Why Are Today’s Musicians, And Actors A Mere Shadow Of The Past?

skull-musicSome have wondered why music from past decades seems generally superior to present day along with the actors being rather lackluster.  At least for those of us who are in an “awake” mode not brainwashed by the mainstream media, and entertainment culture.  For us we clearly see that most of today’s talent are given all manner of help to make up for their lack of talent, and charisma through technology, media hyping, and even magical means.  The reason for this lies in the fact that a certain faction cannot have celebrities speaking out against the current system that rules the world. and uses entertainment media to spread forth their cultural changing agenda.  The system being the New World Order run by the demon worshiping plutocratic elites known as the Illuminati.  This small group of billionaires controls the governments, economy, and media of the world through their banks, and corporations.  Once their grip on Hollywood, and all of the mainstream entertainment industry was complete they purposely suppressed real talent which is very rare these days due to the dumbing down of our society along with the poisoning of our food, water, and air causing a general genetic degradation with each passing generation. Even if real talent is allowed to flourish they can be taken down at any moment if they don’t do the bidding of the powers that be.

So the entertainment industry, including demons, look for mediocre talent, and desperate wannabe’s vulnerable to the lure of fame, and riches.  They especially like people who are rather brainless in nature.  In exchange they must sell their soul directly to the Illuminati and/or the Devil himself in order to make it big.  From that point they are expected to always support the liberal politicians who aren’t actually liberal especially considering how they support wars, human rights violations, and the general loss of civil rights.  Democrats, and those in positions of power identifying themselves as liberals tend to press the pedal to the medal when it comes to the destruction of society.  However Republicans, and so called conservatives, aka neo-cons, come in a close second.  They’re both actually globalist corporatist imperialists despite their cloak of democracy, and even sometimes socialism.  Those who speak out as conservative, or even genuine liberal, that shed light upon a New World Order interest including key points in the government, economy, or society in general are promptly blacklisted, painted as being looney, or even evil.  So next time you hear the nauseating sounds of Justin Bieber on the radio, or witness the less than stellar presence of Ashton Kutcher on TV you can thank the billionaire elites, and the Devil himself.

Do Wicked Witches Have Green Skin?

Are there witches with green, or grey skin along with warts, insanely long hook noses, facial deformations, glowing eyes, and even claws?  Yes it’s true that such witches exist.  When anyone delves deep into the dark magics they are almost always calling upon demons for power.  This infuses the body with demonic energy which begins to warp the human form that is a gift from holy beings.  The longer a witch or warlock practices their devilish darkness the more their appearance leans toward the demonic in form.  Those witches of nefarious intent who are able to prolong their lives past the normal human lifespan are usually the ones who appear the most hideous.  This is the price one pays for dealing with the Devil, and his demonic minions for the purposes of unholy power.  However they can magically Glamour themselves to appear strikingly beautiful.  This temporary illusion has fooled many into undesirable situations with these despicable creatures.

As a witch or warlock heads down the dark road to Hell their hair will turn jet black, if not already gray from old age.  The hair will always retain some black, and will never go fully free of melanin.  The evil ones skin will grow quite pale in color.   If they have darker ethnic skin then we don’t see much change at this stage.  Next their skin will begin to grey signifying the death of their soul.  Green indicates full servitude to the dark lord of the netherworld in the dark dimensions beyond our own.  By this time the warts, and other skin conditions, will start to appear as the hook nose forms, and the face becomes gradually deformed.  These hideous features extend throughout the body.  One of the final traits is the growing of claws in place of their fingernails, and toenails.  In addition eyes glow on all witches, good or evil, when they are in the midst of conjuring up some major magics.

There can be a wide variation on the combination of these physical features based on genetics, especially if they’re a hereditary witch, what they choose to hide through Glamour spells, and what other efforts they might partake of if they don’t want to evolve into a disgusting wretch of a witch.  Clearly the first image on the left is of an old hag who could care less about her appearance.  The second one on the right has managed to magically keep her beauty while sporting the tell tale sign of demonic green skin.  Also black hair doesn’t always mean evil.  Someone could naturally have black hair, and be into the white magics.

Hot White WitchI myself am a good witch, or at least I fancy myself one, and we generally get more beautiful so as long as we don’t over do it, and wear out our bodies.  Of course there’s also the fact that our magic tends to not be as powerful as those deep into black magic.  Who would subject themselves to deformation of body, and soul without the promise of great power?  Those who practice the white arts for a long time with moderation tend to look very healthy.  They usually have excellent figures despite eating what they please due to the healing energies that infuse within them along with a high metabolism.  Due to the magical metabolism even the evil witches will not grow to obese levels.  The lovely locks of the white witch will tend to gravitate away from the darker shades.  Many good witches have blond, or red hair even if they’re of non-Caucasian decent.  However some might magically dye their hair.  Practicing magic for the purposes of goodness, and fighting the forces of supernatural evil can bring many rewards including the gift of Goddess like beauty of a bewitching nature.  Those choosing to serve evil will find the punishment of being repelled by ones own mirror image.  No matter what steps they take to appear alluring the mirror will never lie to them or anyone else.  So if you’re suddenly the center of attention for a lusciously lovely individual please check out their image in a mirror before proceeding into intimate territories with them. 😉

What Is The Average Temperature Of A Haunted House?

haunted-houseGhost Hunters always carry a digital thermometer as a general guide to gauge paranormal activity around them.  Believe it or not the average temperature of a haunted house, or any other structure, is a respectable 66.6ºF even if the furnace is running.  When an entity directly interacts in the vicinity the temperature will drop drastically depending on the power of the entity whether it be a human ghost, poltergeist,  demon, or some other higher dimensional being.  These beings pull energy from the general area causing air molecules to slow down thereby lowering the temperature.  A simple ghost can take the temperature down to freezing while more powerful entities of evil may drop it to 0ºF or lower.  One thing is for sure.  If your digital thermometer hit 66.6ºF or 19.22ºC then chances are good that you’re in a haunted house.

Ultra power demons can have an opposite effect, and the place can actually get hot as hell.  Well maybe not that hot but if your digital thermometer reads 150.88ºF or 66.6ºC then it’s time to get the heck out of that house.  Not only because you’ll be damn uncomfortable but really because a demon is afoot!  In some cases the house will erupt into spontaneous flames.  Never take on a demon alone.  Call your local demon hunter or exorcist for help.

Did Biological Demons Ever Walk The Earth, And Are They Related To Reptilian Aliens?

demonYes they walked the Earth in abundance millions of years ago, and now rarely walk the Earth in present times.  In modern times the raising of a Demon from non-corporeal Hell into biological form on Earth is big deal, and requires major mojo.  It’s usually kept a big secret because Angels, and other forces of good would swoop in to stop it from happening.  It’s said that the Devil himself will translate into a biological form to father the infamous Anti-Christ.  Such a summoning ceremony will be the biggest event the forces of evil on Earth have ever seen.  These magical ceremonies must be done by evil inhabitants of our physical reality because magical barriers created by Angels exist to keep Demons in the 5th dimension.  However this wasn’t always the case, and a fair amount still managed to possess humans on their own.  In the far past before humans existed demons ruled over the Earth.

During the Cretaceous Period of the Mesozoic Era some 65 million years ago amid the dinosaur animals a sentient bipedal humanoid reptile being appeared out of the evolutionary soup.  They are known as Dinosauroids, and they were in fact the first intelligent species to evolve on Earth thereby making us humans the second.  The Devil knew of Gods plans to create humans, and that he was preparing the Earth for their arrival over time so future scientists would see that everything looked natural.  God didn’t want any evidence of his creation because he wanted to see what humankind did without his influence.  Evolution is actually an intricate program in Gods pure thought matrix mind rather than being a random process.  The Devil hacked the evolution program, and caused the evolution of dinosaurs.  God chose to ignore the Devils transgression  and thought they’d make interesting curiosities.  However the Devil hacked Gods matrix again, and inserted an intelligence program causing the creation of the Dinosaur People aka Reptilian People.  These Reptilians didn’t have demonic DNA just as humans don’t have Angelic DNA.  Although the Reptilians souls were born as demons in hell just as human souls are born as Angels in Heaven.  So they were a race of damned souls.  In addition to that several Demons, and ArchDemons took direct biological form with complete demonic DNA, and walked among their people as royalty. They blended right in as they looked reptile like as well.  The Devil, and his inner circle stayed in Hell keeping a low profile since Angels were after them.

The Devil took great delight, and pride in his intelligent creations boasting that he had created his own race of biological sentients before God.  So they existed for thousands of years on super continent Pangaea  and the Dino society advanced to a level many hundreds of years beyond ours.  They even began to colonize space, and travel to other star systems.  They also lived on Mars which was somewhat Earth like at the time but with mostly deserts.  The Reptilians naturally followed a Devil based religion, and were devoid of morals.  God considered them an abomination on his paradise Earth so he sent an asteroid to Earth that fell as the infamous meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs.  A great deal of the Devil’s people along with the biological demons were destroyed as well.  Those that survived lived underground since the Earth was a dark dust polluted void.  Eventually they all moved to Mars.

Despite Mars being a dying planet God sent forth another meteor killing more Dinsauroids.  Eventually they became space nomads who finally settled in the Andromeda Galaxy where God left them alone.  They still exist there to this day but a group returned to Earth thousands of years ago with a plan to join human elites in an Armageddon to reclaim the planet for the Devil, and his demons once again.  These are the Reptilian Aliens who now walk among us in nefarious league with the secretive Illuminati of the New World Order.