What Is Demonic Possession?

Dark Demonic PossessionIn general Paranormal Possession isn’t limited to Demons which are Fallen Angels.  All higher dimensional beings are capable of possessing a human, or animals mind.  Demons are simply the best at it, and most notorious for performing the act since they loath humanity out of jealously.  They truly enjoy tormenting people but the possession may serve a more nefarious purpose as well.  Often they are simply in need of some metaphysical fuel in the form of the human soul.  Basically a Demon is looking for someone who has a weak mind with little will power.  This is why the mentally ill are often targets.  Certainly a great many of the possessed are driven into madness, and institutionalized rather than getting the exorcisms they so desperately need.  An exorcism being a holy ceremony performed by a Priest for the purposes of expelling a demon from a persons mind, body, and soul.  Those in moral conflict are also tempting targets since demons are eager to corrupt humans.  Humans who are already evil are left alone for the most part unless the Demon feels they’re not working up to their full diabolical potential.  In some cases the possession is amazingly welcome, and the misguided individual may have devilishly prayed for it.

Demons scour the planet in what we would consider non-corporeal form searching for potential targets.  They do so to curry favor with their Archdemon master who seeks to further the dark cause of their ultimate Dark Master the Devil, and his higher dimensional Hell realm. The Demons final candidates are observed for quite some time before The One is chosen.  At that point they must neutralize the targets Guardian Angel which is in fact a humans already ascended five dimensional Angel self.  Since the dimensions above exist outside of time we’re already simultaneously in those various levels of the Afterlife.  Guardian Angels can only intervene under Heavenly direction, and their first directive is to prevent higher dimensional supernatural interference in humans lives.  First, and foremost demonic incursion.  As a 5-D being we’re all watching over ourselves in every four dimensional parallel Universe.  However one of our lives can go unnoticed among the trillions we lead parallel lives in.  Various mystical manipulations by the Archdemon Master can create a window of opportunity for his demon servant while the Guardian Angel is unaware.  This despite the fact that the Guardian Angel should already have memory of said life.  This is explained by the fact that things can change when higher dimensional beings start tinkering with things.  There may also be a Heavenly directive to not interfere for perhaps the possession is a holy test given to the person.  Especially if there is a chance they can be tempted into dark damnation.

Once the Guardian Angel is out of the picture slowly but surely the Demon begins to
psychically, and telepathically manipulate a persons brain beginning at the sub-conscious level.  This is when signs of odd behavior, and mental illness begin to manifest. The Demon must be especially careful not to bring about the attention of other Angels, or anyone who might be able to help the person in these early stages.  The pre-possessed individual will have hellish nightmares even if their dreams never had such things before.  These vividly real lucid night horrors are difficult to wake up from even with the victim realizing they’re dreaming. It will be like pulling themselves through molasses to regain consciousness!  The target may begin to experience insomnia as a result of their restless sleep that eventually becomes night terrors.  As ones mind is weakened the demon is given the red light by his Archdemon Master to posses the sub-conscious mind.  They are now technically inside a persons brain acting as an alternate personality of sorts.

From the sub-conscious they begin making incursions into the conscious mind causing the target to have black outs, or vivid daydreams of a nightmarish sort. Soon enough they take over the persons body pushing the possessed person into the sub-conscious as they watch in chilling shock like a back seat driver on a Kamikaze flight to Hell!  From their sub-conscious they will often fight back since access to ones sub-conscious gives them some level of power.  They return to control time, and time again with no memory of what happened.  Just a bad feeling something isn’t right.  This is similar to waking from REM sleep with no memory of our dreams.

The tug of war with the demon continues for some time before final possession takes place.  This is the time when the oddest behavior happens along with facial, and bodily contortions.  The eyes, including the whites, may randomly turn pitch black, completely white, gray, blood red, appear cat like, or even glow a variety of eerie unholy colors.  If the possessed person doesn’t get help in time then they become a permanent helpless back seat driver in their own mind.  Although some do return to control during brief windows of opportunity.  They may have a grasp of what is going on, and might try to get help.  Unfortunately they are almost always labeled mentally ill, and are never treated by a trained paranormal professional.  Those demons who gain 100% control will have mostly stable behavior since they don’t want to draw attention to themselves.  They quietly plot diabolical schemes to corrupt others, or partake of an Earthly mission on behalf of their Archangel master. For the most part Demons can only walk upon this Earth disguised as a human due to Angelic enforcement, and other higher dimensional enemies such as Earthly Gods, and even Jinn, aka unbottled Genies.

Particularity powerful demons, such as Arch-Demons, may in fact possess a person Demonic Levitationdown to the DNA level thereby making them a pseudo-demonic biological entity.  This can only last a brief time as it deteriorates the human form, and eventually leads to death. During this deep possession they will manifest powers such as levitation, telekinesis, hypnosis, and mind reading ability. If the demon were to mate with a human the resulting child would in fact be a first generation vampire.  If the female giving birth was the possessed party then all her bodily damage is healed by the developing vampire baby, and she becomes a Dark Immortal if the demon chooses to leave her body.

A Demon may attempt to push further down into a persons astral energy body, and try to possess their four dimensional soul.  This is the first soul on the first level of our Afterlife in the 5th dimension.  One of many 4-D parallel Afterlives.  Just acquiring one of these souls is considered an amazing victory for a demon as it affords more power to Hell.  Such a prize can net a standard demon the coveted Archdemon status.  Beyond that a demon can’t go much further without the Guardian Angel, and other forces of Heavenly light stepping in.  It’s rare but if an ascended human Angel is considered a borderline case then there have been reports of an orchestrated multiple demon attack to turn a persons 5-D soul demonic. If that occurs then the Demon who orchestrated it is guaranteed a seat at the ruling table of Hell with the Devil himself!

If you’re seeing the warning signs that point toward demonic possession then please immediately contact the nearest paranormal professional, demon expert, Exorcist, or Catholic Priest!  Don’t let the forces of evil gain another victory in the war against humankind!

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What Happens To The Parents Of First Generation Vampires?

What Happens To The Mortal Human Parents Of The First Royal Vampires?
Vampire RoyaltyThe first vampires came from a demon completely possessing a human to the DNA level, and then mating with another human.  This first generation of royal vampires are the only vampires to be born, and who can give birth to a limited number of offspring.  Otherwise the rest of the vampires on Earth are simply transformed humans drained of their blood to the point of near death when vampire blood was introduced into their bodies.  Blood containing the demonic based vampire virus that permanently transmutes their DNA into an immortal living dead form.  A frightening form that subsists off supernatural sanguine blood energy!

So this first generation of vampires born from humans, or even Neanderthals in many cases, have immortal lives that never end.  What becomes of their mortal parents?  Whether the mortal male parent was the one being possessed or simply the human DNA donor, the end result is almost always death!  If he was the possessed one then he dies not long after the non-corporeal demon leaves his body. Such a complete biological possession greatly degrades a biological body, and the demon eventually has no choice but to leave the unlucky human host.  Once the dark life force leaves it’s a matter of hours before the human dies. The only exceptions are prolific demonic worshipers who asked for the honor of possession, and who are deep into dark protective magics.  If he wasn’t the possessed party then he can stick around to raise his vampire spawn until it’s time for his mortal death.  In special cases the Dad could prove his usefulness over time, and possibly score a unique Dark Immortal status. However if the Father isn’t down with it then he’s generally offed by the demon possessed Mother since he served his only true purpose for her!

The female mother on the other hand gets a far better deal since she’s the one actually giving birth to a supernatural being.  Whether she’s the possessed party or not, the conception of a vampire child grants her immortality status along with enhanced physical, and mental abilities.  If not the demonically possessed one then she does not become a vampire, and is considered a rare Dark Immortal.  However during the pregnancy she will display temporary vampire traits such as glowing eyes, fangs, and cravings for blood.  As a Dark Immortal she will no longer have the ability to give birth ever again for all eternity.  She will be revered as an almost living God by vampires since her blood will supply the best healing sustenance to the living dead.

If the female is the one possessed by the demon then the combination of the dark DNA possession transformation combined with the immortal alterations of the unholy pregnancy grants her permanent eternal Demi-Demon status.  Although be it weaker than a true Demi-Demon birthed by a demon taking their own pure biological form, and mating with a human.  The vampire child growing within them stabilizes their new immortally transformed DNA, and heals any damage their bodies may have suffered from the paranormal possession.  As a Demidemon they will now not only permanently crave human blood but also the entirety of their flesh!  The demon who possessed them generally leaves as they have no urge to experience pregnancy, and childbirth.  Although if they’re a black sheep in Hell they might just adopt the Demi-Demon as their new permanent body.  In such cases the females consciousness is extinguished, and her essence dies.  In rare cases a split personality may exist if the Demon plans to leave the body every so often.  As with the Dark Immortal, Demidemons can’t have kids.

Unfortunately the vampire children of former demon possessed fathers will almost always grow up fatherless.  The Fathers are chosen based on the special DNA make-up that demons can sense within them. What that is nobody knows but it means most of the time the father is an unwitting victim of evil!  We’re not really sure what psychological implications the absence of a father could have considering that all this dark demonic energy naturally spawns evil intent.  In addition what could a human Father offer a powerful First Generation Vampire child?  Generally a demonic Godfather is appointed by the Demon who possessed the human to begin with.  A dark guide for the vampire child’s journey into eternal adulthood, and royal responsibilities.

Difference Between Angels, Fallen Angels, And Demons?

Angel And DemonAn Angel is a loyal Heavenly creation of God who dedicates their life to serving the Lord.  Namely the Omniverse God.  However an Angel can also be an ascended Human who attained Angelhood after dying.  An ascension that continues to their own Godhood in the infinite higher dimensions of Heaven.  Non-Human Angels were specifically created by God directly as his Heavenly sons, and daughters who in essence have a perpetual childhood, and live only to serve his Heavenly Kingdom. Human Angels were meant to grow into equal Gods themselves since the Omniverse God was once a biological being himself from another Omniverse.

A Fallen Angel is one who falls from Heavenly grace by placing something else first in their mind above God.  Generally something in the physical Universe where they end up manifesting themselves in a biological form.  Or it can just be themselves if a big ego develops, and they lust for power of their own. This is how the first Fallen Angel, and Demon, the ArchDemon Devil, was formed.  Some of the ancient Earthly gods were in fact Fallen Angels as well.  The Fallen Angel’s DNA lies somewhere in between that of an Angel, and Demon.   This Angel-Demon Hybrid state makes them stronger than even an Angel in biological form, and most certainly a Demon as well.  Luckily the Fallen Angel is a temporary creature as they are a transitional being headed for Demonhood.  If they don’t bring themselves back to being one with God they will be damned as a Demon for all eternity.

A Demon is an Angel who has not only left God behind but partakes of evil deeds in his quest for power, allegiance to the Devil, or simply for enjoyment.  A Demon has nothing but contempt for God, the Angels, and all his creations including humans.  In fact they hate humans most of all out of jealously since they are destined to ascend to Godhood. Once an Angel transitions into a complete Demon they gain a sub-conscious loyalty to the Devil as they once had for God.  It’s automatically programmed into their minds. Although there are many unholy temptations for an Angel to break his sire bond with God there are very few equivalent holy temptations that would allow for a Demon to return to Angelhood.  However it’s theoretically possible.