Are Imps Responsible For Knots Forming In Everything So Easily?

Are There Supernatural Creatures Tying Knots In Everything Along With Pilfering My Belongings?
ImpMany have wondered why so many things form knots seemingly out of thin air with such ease.  Whether it’s your archaic land-line phone cord, appliance cords, extension cords, miscellaneous wires, or cables, and even your own hair.  The truth is that much of the time these knots are created by beings invisible to human eyes due to them vibrating, and/or moving at a high rate of speed. In this case the culprits are the Immortal paranormal creatures known as Imps.  Imps are the lowest level of demons.  So low in fact that they are barely considered evil, and fall into the merely malicious category.  Hell barely acknowledges what they consider their pathetic existence! However some have been known to push the envelope in an effort to curry the favor of full fledged demons.

What Are Imps?
The origins of Imps appear to be a mating between fairies, and demons in the ancient history of Earth.  Despite being a Demon-Fairy Hybrid they display more demonic characteristics, and their DNA is more closely matched to the denizens of damnation.  They are only slightly bigger than a standard nature fairy yet much smaller than a Leprechaun.  Like fairies Imps have a general human like appearance except for the pointy ears, sinister looking eyes that often glow various colors, and sharp fangs that can barely be felt when they bite a human.  The more ancient, and powerful Imps also display small demon like horns on their upper forehead.  Imp bites only result in those random itches you get every so often. In some cases those supposed spider bites you wake up with are them as well!  Imp’s also have bat like wings which afford them fast flight about the night which is their favorite time to shine.  Flight that allows them to move at such supernatural speed that no human eye can catch them in their various nefarious acts.  One of which is tying everything they can into knots for no reason other than to annoy us humans.  They are also responsible for those small items you inexplicably lose for no reason.  Most certainly that sock missing from it’s pair after the laundry is completed!

Imps are jealous of humans since we apparently rejected their ominous overtures of friendship countless thousands of years ago.  Ancients lived in fear of many supernatural beings, and they had no interest in being friends with Imps.  Especially with all the pranks they pulled on humans for their own amusement! Imps are lonely creatures who oddly care not for the company of their own kind.  So they look to other beings for companionship which usually results in them acting as servants for magical beings which in some cases include human practitioners of magic.  For reasons unknown they crave being around humans more than anything.  Some Cryptozoologists have collected evidence that indicates they may act in a way similar to psychic vampires, and feed off human energy or emotion. Plausibly the emotions of confusion, and frustration as a human deals with a knot in their shoelaces, or contemplates what happened to their car keys.  They certainly seem to become more energized when they perform various malevolent pranks.  Pranks that sometimes gain the attention of The April Fool who some Imps see as a God.

Imps are one of the most common paranormal beings on Earth, and most people have no idea that they are all around us! There may be one in the room with you as you read this!  Thankfully you should be safe most of the time as they simply want to be near humans.  If this creeps you out then there are repellant measures you can take to keep them away from you, and your home.  The easiest are to use things that are known to repel all forms of demonic life.  This would include religious artifacts such as holy water, crosses, crucifixes, etc.  Having your house blessed by a priest would help as well.  Silver has also been known to deter Imps.  Experienced practitioners of magic can trap them in crystal balls, and crystals in general. Especially Quartz.  So most types of crystals lying about will make them nervous, and they may think twice about taking up residence in your house.  High level witches, warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers can also metaphysically send Imps to the Underworld where they belong.  If you actually see an Imp then you should be worried as they are purposely letting you see them.  Be especially worried if they communicate with you, and say they can grant you wishes.  This is a dire warning sign that they are in league with a Clurichaun, aka evil Leprechaun, or Demon, since an Imp doesn’t have such powers! Immediately contact your local Imp Trapper, Imp Slayer, or paranormal professional for help!

Why Do Some Evil Entities Need To Tell The Truth?

Can You Be Screwed Over By A Demonic Contract Or Genies Wishes?
Devil Forced To Tell TruthSome supernatural beings, including Demons, Clurichauns(Dark Leprechauns), and Genies, must tell the truth when making a dark deal with a human. Now of course there’s always negative consequences, and these diabolical denizens of darkness often twist words, and wishes for their own maniacal glee!  However in the Supernatural Secrecy Pact, a Universal agreement between Angels, Demons, and the Earthly Gods, dictates truth telling in various situations when dealing with humans, or other intelligence in the Universe. This means those who don’t have the ability to read higher dimensional minds.  In other words there wouldn’t be any point in a Demon lying to an Angel because they would know immediately it was a lie.  This truth clause is a way to provide fair balance in our paranormal reality.  The blasphemous being in question might be metaphysically bound against their will to tell the truth, or suffer some consequence. Most likely being eradicated from existence!

The Supernatural Secrecy Pact(SSP) wasn’t signed by other paranormal races, such as Demonic WishesJinn, but it will still be enforced if such entities are caught violating it. In addition caged Jinn, aka Genies, are bound to truth telling via their enchanted lamps, and bottles that are indirectly linked to the SSP via magics. Although Genies are notorious masters of twisting the truth to the maximum, without lying, thereby tricking their Masters if possible. One must always take care to craft their words precisely when making a wish to a Genie, or any other wish granting creature. Even in some cases good paranormal beings like Leprechauns who may simply be annoyed you captured them, or their gold, which then entitles you to lucky wishes!  When making a wish it’s always wise to state the word “wish” last after stating the specifics of what you want!  Otherwise they’ll cut you off, and fulfill the wish as is!

The requirement to tell the truth in certain situations such as contracts, and wishes falls upon related beings as well to an extent.  Those with demonic blood such as vampires are bound to tell the truth if asked directly what they are.  They also can’t make you a fellow member of the living dead without giving you the choice…at least on a subconscious level.  Unfortunately nothing stops them from blatantly attacking a human to drain them of blood, and extinguish their life from the planet!  All supernatural beings created directly or indirectly by the Earthly Nature Gods, and Goddesses fall under the SSP to some extent as well.  This includes Demigods, Nymphs, Fairies, Elves, Leprechauns, etc! If you suspect they’re paranormal in some way you can ask them point blank, and they must tell the truth!  You might ask why doesn’t the Pact truly protect humans, and all innocents from metaphysical harm?  Why even allow paranormal darkness to exist in the first place? Simply put Free Will is the foundational law of the entire Omniverse, and Macroverse!  The Omniverse God, A sapient Parallel Multiverse consciousness complex in which we exist, adheres to Free Will.  In addition, like all Gods, they live to play every mathematical life scenario possible within a certain reason that prevents more than a sapient soul can bear.

The bottom line is to always take care in all situation involving supernatural beings good or bad!  We 100% don’t recommend entering into a demonic contract, selling your soul to someone, or accepting Clurichaun wishes!  Genie wishes are a very bad idea as well!  If you choose to do so it’s up to you to precisely word your wishes, and interpret any dark contract.  It’s unlikely a human would have access to a paranormal lawyer versed in supernatural law but hiring such a person as your representative would be your best option! Although dark beings would most likely just say forget it under those circumstances!  In the general sense a metaphysical granter of wishes must tell you the minimal truth, and must answer you truthfully point blank if you ask a direct question!  So asking the right questions is key as well.  If you ask what happens to your soul if it’s sold to the Devil then he must tell you about the Hell you will be in for after you live your amazing life here courtesy of your wayward wishes!  In the end the short term gain just isn’t worth the long term risk!

What Is Demonic Possession?

Dark Demonic PossessionIn general Paranormal Possession isn’t limited to Demons which are Fallen Angels.  All higher dimensional beings are capable of possessing a human, or animals mind.  Demons are simply the best at it, and most notorious for performing the act since they loath humanity out of jealously.  They truly enjoy tormenting people but the possession may serve a more nefarious purpose as well.  Often they are simply in need of some metaphysical fuel in the form of the human soul.  Basically a Demon is looking for someone who has a weak mind with little will power.  This is why the mentally ill are often targets.  Certainly a great many of the possessed are driven into madness, and institutionalized rather than getting the exorcisms they so desperately need.  An exorcism being a holy ceremony performed by a Priest for the purposes of expelling a demon from a persons mind, body, and soul.  Those in moral conflict are also tempting targets since demons are eager to corrupt humans.  Humans who are already evil are left alone for the most part unless the Demon feels they’re not working up to their full diabolical potential.  In some cases the possession is amazingly welcome, and the misguided individual may have devilishly prayed for it.

Demons scour the planet in what we would consider non-corporeal form searching for potential targets.  They do so to curry favor with their Archdemon master who seeks to further the dark cause of their ultimate Dark Master the Devil, and his higher dimensional Hell realm. The Demons final candidates are observed for quite some time before The One is chosen.  At that point they must neutralize the targets Guardian Angel which is in fact a humans already ascended five dimensional Angel self.  Since the dimensions above exist outside of time we’re already simultaneously in those various levels of the Afterlife.  Guardian Angels can only intervene under Heavenly direction, and their first directive is to prevent higher dimensional supernatural interference in humans lives.  First, and foremost demonic incursion.  As a 5-D being we’re all watching over ourselves in every four dimensional parallel Universe.  However one of our lives can go unnoticed among the trillions we lead parallel lives in.  Various mystical manipulations by the Archdemon Master can create a window of opportunity for his demon servant while the Guardian Angel is unaware.  This despite the fact that the Guardian Angel should already have memory of said life.  This is explained by the fact that things can change when higher dimensional beings start tinkering with things.  There may also be a Heavenly directive to not interfere for perhaps the possession is a holy test given to the person.  Especially if there is a chance they can be tempted into dark damnation.

Once the Guardian Angel is out of the picture slowly but surely the Demon begins to
psychically, and telepathically manipulate a persons brain beginning at the sub-conscious level.  This is when signs of odd behavior, and mental illness begin to manifest. The Demon must be especially careful not to bring about the attention of other Angels, or anyone who might be able to help the person in these early stages.  The pre-possessed individual will have hellish nightmares even if their dreams never had such things before.  These vividly real lucid night horrors are difficult to wake up from even with the victim realizing they’re dreaming. It will be like pulling themselves through molasses to regain consciousness!  The target may begin to experience insomnia as a result of their restless sleep that eventually becomes night terrors.  As ones mind is weakened the demon is given the red light by his Archdemon Master to posses the sub-conscious mind.  They are now technically inside a persons brain acting as an alternate personality of sorts.

From the sub-conscious they begin making incursions into the conscious mind causing the target to have black outs, or vivid daydreams of a nightmarish sort. Soon enough they take over the persons body pushing the possessed person into the sub-conscious as they watch in chilling shock like a back seat driver on a Kamikaze flight to Hell!  From their sub-conscious they will often fight back since access to ones sub-conscious gives them some level of power.  They return to control time, and time again with no memory of what happened.  Just a bad feeling something isn’t right.  This is similar to waking from REM sleep with no memory of our dreams.

The tug of war with the demon continues for some time before final possession takes place.  This is the time when the oddest behavior happens along with facial, and bodily contortions.  The eyes, including the whites, may randomly turn pitch black, completely white, gray, blood red, appear cat like, or even glow a variety of eerie unholy colors.  If the possessed person doesn’t get help in time then they become a permanent helpless back seat driver in their own mind.  Although some do return to control during brief windows of opportunity.  They may have a grasp of what is going on, and might try to get help.  Unfortunately they are almost always labeled mentally ill, and are never treated by a trained paranormal professional.  Those demons who gain 100% control will have mostly stable behavior since they don’t want to draw attention to themselves.  They quietly plot diabolical schemes to corrupt others, or partake of an Earthly mission on behalf of their Archangel master. For the most part Demons can only walk upon this Earth disguised as a human due to Angelic enforcement, and other higher dimensional enemies such as Earthly Gods, and even Jinn, aka unbottled Genies.

Particularity powerful demons, such as Arch-Demons, may in fact possess a person Demonic Levitationdown to the DNA level thereby making them a pseudo-demonic biological entity.  This can only last a brief time as it deteriorates the human form, and eventually leads to death. During this deep possession they will manifest powers such as levitation, telekinesis, hypnosis, and mind reading ability. If the demon were to mate with a human the resulting child would in fact be a first generation vampire.  If the female giving birth was the possessed party then all her bodily damage is healed by the developing vampire baby, and she becomes a Dark Immortal if the demon chooses to leave her body.

A Demon may attempt to push further down into a persons astral energy body, and try to possess their four dimensional soul.  This is the first soul on the first level of our Afterlife in the 5th dimension.  One of many 4-D parallel Afterlives.  Just acquiring one of these souls is considered an amazing victory for a demon as it affords more power to Hell.  Such a prize can net a standard demon the coveted Archdemon status.  Beyond that a demon can’t go much further without the Guardian Angel, and other forces of Heavenly light stepping in.  It’s rare but if an ascended human Angel is considered a borderline case then there have been reports of an orchestrated multiple demon attack to turn a persons 5-D soul demonic. If that occurs then the Demon who orchestrated it is guaranteed a seat at the ruling table of Hell with the Devil himself!

If you’re seeing the warning signs that point toward demonic possession then please immediately contact the nearest paranormal professional, demon expert, Exorcist, or Catholic Priest!  Don’t let the forces of evil gain another victory in the war against humankind!

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