Did Hitler Create A Race Of First Generation Vampires?

Demonically Possessed Adolph HitlerOur latest supernatural intelligence indicates that Hitler indeed fathered one of the last known sets of first generation vampires.  The first generation of vampires was formed by a demon so completely possessing a human that the DNA was altered.  They then mate with a human, and a first generation vampire is born.  This first generation can sire one child in their eternal lives if they mate with their own kind.  Other than that all subsequent vampires are a result of other vampires nearly draining a human of their blood, and introducing their own blood containing the demonic vampire virus.

From our viewpoint Adolph Hitler was nothing but a nutty Nazi of evil, and guess what?  He really was.  He started out as a lazy boy with a huge ego who lived in a fantasy world.  After his infamous rejection from art school he added deep depression to the mix.  All these factors made him vulnerable to deep demonic possession.  He made the mistake of seeking out a local dark witch named Helgatha.  He believed her magics would elevate him to the status of greatness he thought he deserved.  Instead she used him as a vessel to summon the top demon she worshiped in order to gain her magical powers.  The demon in question was named Balthazar.  During what young Hitler thought was a ceremony to bring him good luck, and power he instead took a back seat in his mind, and became an observer as the dark Demon Balthazar took command of his body, mind, and soul.  This then became the truly evil Hitler we know from history.  It was Balthazar, and not really Hitler committing the atrocities of Nazi Germany.  However for such a deep possession to last so long Hitler had to agree to what was happening so it’s safe to say he would have done the same things.  Although Hitler alone didn’t have it in him to rise to such power.

Balthazar Hitler fathered two secret twins with Eva Braun sometime in the early 1930’s.  The pregnancy was hidden by a spell cast by Helgatha the witch.  These twins were brother and sister first generation vampires.  They in turn had one male child who would be considered a first generation vampire as well.  The intent was for Balthazar to create his own personal race of first vampires as he wanted to make a power play for Earth in the future of the Armageddon end times.  He then fathered a second secret vampire child with Eva so the lone male could mate with her.  It took a great deal of magic to make sure the sex was female but it worked.  Although Eva attempted to commit suicide a number of times as she was going mad from the demonic pregnancies.  Also her body couldn’t take anymore supernatural births.

So the two vampires mated, and had a female.  Balthazar was angry that none of his offspring were having twins to continue the cycle since a female first generation vampire can only have one pregnancy.  He sought another female human who was worthy, and willing but he couldn’t locate another.  The witch Helgatha also indicated that Hitlers body was starting to degrade, and the odds of fathering more children was slim.  In a rage Hitler killed the witch who didn’t have the power to keep his body strong.  He was at least satisfied that his first generation vampires were transforming humans into second generation vampires, and they in turn third generation.

As he felt his ties to Hitlers mind slipping away he prematurely attempted to take over the world by starting World War II.  He was sure he could seize all of Europe, and then use it as a platform to make the Earth his.   The very demonic worshiping plutocratic elites that aided in his rise to power, without even knowing he was demonically possessed, then worked to bring him down since they were only loyal to the Devil himself.  Balthazar had a huge ego like Hitler, and wanted to be his own Devil.  Near the end of the war Hitler’s mind degraded greatly, and became quite unstable forcing Balthazar to relinquish him, and return to Hell where he was greeted by an angry Devil.  Now a deeply mentally ill Hitler was back in control, and he went even madder trying to win the war.  In the end, as allied forces closed in, he, and Eva committed suicide.  Although rumors indicate it was actually their body doubles, and a Hitler cult of Balthazar’s disciples swooped in to whisk the couple away.

All available evidence points to the Hitler first generation vampires still existing to this day.  It seems they made peace with the first generation vampires who rule over the Kingdom Of Vampires.  Some think they are merely biding their time until Balthazar and/or Hitler returns!  This means there could yet be another faction vying for power in the great battle of Armageddon.

Are Imps Responsible For Knots Forming In Everything So Easily?

Is There A Supernatural Explanation For Knots Magically Appearing In All Manners Of Wires, Cords, Laces, Etc.?

ImpMany have wondered why so many things form knots seemingly out of thin air with such ease.  Whether it’s your land-line phone cord, appliance cords, extension cords, miscellaneous wires, or cables, and even your own hair.  The truth is that much of the time these knots are created by beings invisible to human eyes due to them vibrating, and moving at a high rate of speed.  Immortal paranormal creatures known as Imps.  Imps are the lowest level of demons.  So low in fact that they are barely considered evil, and fall into the merely malicious category.  However some have been known to push the envelope in an effort to curry the favor of full fledged Hell demons.  Such favors can include horrible things like switching babies at birth.

What Are Imps?

The origins of Imps appear to be a mating between fairies, and demons in the ancient history of Earth.  Despite being a Demon-Fairy Hybrid they display more demonic characteristics, and their DNA is more closely matched.  They are only slightly bigger than a fairy yet much smaller than a Leprechaun.  Like fairies Imps have a general human like appearance except for the pointy ears, sinister looking eyes that often glow various colors, and sharp fangs that can barely be felt when they rarely bite a human.  Such bites only result in those random itches you get every so often.  They also have bat like wings which afford them fast flight.  Flight that allows them to move at such speed that no human eye can catch them in their various malicious acts.  One of which is tying everything they can into knots for no reason other than to annoy us humans.  The more ancient, and powerful Imps also display small demon like horns on their upper forehead.

Imps are jealous of humans since we apparently rejected them many thousands of years ago.  Ancients lived in fear of many supernatural beings, and they had no interest in being friends with Imps who mistakenly thought that pulling pranks on us would endear themselves to humans.  Imps are lonely creatures who oddly care not for the company of their own kind.  So they look to other beings for companionship which usually results in them acting as servants for magical beings which in some cases include human practitioners of magic.  For reasons unknown they crave being around humans more than anything.  Some Cryptozoologists have collected evidence that indicates they may act in a way similar to psychic vampires, and feed off human energy or emotion.   They certainly seem to become more energized when they perform various malevolent pranks.

Most people have no idea that Imps are all around them, and they are one of the most common paranormal beings on Earth.  There may be one in the room with you as you read this.  Thankfully you should be safe most of the time as they simply want to be near humans.  If this creeps you out then there are repellant measures you can take to keep them away from you, and your home.  The easiest are to use things that are known to repel all forms of demonic life.  This would include religious artifacts such as holy water, crosses, crucifixes, etc.  Having your house blessed by a priest would help as well.  Silver has also been known to deter Imps.  Experienced practitioners of magic can also trap them in crystal balls, and crystals in general.  So most types of crystals lying about will make them nervous, and make them think twice about taking up residence in your house.  High level witches, warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers can also send Imps to the Underworld where they belong.  If you actually see an Imp then you should be worried as they are purposely letting you see them.  Be especially worried if they communicate with you, and say they can grant you wishes.  This is a dire warning sign that they are in league with a Clurichaun, aka evil Leprechaun, or Demon.  Immediately contact your local Imp Trapper, Imp Slayer, or paranormal professional for help!

Can Demons Mate With Humans?

DemidemonYes demons have been known to procreate with humans.  A human completely possessed by a demon is what created the first generation of vampires.  The only generation to be created by birth. Vampires are considered to be quarter demons. A demon can also take biological form, and conceive a hellish human-demon hybrid which is better known as a demidemon.  These deceptively beautiful immortal creatures hide a vicious evil within them that makes vampires look like Sunday school teachers.  Rather than merely drinking human blood they monstrously devour entire humans whole all the way down to the bones with their multiple razor sharp fangs.  It’s considered a demonic sacrifice that increases their magical powers.  To learn more about these rare beings of the dark please continue reading our extensive article here