Is Goddess Gaia Mother Earth Real?

mother-earth-gaiaYes, the Goddess Earth is real, and we live upon her body which is the planet herself.  When the Omniverse God created Earth and other complex life-bearing planets in our Universe, he was surprised to find that a soul spontaneously manifested in some cases.  This normally occurs once the planet is teeming with life and everything begins working in a clockwork symbiotic manner.  After over 4 billions years of our planet existing without a spirit, Mother Earth was finally born 252.28 million years ago as a sapient consciousness.  She became the very soul of Earth itself.  Unfortunately Gaia’s birth, and initial self-awareness, inadvertently caused the greatest mass extinction Earth has ever seen.  The Great Dying, or Permian–Triassic Extinction Event caused up to 96% of marine species and 70% of terrestrial species to become extinct thereby disrupting Gods evolution program.  Evolution being a pre-programmed software of sorts on the hardware of the Earth within God’s pure consciousness matrix.

God realized that the soul of the Earth was intertwined in its destiny so he re-programmed it to fit Gaia into the equation.  Later on, the Devil would hijack the evolution program again to create the dinosaurs and a race of sentient humanoid dinosaurs. The Devil also tried to bring Gaia into his web of deception but she would have no part in his intricate mind games.  Despite being more powerful than her he could not capture her for she was the very planet itself.  Mother Nature’s power would later surpass the Arch-Demon Devils abilities when God adopted her as his Heavenly daughter. She then joined the elite ranks of The Sons & Daughters Of The Omniverse God. Their power is third in line to the Omniverse Personifiers that include The Darkness!  However, this made the Devil even more determined to acquire her power for his own nefarious ends!

You can feel Goddess Gaia’s rage in earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and other violent natural phenomena.  This increases with each passing year as humankind, and also sinister supernatural beings, continue to destroy her holy vessel on which they live.  Mostly she neutralizes as many negative effects as she can in order to save the Earth and her very life. However mass deforestation, pollution, and the premature extinction of animal species continues courtesy of human hands. A price initially paid on every planet that evolves a sapient species of intelligent life!  Despite her fits of anger she has never been more weakened between the devastation of her surface and the lack of worship among humans.  The Earthly Nature Gods and Goddesses gain more power when human souls worship them, or even just believe in them.  This belief gives them access to the enchanted metaphysical and non-corporeal energy that souls can provide.  Unfortunately, in modern times we have the lowest belief level for the nature deities since monotheism, and even atheism have become king.

Thankfully Mother Earth is an immortal Goddess who has existed long before there were humans to worship her.  Gaia will never die even if Earth is destroyed.  If the Earth were destroyed it’s possible she could resurrect her planetary body.  She could also possess another planet or simply move into the Heavenly dimension above to take her place as one of God’s daughters.  In the end, though it’s unlikely she would allow her Afterlife plane of reality, The Paradise Plane, to perish for it’s anchored to the physical Earth. The Paradise Plane is a hauntingly beautiful haven for the spirits of all dead and extinct animal species along with being the realm of numerous nature deities under the guidance of Goddess Gaia.  She utilized time travel to ensure all the species that died before existence live on forever!  It’s plausible as a disembodied Goddess she could phase her metaphysical energy into a solid metaphysical matter form creating a new Super-Earth.  A planet of pure solid light energy where the immortal spirits of all life could live on for eternity in paradise. May everyone have an Enchanted Earth Day! [Twitter]

Does The Earth Have A Sister Planet?

Upside Down EarthYes the Earth does indeed have a sister planet!  A true “Sister Location” for anything is it’s antipode.  For instance the antipode of our location in Woodland Springs, Colorado is a hidden Mermaid civilization at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.  If we dug straight down into the Earth to the other side then that’s where we’d come out.  So Earth’s sister location would be a straight line to the other side of the Universe.  The Universe being a four dimensional hypersphere where Earth is a 3-D surface point.  If one could cut through space, and tunnel a Wormhole straight through the other side of the Universe they would find their true opposite location. Within said wormhole there would exist five dimensional hyperspace which is devoid of space, and time as we know it. Therefore we could travel to the end instantly! Even if it was trillions of light years away!

When we take a straight line from Earth into hyperspace to the exact opposite side of the Universe there just so happens to be a planet residing there teeming with plant, animal, and sentient humanoid life.  However in a Universe ruled by balance it’s not surprising there would be a similar planet in that location. Our source of this data is top secret, and temporal in nature. It has also been verified by top psychics, seers, and mystics in the underground supernatural community. Since the current hyper-circumference of the ever expanding 4-D Universe is approximately 4.8 Googolplex Light Years(current observable Universe is 292.17 billion light years), it would be impossible even with faster than light travel to get there through normal space.  Only cutting through hyperspace would get you there instantly. Regrettably such technology won’t exist for at least another 1500 years or so.

Still there are those who can feel the mystical connection between the life forces of each planet. The spirits of Earth, Goddess Gaia, and that of the sister planet. Plausibly creating some manner of quantum entanglement resulting in a paranormal porthole linking the two worlds. Thus far there are only rumors of such an enchanted entryway that could be hidden anywhere on Earth. This may be deep below ground, or even floating about the skies invisibly. Perhaps a small percentage planes, boats, and people who have gone mysteriously missing throughout history have accidentally fallen into the fabled porthole! Probably nothing on the scale of the notorious Bermuda Triangle! Thus far it’s location is cloaked by the awesome energies of Mother Earth’s Chakra’s.

The Ape And Elephant People Of Our Sister Planet
The sister planets name has no known translation into any Earthly language.  Although future humanity calls it ElphantoidTerra X-AP.  Our two planets have an energized supernatural symbiotic cosmic relationship that causes similarities between the two. Both our civilizations are at relatively the same technological level.  However on Terra X-AP two sentient species evolved nearly at the same time.  A humanoid race evolving from an ape like creature, and one evolved from an Elephant like creature complete with small trunk.  For a time the Elephant people ruled over the apes due to their larger size (average of 3 feet taller, and 300 pounds heavier than the ape people).  However the ape intelligence overcame this, and they ended up enslaving the Elephant people.  After many wars they finally came to coexist in peace, and live together in the various nations.  Unfortunately these nations still have their differences just as we do here on Earth.  The world of the supernatural also exists there with nature deities, vampires, werewolf like creatures, zombies, witches, and other paranormal beings like we have here on Earth. As humanity progresses to astronomical heights it’s almost assured that the proud elephant people, and our ape brothers will walk upon our planet someday just as we will upon theirs!

Why Hasn’t Some Disaster Destroyed The Earth?

Whether Natural Or Man Made Why Hasn’t Humanity Been Wiped Out?

Catastrophic Earthly DestructionWhen you think about it there’s so many things that could wrong in life, and it’s quite amazing how we as a species survive along with our planet!  Any number of astronomical phenomenon could destroy the Earth, or just the life upon it, in a number of ways including impacts, and radiation.  The most likely would be a major meteor strike.  Science has shown that Earth, and the Moon have been the victim of numerous impacts in the ancient past.  Clearly visible by the craters on the Moon while the Earth’s changing surface masks that battered past.  It’s quite convenient that hasn’t happened during humankind’s evolution to sapience but did destroy the dinosaurs.  Great beasts that would have threatened our mammal ancestors with extinction before our evolution.

In modern technological times the odds of destruction have increased exponentially. The plague threat was always present once large populations gathered together.  It’s even greater today with biological warfare, and genetic experimentation with viruses, and bacteria.  Genetically modified animals, and plants being released into the wild is also another threat to be worried about. There’s the catastrophic threat of nuclear destruction from weapons, or widespread contamination via vulnerable nuclear power plants.  As technology grows the odds will continue to increase exponentially with the potential for faulty nanobots destroying the world, or AI robots terminating humankind.  Eventually there will be a real invasion threat from Extraterrestrials as well.  This is the least of the paranormal threat as we include a plethora of powerful beings hiding in the shadows among us, and in other dimensions of reality ready to pounce upon us!  So why have we lucked out for so long?

Simply put we’re under the protection of higher dimensional Angelic forces guided by an Omniversal Lord.  A God who protects the integrity of certain parallel Universes to insure all scenarios he wishes to see come into play within this particular Multiverse.  He went through all the trouble of setting an evolutionary program into play, and the destruction of us, and/or the Earth wouldn’t make any sense.  This is one of the loopholes in the Supernatural Secrecy Pact.  Inference is allowed to protect the general existence of humankind, and Earth within a certain reasonable state.  Naturally said interference is kept secret from the non-paranormal populace.  Said Angelic forces often work indirectly through humans, and supernatural beings on this planet when applicable.  In addition Earthly God & Goddess (Celtic, Greek, Roman, etc.) forces have generally sought to protect humankind for the most part as well.  In fact they do a lot to keep this Earth together instead of spiraling out of control.  Especially when it comes to the weather, and other natural disasters.  On the other hand some of their kind are at times responsible for such things.

From everything we personally have learned as members of the paranormal community it seems our future destiny is to ascend as a society into higher dimensional Gods via technology, and the Omniverse God created evolution program already in play. To join with other sapient species in the Universe as One ascending higher dimensional force.  We conjecture that within the 5th dimension as 4-D creatures we will create one of the infinite levels of the Afterlife.  One of many parallel Afterlives in each of the complex dimensions above our own four dimensional space-time that is the foundation of our 3-D reality.  | See |

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