Tooth Fairy always appreciates recognition and enjoys reading letters written to them by children.  These are the kids who tend to be the most protected by Fairies!  The ones who end up having good luck in life!  In addition, it never hurts to compliment a Tooth Fairy because it warms their heart causing them to give more money, and start to rethink their profiteering ways!  #NationalToothFairyDay

Interesting Fact: Santa Claus won’t allow Tooth Fairies to enter North Pole City as they can’t guarantee they aren’t going to sell to someone who will has evil intent. Instead Elves collect the teeth and leave a lucky gold coin under the child’s pillow. The metaphysical energy within the teeth are then absorbed by the Spirit Of Christmas.🎄

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Strawberry Moon Werewolf Warning And Fairy Alert!

June brings us the sometimes rose tinted Strawberry Moon. A Full Moon not only named after its color but also due to June being a time for succulent strawberries harvested at their peak. The sometimes red tint of this Moon is a good thing unlike the nefarious Blood Moon of darkness. In this case, the crimson coloring can either be explained by the Moon’s low lying light refracting position on the horizon or strong localized Strawberry nymph and fairy activity. The metaphysical energies of this months Moon are controlled by various fruit goddesses in conjunction with lunar deities. These enchanted energies facilitate the ascension of minor deities to higher levels of existence. During the Witching Hour we quite often see Goddesses Gaia’s Paradise Plane phasing into our reality in deep rural areas. In these sacred paranormal places secret ascension ceremonies find Goddesses, nymphs, fairies, elves, witches, and other enchanted entities coming together in peaceful union with Mother Nature. Read The Rest On Our Paranormal Activity Forecast Blog…