What Is The Devil’s Hour, And When Is It?

devils-hourThe Devil’s Hour begins at 3:00 AM, and extends until 3:59 AM.  However it’s effects will be felt until the first embers of sunrise light break free from the horizon.  This might be 4:00 AM in the heart of the summer or all the way into the 7:00 AM hour in the winter depending on cloud cover.  The Devil’s Hour is of course named for the Arch-Demon leader of Hell, and the power he has on Earth during this hour.  It’s a time when Demons are at their strongest when interacting with our reality.  An hour many demon, and Devil worshipers thrive in as they conduct their various black ceremonies to build their power base of evil.  It’s at 3:00 AM because it’s the antithesis to 3:00 PM which is informally known as the Jesus Hour.  Jesus being the son of the God of our Omniverse.  Ancient scrolls seem to indicate that Jesus died at 3:00 PM so a holy aura exists during the 3:00 PM to 3:59 time zone.  It’s said that the 3:00 AM unholy time zone will be the birth time of the Anti-Christ, the Devil’s Earthly son.  It’s not known whether or not this Arch-Demon spawn has been born yet.

The Devi’s Hour is known to be the hour where most deaths occur as evil, and bad luck are rampant during these times.  The hour also has an additional power boost from the Witching Hour which begins at Midnight.  Not only does the Devil; himself fuel the hour but the same things that fuel the Witching Hour are at work as well.  This includes the lack of the holy rays of the sun which are however on the verge of rising near the end of the hour in the summer.  So the Devil’s Hour would theoretically be at it’s height of power on the Winter Solstice.  Unfortunately for him, and his demonic denizens the power of Christmas negates that.  So it turns out that the Devil’s hour on Halloween is the most powerful due to the forces of evil marshaling at their height on that night.  The next powerful Devil’s Hours are the nights of November, and the nights of January as well.  There’s also the lack of good human consciousness as most sleep during this time, and their soul partially resides in the astral dream plane.  That coupled with the increase in evil consciousness adds more fuel to the Devil’s Hell fire on Earth.

Legend has it that if you wake up at exactly 3:00 AM for no reason in a state of terror then the Devil has paid you a visit literally or in your dreams.  A mere state of heightened agitation might indicate demonic or poltergeist visitation.  Also attack from all manner of supernatural beings increase during the Devil’s Hour.  It certainly known that a Werewolves rage is at it’s height during the 100% full Moon in the Devil’s Hour.  This is where the most Werewolf related attacks, and deaths take place.  It’s best for all to stay in bed under covers blessed in Holy Water during the Devil’s Hour to insure your safety until dawn arrives.



What Are The Early Signs Of Demonic Possession?

Demonic PossessionIn most cases demons don’t instantly possess someone.  In addition possessions can vary based on the will power, and mental state of the human in question along with the power of the demon.  Most possessions are incremental in nature as the demon brakes down the barriers of the mind, and to some extent is granted permission to enter at a sub-conscious level.  Early signs of demonic possession include erratic behavior, sudden angry outbursts, nonsensical gibberish, and just generally acting psychotic to varying degrees.  This is why so many cases go undiagnosed, and the possessed person end up in a mental institution for the better part of their lives.

Below is a video we found on Youtube of person whose clearly in the first stages of being possessed by a demon from hell.  Viewer discretion is advised.  I promise you that the deranged behavior of this woman is beyond disturbing, and scary as hell.  Her other videos don’t disappoint on this level as well.  We pray for her soul in this dangerous time, and recommend she bathe in holy water while saying the Lords prayer.  Getting the blessing of a Priest would be another essential step in damning the demonic entity back to hell.

The Face Of Demonic Possession

Do Cursed Supernatural Board Games Like Jumanji Exist?

Supernatural Jumanji BoardgameIndeed cursed paranormal games do exist.  In fact Jumanji, a Zulu word meaning “many effects”, is a real game somewhat similar to what was seen in the hit 1995 motion picture starring Robin Williams.  We don’t know much about the real Jumanji board game, it’s origins, or it’s current location.  However we know some things about an even more deadly game that originates from Romania.  It’s called “Joc De Moarte” which literally translates in to “game of death” in Romanian.  Joc De Moarte was a board game commissioned in the late 1700’s by the infamous Prince Dracula Of Wallachia, a prominent second generation member of the global vampire royal family.   Dracula was bored with the monotony of his daily murders, and blood sucking.  He wanted a real challenge so he looked to the world of magical practitioners to spice up his dull life.

The infamous Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo took up the challenge.  Back in those days he had yet to achieve the power he has today, and he actually had some alliances instead of taking on the world independently.  He was friends with Dracula for a time, and Dracula was impressed by the power he wielded even back then.  Over the course of a year Dimitri perfected the diabolical board game from hell.  When completed Dracula played the first game with Dimitri, another vampire, a witch, a Lycan, and a hapless human.  The playing board runs it’s way through a damned castle, and the surrounding Black Forest Of Doom.  Dice, riddle cards, and a small magical crystal ball guide players forward to the end game.  Throughout the board game magical beings materialize out of thin air, and attack at will.  They include demons, poltergeists, Earthly Gods, vampires, werewolves, zombies, sorcerers, witches, warlocks, wizards, and miscellaneous monsters.  The Black Forest Of Doom actually appears in the general area of the game at key points in the game as if it was holographically generated.  The game takes players on a quest for the Devil’s Unholy Grail.  A real life chalice once used by the Devil.  It’s said to give a pure evil soul the ultimate power while damning the rest straight to hell.  A pure soul would in fact destroy the chalice by merely touching it.

The unholy cup is made of cursed Carbonado, aka black diamond, and said to be molded by the very fires of hell itself.  To activate it’s power a person must drink of their own blood from the chalice.  The location of the real chalice is unknown.  However the game duplicates it, and the winner of the game receives a surge of power courtesy of the Sorcerer Diablo.  During the first game everyone died except for Dracula, and Dimitri.  Dracula nearly died while playing, and at the end, after Dimitri let him win, he thanked Dimitri for the amazingly exciting experience.  Joc De Moarte provided Dracula with many decades of fun for him, and his guests.  The game is self powered through powerful demonic spells, and works independently of Dimitri Diablo.  Although most of the game conjures up imaginary supernatural entities there are some real Demons, Gods, and other hellish entities called forth.  This makes it dangerous even when a player is done with the game.  Naturally powerful beings like Dracula don’t really have to worry about such things.

Unfortunately Dracula grew tired of the  game, and thought it would be funny to release it into the world to plague humankind.  By then Dracula, and Dimitri had gone their separate ways so he had a wizard tie the games crystal ball to a crystal ball in his castle so he could watch the mayhem the game caused.  It’s also a fair bet that Dimitri can spy on game players at will via his psychic powers.  The historical record indicates that the first deaths caused by the game occurred sometime in the 1840’s.  The deadly game has popped up every so often with morbid consequences.

The last recorded sighting was at a Halloween party in Winterset, Iowa in 1977.  43 people lost their lives, including 27 teens, despite the fact only 6 people were playing the board game.  The entire large two story home turned into a blood bath of evil entities unleashed by Dimitri’s deadly spells tied to the seemingly harmless wood, and crystal game.  An unknown Federal agency quickly swooped in and covered up the massacre due to the obvious paranormal nature of the deaths.  It’s unknown if the game is currently in the Federal governments custody or if it’s still floating around ready to find it’s way to a new generation of foolish victims.


Can Someone Really Sell Their Soul To The Devil?

Or make a deal with a demon in exchange for their very immortal soul?  We hear celebrities, particularly in the music industry, say they sold their soul to the Devil.  Are they for real or are they speaking figuratively about the evil greedy corporatists who run the entertainment industry?

Yes, despite the idiocy of trading a potential eternity of peace, and paradise for success in this short life, foolish people do indeed sell their soul to the Devil.  Usually via his demon minions deal brokering skills.  Some however are just selling out to the greedy corporatist establishment who themselves work for the Illuminati, wealthy plutocratic elites, who in turn worship the Devil.  So does that mean they will go to torturous hell for all eternity?  What does the Devil get from possessing souls?

Firstly, lets define what a soul even is?  Our ultimate soul in this Omniverse (collection of multiple Multiverses) is that of a Heavenly Archangel who will most likely ascend to Godhood, and form their own Universes.  That is how we’re first born into reality.  That is where our first true memories lie.  That Archangel is made up of multiple Angel lives that existed in the various Multiverses (collection of parallel Universes).  Your Archangel self, and Angel selves already actively exist because they exist outside time as we know it.  Your soul in this Multiverse, or Angel self is five dimensional in nature, and possesses all the memories, and knowledge of all your parallel lives within many four dimensional Universes like this one we exist in now.  We as biological beings are but a small fraction of our Angel soul.  Within single Universes like this one our 3-D bodies of free will generate even another soul which is 4-D in nature.  It’s the conduit to our 5-D Angel soul which in turn is connected to our 6-D to 7-D Archangel souls.

Naturally we wouldn’t have the authority to sell our 5-D soul or higher when we’re but a fraction of said soul.  We only have the authority to sell our 4-D soul that makes up our life in this one Universe.  So when someone sells their soul.  That’s what they’re selling.  They can still exist as an Angel in the higher dimensions.  However if they do this in too many Universes they may in fact jeopardize their Angel status.  Too many instances of evil in other Multiverses could  mean never moving on to Archangel or God status.  Or being declared evil, and blinked out of existence for all eternity unless Demons invite them to hell.  Ultimately nobody is tortured for eternity in hell.  The evil are eventually eradicated from all reality.  Even the Devil, and hell itself will be wiped from the mind of God never to exist again.

So what happens after a human makes a deal with a demon to sell them their soul?  They get fame, wealth, health, and whatever else they asked for in this short life of less than a century. They also must cooperate with the Devil worshiping Illuminati, and be their slave for all intents, and purposes.  If they keep their agreement then upon death their 4-D soul of this Universe doesn’t move on to the Angel afterlife.  As you may know some don’t move on right away.  They are what we call ghosts.  Their soul goes to hell, and they become a demon who directly serves the Devil in corrupting other humans, and doing other dastardly deeds of destruction.  Upon Gods eradication of hell their memories of demonhood will be within their Angel selves if they end up being  judged good in the various Multiverses.  However those who go this far tend to have a dark soul to begin with.  A soul that was already born into hell as a demon to begin with.  In this case they are a 5-D Arch-Demon.  If they defy their commands in hell then they can be tortured for a limited time.

If they go back on their agreement while still alive they are usually destroyed in many ways while alive, and then murdered.  However it’s made to look like a suicide, drug overdose, or accident.  It’s considered a sacrifice to the Devil, and they go to hell for a short time before Angels rescue them.  So selling your 4-D soul is a serious business, and a dangerous game nobody should want to enter.  However you will be released from the hell of your mistake at some point to either go to Heaven or be blinked from existence for all eternity.  God does not allow real eternal hell to exist because not crime is worthy of an eternal punishment.

So what does the Devil get from collecting human souls?  The recognition, and gleeful gloating rights of corrupting Gods creations is one thing.  There’s the fact that he’s amassing an army of hell to battle the forces of Heaven.  He also gains more power since souls contain amazing pure thought power reserves that add to the Devils personal power.  Ultimately the Devil, and the demons love messing around with humans, and destroying lives.  It’s all they have really, and it’s beyond pathetic.  We should pity them in their dark plight but they’re so evil that they don’t deserve our pity.

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