Why Are Haunted Houses So Cold?

Why Do I Feel A Chill Around Ghosts & Poltergeists?

Haunted HouseOne of the signs of a haunting non-corporeal presence in our reality is the quintessential temperature drop, or even that momentary chill we feel. Certainly if you’re suddenly seeing your breath in what you thought was a warm room then we suggest leaving the building immediately! Of course always check to make sure the air conditioning didn’t just switch on. Ghosts, and poltergeists, generally draw energy from the general environmental vicinity they are attempting to materialize in.  This includes siphoning thermal heat energy in the area the ghost is manifesting in.  As thermal radiation is drawn from the environment air molecules slow down causing the temperature to drop rapidly.  Depending on the strength of the haunting source there is the dangerous potential to reach Absolute Zero! Thankfully this is something only seen in powerful poltergeists, and demonic entities.

The average ghost generally only brings the temperature down to slightly below freezing if they’re in an area for a decent length of time.  Since ghosts usually only stay in one room of a building for a short period the temperature may not get below 50 Fahrenheit.  Clearly when we’re talking about the outdoors, or well ventilated rooms in the summer, the temperature drop will not be as significant.  If the thermostat reads the room being warm but you’re suddenly deathly freezing then there’s a chance something is attempting to possess you!  Any higher dimensional being, including an advanced energized ghost, can take over your mind, and body against your will!

Can Ghosts Produce Heat?

As mentioned previously powerful paranormal non-corporeal’s such as Demons can bring Demonic Hauntingtemperatures down to deadly below zero temperatures.  Even halting all air molecule movement unintentionally, or on purpose to give us Absolute Zero.  However such extra powerful entities with higher dimensional power roots can in fact dangerously heat up the environment as well.  A demon can easily bring a room to the boiling mark within seconds.  A sudden massive heat increase is a gravely dangerous sign that indicates something far beyond a ghost.  Even an extremely angry ghost probably couldn’t exceed the room temperature much past 120 Fahrenheit. And that is a very rare occurrence. Most of the time massive increases in thermal radiation indicate a very active demonic presence, and hellish unholy flames could spark forth at any moment!  Exiting the facility, and contacting your nearest ghost hunter, paranormal investigators, exorcists, or high level witch is the safest course of action. Ironically in some cases burning the place down is the best course of action, and will prevent any further demonic infestation if one chooses to rebuild.  Just be sure to have a real Priest bless the flames holy for a complete cleansing of the grounds.  A continued blessing of the fire hose to insure only holy water is used to put out the flames is another extra layer of protection for the future.

What Happens To Mother Earth If Demons Win Armageddon

Can Goddess Gaia, The Very Soul Of Our Planet Earth, Be Turned Into A Vampire?  Or Demi-Demon  Or Demon-Goddess Hybrid?

Demonic Vampire EarthIf Demons win the final ultimate War Of Armageddon then then the demonic collective consciousness ,dictated by the Devil, will be freed to corrupt, and possess Goddess Gaia the soul of our planet.  Then her spirit will turn demonic, and she will become a demonic Goddess whose personality will turned to the dark side.  Thankfully she has a soul in higher planes of reality just as humans do so her ultimate fate is not that of evil under this scenario.  Her demonic transformation will result in the physical Earth becoming a place of Hellish darkness.  All water in oceans, rivers, and lakes will transform into unholy crimson blood.  Unholy Lava will continuously erupt from millions of volcanoes creating hot molten rivers of destruction.  The Holy Sun will be filtered out by the ungodly dark smokey atmosphere.  It will become a dim Unholy Light that is an eerie Ultraviolet color like that of a black light causing most things to glow in a spooky way.  The Moon will be a permanent blood red exuding the maximum unholy light at night. It will be the only Heavenly body seen on Earth.  The air will become more sulfur than oxygen, and stink of rotten eggs.  Violent storms will take place around the world.  Storms of stinging sulfuric acid, and demonic blood with ground shaking lightening that will light thousands of unholy fires every minute!

Snow & Ice at the poles, in the Tundra, high alpine areas, and in seasonal winter areas will cease to exist as the temperature at the Equator hits 666 degrees Fahrenheit.  Why Fahrenheit?  Just the Devil’s joke, and supernatural beings have always gone with human measurements since they have never delved into science.  In addition 666 Celsius would be too hot for many of the modified lifeforms since such heat would radiate to the rest of the planet.  So the Equatorial regions will become a true vision of Hell on Earth full of barren rock, hot lava flows, and unforgiving acidic sanguine storms.  While the Poles would be extreme alien like tropical regions.

All life will be transformed to demonic based creating a Hell paradise for biological demons Hell On Earthwho will escape Hell to claim their unholy terraformed planet. Most would think that most humans would die during the Apocalypse.  However demons want to claim humans for themselves so most will be possessed as play things, or turned into vampires.  Those with darkness dwelling in their hearts will get the gift of Demidemon status.  Other humans will be demonically modified just enough to barely survive on Earth as slaves to be tortured, and humiliated.  Some lucky humans will escape the Hell by fleeing into cooler underground caverns where technology will create adequate oxygen supplies as they grow crops under artificial lighting to survive.  However such humans must take care that their cave doesn’t go so deep as to enter into the Underworld.  There will be a plethora of openings to this physical inner Earth Hell releasing all manner of blasphemous behemoths upon the world including the deadly Manticores, and countless Dragons as well!

All the Earthly Gods (Celtic, Greek, Roman, etc) will either have fled, transformed into Demonic minions, or simply be extinguished from existence.  The various other supernatural beings of darkness will fit right in while those that are of the light may lurk in the shadows, and wreak havoc where they can as the demons currently do.  Shala Queen Of Halloween is a Demon-Angel Hybrid who would no doubt lead the insurrection to restore the balance between good, and evil.  Her Halloween Island would be one of the few supernaturally cloaked places that the forces of good could retreat to if she allowed it.  Meanwhile anti-churches of demon worship would dominate the planet as everyone would be forced to bow before the Devil, or face his wrath!

Unholy Anti-Church EntranceThe Demi-Angel Santa Claus would no doubt flee his North Pole City due to it being overrun by Demons along with it’s protective ice walls melting.  In addition all good magic would be severely weakened thereby ending the cloaking spells that hide many supernatural locations of good on Earth. It’s also said that Santa’s evil twin brother, the Demi-Demon Anti-Claus, could have the power to transform him into a Demi-Demon as well just as an Angel win on Earth could give Santa the power to change the Anti-Claus back to his original form as a Demi-Angel. When asked about the potential nightmare about the Devil winning Armageddon Santa has said,”I would stay, and fight no matter how hopeless the cause of justice seems!  I would never give up on humankind as I pray profusely for the Angels to regroup their forces in order to end such a nightmare!”

Hopefully this will never happen but there are so many unpredictable supernatural factional wildcards in play here.  Unfortunately it seems that the God of the Omniverse(All parallel Universes, and Multiverses) likes to play out mathematical probabilities since that’s what Gods do.  So he’s left the Angels in charge of the forces of good while he takes a neutral stance.  Ultimately though when people die they still go to Heaven which is a protected realm of God allowing humans to eventually ascend to their own Omniversal Godhood status.  A demonic Hell ridden Earth would simply be something for people to experience, and perhaps learn something from.  What I’m not sure!  It would certainly not be the end for us!  Although the Devil has spoken of his dream to possess the Omniverse God, and turn everything to diabolical darkness!  We are confident that would be nearly impossible!

What could you do if trapped on such an Earth? Believe it or not the sudden shock of the real world of the supernatural revealing itself along with a surge of planetary paranormal energies would open up some power potential in those who know what to do.  Those with borderline psychokinetic powers might finally manifest them, and then could fight in the rebellion of good.  However if you manifest no powers, and you’re looking to escape then Astral Projection would be the best shot for the average individual.  In the new metaphysical climate of a Hell Earth you would be able to advance to the point of being able to permanently leave your biological body, and live in your Astral energy body free to go anywhere in the Universe, and beyond you’d like.  You would eventually have the power to manifest in a physical form made of pure light like that of a Traveler.  Something rarely accomplished currently on Earth.  You might eventually even figure out how to build a biological form using your pure energy body as a foundation.  Maybe start a new life in a parallel Universe.  Click Here For More Information On Astral Projection Or Learn From An Astral Master Now!

A future article will discuss an Angel win for Earth, and the paradise of perfection that would ensue.

Original Movie Prop – Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Johnathan’s Demon Armor and Wings

What Is A Demi-Dragon?

Do Half-Human Half-Dragons Exist?

Demi DragonA Demi-Dragon, or Demidragon, is a Dragon-Human Hybrid that looks like a scaly humanoid reptile dragon.  In essence a sapient heavy set bipedal Dragon man or woman who can be between 9, and 12 feet tall weighting in at 1-2 tons.  These titans of terror have razor sharp teeth, wings to take flight, and can blast forth limited quantities of scorching hot unholy fire from their mouths.  It depends on how much fresh meat they’ve eaten recently.  Meat that can be any biological entity including humans which they can devour in mere minutes even faster than a Demi-Demon!  Realistically as with Werewolves once you see a Demidragon you’re most likely already dead!  They can run at speeds topping 100 miles per hour, and rip you in half like a dry twig.  Thankfully these horrifying nightmarish monsters are beyond rare, and the odds of you coming across one are astronomical.  Most of them are currently thought to exist in the Underworld.

A Demi-Dragon is formed when a Weredragon in their dragon, rather than human, form procreates with a real dragon.  Besides another dragon a Weredragon is the only other supernatural species than can mate with a dragon besides a biological Demon in the flesh.  A Demon-Dragon mating merely yields a fire breathing demon but most demons have that power anyway unless they’re weakened in some way. A Demidragon born from a female Dragon is always larger than one born from a female Weredragon.  Also one born from a Weredragon has more of a human like face while one born of a dragon is more monstrously reptile like in nature. Once a Weredragon female becomes pregnant she remains in Weredragon form for the term of the pregnancy regardless of exposure to holy sunlight.  A Weredragon with Demi-Dragon child is pregnant for two months before birth while a Dragon with the same child comes to term in less than a month.  Most Weredragons who return to human form have no memory of being pregnant, and are shocked when approached by their Demidragon child.