Did Biological Demons Ever Walk The Earth, And Are They Related To Reptilian Aliens?

demonYes they walked the Earth in abundance millions of years ago, and now rarely walk the Earth in present times.  In modern times the raising of a Demon from non-corporeal Hell into biological form on Earth is big deal, and requires major mojo.  It’s usually kept a big secret because Angels, and other forces of good would swoop in to stop it from happening.  It’s said that the Devil himself will translate into a biological form to father the infamous Anti-Christ.  Such a summoning ceremony will be the biggest event the forces of evil on Earth have ever seen.  These magical ceremonies must be done by evil inhabitants of our physical reality because magical barriers created by Angels exist to keep Demons in the 5th dimension.  However this wasn’t always the case, and a fair amount still managed to possess humans on their own.  In the far past before humans existed demons ruled over the Earth.

During the Cretaceous Period of the Mesozoic Era some 65 million years ago amid the dinosaur animals a sentient bipedal humanoid reptile being appeared out of the evolutionary soup.  They are known as Dinosauroids, and they were in fact the first intelligent species to evolve on Earth thereby making us humans the second.  The Devil knew of Gods plans to create humans, and that he was preparing the Earth for their arrival over time so future scientists would see that everything looked natural.  God didn’t want any evidence of his creation because he wanted to see what humankind did without his influence.  Evolution is actually an intricate program in Gods pure thought matrix mind rather than being a random process.  The Devil hacked the evolution program, and caused the evolution of dinosaurs.  God chose to ignore the Devils transgression  and thought they’d make interesting curiosities.  However the Devil hacked Gods matrix again, and inserted an intelligence program causing the creation of the Dinosaur People aka Reptilian People.  These Reptilians didn’t have demonic DNA just as humans don’t have Angelic DNA.  Although the Reptilians souls were born as demons in hell just as human souls are born as Angels in Heaven.  So they were a race of damned souls.  In addition to that several Demons, and ArchDemons took direct biological form with complete demonic DNA, and walked among their people as royalty. They blended right in as they looked reptile like as well.  The Devil, and his inner circle stayed in Hell keeping a low profile since Angels were after them.

The Devil took great delight, and pride in his intelligent creations boasting that he had created his own race of biological sentients before God.  So they existed for thousands of years on super continent Pangaea  and the Dino society advanced to a level many hundreds of years beyond ours.  They even began to colonize space, and travel to other star systems.  They also lived on Mars which was somewhat Earth like at the time but with mostly deserts.  The Reptilians naturally followed a Devil based religion, and were devoid of morals.  God considered them an abomination on his paradise Earth so he sent an asteroid to Earth that fell as the infamous meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs.  A great deal of the Devil’s people along with the biological demons were destroyed as well.  Those that survived lived underground since the Earth was a dark dust polluted void.  Eventually they all moved to Mars.

Despite Mars being a dying planet God sent forth another meteor killing more Dinsauroids.  Eventually they became space nomads who finally settled in the Andromeda Galaxy where God left them alone.  They still exist there to this day but a group returned to Earth thousands of years ago with a plan to join human elites in an Armageddon to reclaim the planet for the Devil, and his demons once again.  These are the Reptilian Aliens who now walk among us in nefarious league with the secretive Illuminati of the New World Order.

Does Everyone Have A Guardian Angel?

Yes just about everyone does, and they’re on you right now like white on rice!   Even the ones who are judged unworthy for Godhood across the near infinite parallel Universes where they lead their amazing number of lives encompassing just about every scenario within reason.  Ascending to Godhood is of course the ultimate purpose of humankind despite what the establishment religions say.   These guardian angels are there to protect the individual, and make sure the various life scenarios can be played out to see how a person handles any given situation.  Protection from demons, and various other forces of evil or even just random chaos are the reason for these Heavenly watchers.

Naturally you might find it creepy, and intrusive to have some invisible person watching every move you make in private.   Luckily we have some good news about that.  Evidence deeply suggests that these guardian angels are actually you.  Heaven exists outside of time so your soul or Angel self already exists in Heaven with all the memories of your many lives.  Your first duty as an Angel is to watch over, and protect yourself in any particular given Multiverse, aka collection of related parallel Universes.  Yes you also exist in other Multiverses and have multiple angel selves who will later be fused together in one Archangel self who can then choose to rise to Godhood, and start their own Universe, aka Omniverse.

Of course one Angel for all your lives in a Multiverse may seem like an impossible mission but you’re a higher dimensional super being who can simultaneously be everywhere at once.  It’s hard to comprehend that at this very moment you exist in the first level of Heaven, aka the 6th dimension, as a 5 dimensional being.  A being of amazing power who exists there, and near every biological, or even mechanical body your soul is intertwined with including right next to you at this very moment as you read this.  You’re smiling at yourself right now.  Just turn to your right, and smile back since guardian angels generally exist on the right side of a person.  Also when you’re talking to yourself you really are talking to yourself.  They’re answering right back at you but you obviously can’t hear them.

Since they have all your memories they know how your life is supposed to go, and cannot change anything under Universal rules.   Most likely they wouldn’t want to because they’ve gone through your life, and learned valuable lessons.  They’re now living the sweet life in the great beyond with all their, aka your,  family, and friends.  Although I’m sure they, or you, doesn’t enjoy seeing you go through the various unpleasantries of life.  When you look back, and wonder how you got through the tough times it’s most likely your Angel self who gave you the strength to succeed.

Those minute amount of people who are exceptionally evil already have their souls in Hell which isn’t a punishment for them.  They were simply destined to ascend or perhaps descend into Demonhood.  Those who aren’t good yet aren’t evil enough to be wanted by the powers of Hell still watch over themselves without fully knowing their ultimate fate.  They still might be judged good in enough other Multiverses.  However that’s unheard of.  Once they’re unified as an Archangel they’re informed they failed at life, and they will know it in their hearts.  They will then be mercifully blinked out of existence.  Man what a rotten note to end this article on. :)

Okay I won’t end it yet.  So how do we know all of this?  You guessed it!  Years of extensive research into ancient secret scrolls, and texts with the knowledge amazing mystics, and psychics who know the real deal of the great beyond.  Secrets kept from humankind by the religious establishments of the world for the purposes of command, and control.  Now you’ve been enlightened to the truth, and can live secure in your new found knowledge.

What Are Dragons, And Are They Real?

Supernatural Dragons really existed many centuries ago but were eradicated by various warriors both human, and paranormal in nature.  However their numbers were quite low by the time humans evolved on Earth.  Now Dragons only live in the dark realms of the Underworld, parallel dimensions, and in the very bowels of Hell itself.  In some cases tame or captive Dragons exist within various supernatural locations on Earth including the McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences located in Scotland.  In addition sometimes a Dragon manages to escape from the Underworld.  Then it’s up to Dragon Slayers to take care of business to prevent public panic, property damage, and potential deaths.

Dragons are gigantic demonic based reptile like monsters that came into existence millions of years ago when low level demons possessed dinosaurs to the point of altering their DNA to create a new species.  Most dragons have sharp teeth, fangs, glowing orange or red eyes, and wings which enable them to fly despite their size which is at least that of a bus.  They also shoot hellishly hot fire forth from their mouths, and nose. They breath in oxygen from the atmosphere that is used to fuel unholy flames that exist within a fire creating organ in their body called a Stoker.  They extinguish it by breathing in nitrogen from the atmosphere.  Demons intended for Dragons to be their number one pets, and mode of transport when in biological form which was common in the time of dinosaurs millions of years ago.  Dragons once flooded the skies living among their dino brothers.  Although they had vampire qualities, and fed off the blood of dinosaurs.  When mammals came into existence they started eating flesh, and it made them more powerful.  Later they ate humans whole after baking them alive with their unholy flames.  These flame broiled humans are the dragons favorite food, and give them peak power.

Despite The Great Supernatural Culling that came Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragonsjust before humans were brought into existence by programmed evolution, the Dragon still persisted making the Dragon Slayer a necessity.  The most prominent Slayers were at the end of Dragon history with the great Knights, and Wizards of Europe finally eradicating the Dragon scourge.  During this period there was a brief resurgence in Dragon numbers due to dark Sorcerers, and Wizards conjuring them up from the Underworld to do their blasphemous bidding. The Dragon is the only known paranormal species to be driven into Earthly extinction by humankind.  Naturally we’re not counting the Underworld, and beyond which isn’t accessible to the general populace.  The last dragons seen on the face of this Earth existed in the 14th century.

See Also: Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons. Dragonologists are some of some of the rarest paranormal professionals.  They often risk their lives to venture into the Underworld to witness Dragons in their modern natural environment.

Warning To All Ask Mystic Members!

Hello to all members of the Mystic Investigations community!  I am Drake Alexander Senior Vice-President of Mystic Investigations, and I have a dire warning for you!  We thought the user Bor3dom was just a delusional, and deranged individual due to the unlikelihood of his supposed lineage along with his contradictory statements. However our psychic Julia Hathaway, our astral experiences over the last few nights, an incident yesterday, and another users personal experience has made us believe he may be a top disciple of the dangerous devil sorcerer Dimitri Diablo. Diablo is emerging from the Underworld by collecting various powers from people including you. He is weak, and needs more power to escape the Underworld, and re-take Hell. Or perhaps he has another end game in mind? Naturally he’s beginning with Mystic Investigations, and our friends as well since he must have deep hatred for us due to us being responsible for him losing his reign of Hell. Despite his apologies Bor3dom cannot be trusted.  He is deeply deceptive, and dangerous. Diablo, Bor3dom, and other Dimitri Disciples have been partaking of astral attacks to weaken us, and drain our powers away for their own nefarious purposes.   Our resident witch Rebecca Abernathy recommends surrounding your internet access area, and bed in amethyst crystals drenched in Holy Water, and red sea salt. She will call upon the various Goddesses who answer her to imbue the crystals with further protection powers. We all shall be working, and sleeping in this manner from now on to prevent astral incursions!  However we will have to handle any physical confrontations head on!  There will surely be more if they can’t get to us astrally!

Yesterday at Noon our office were raided by thirteen supernatural warriors who we believe are minions of Diablo. If so then he communicates orders to them through his astral powers. We’ve never been attacked in such a blatant manner in broad daylight at our very home base of operations. I’m embarrassed to say we were caught off guard, and some of us nearly lost our lives. I myself was launched through a second story window into the sun blazing parking lot. The minute I hit the pavement I was met with machine gun fire coming from a black van blocking my entry back into the building. The bullets were silver, and I lie helpless as my blood began to literarily boil while smoke rose from my skin within the rays of the holy sun. The silver bullets felt like daggers holding me down in the pavement as a figure emerged from the van in a dark hooded robe with various symbols written in blood upon it. One of them was the sign of Diablo. He had a dark glowing violet crystal with black heart at the center that would pulse with evil red light every so often. He began reciting an incantation, and I could see a stream of energy leaving my chest as he held it over my heart. I could not see his face but his crimson glowing eyes stared at me with a maniacal glee as he said,”Now vampire your power essence shall be made ready for my master.” I had no idea a vampires power could be extracted, and used by another. I thought all hope was lost as flames began to rise from all over my body. My fine hand tailored suit lit ablaze as the demon possessed minion, or so I assume, cackled loudly. I prayed to the Gods that one member of the team would be able to get to me in time. It’s usually Rebecca but I found out later she had her hands full with a powerful Sorcerers Apprentice who may have ties to Diablo. He was most likely his understudy.

Suddenly an extremely angry female voice bellowed forth from the roof of Mystic Investigations. My blurry eyes could barely make out the form of Duanna, my vampire mother, on the roof in a flowing white sparkling gown. The sunlight seemed to not effect her. She had yelled,”You who has dared to take life away from my son for which I have given shall now meet his untimely end!” She then flew down from the roof, across the lawn, and into the parking lot using amplified telekinetic powers via the consumption of blood from various powerful paranormal beings. One of which was gnomes blood which is why the sun didn’t burn her. She landed on the cloaked demonic figure which caused the crystal to fly from his hand. She quickly tossed me a vile of Gnome blood. As it rested on my abdomen I could barely reach for it. I fumbled the entire glass vile into my mouth, and crunched away. Meanwhile Duanna ripped the hood off him to reveal a disgusting gray skinned form that appeared to be a human under long term demonic possession. He then shot green energy beams from his hand while screaming,”Die bitch!” Duanna deflected it with her hands. He then roared with anger, and grabbed her neck attempting to rip her head off but she grabbed his wrists, and twisted them until they snapped like pretzels. He cried out in agony,”Master do not forsake me!” Duanna then exclaimed,”Your words fall upon deaf ears dark minion. Now vengeance shall be mine. May you be damned to the darkest abyss in the deepest bowels of hell for all time!” She then grabbed his head, and twisted it lightening fast thereby snapping his neck. As he collapsed on the hot black pavement I lie naked due to my clothing being burned away. I was still smoking a bit but the flames had been extinguished by the Gnomes blood. My skin was burnt red, and Duanna picked me up in her arms, and kicked the van out of the way causing it to roll over several times into a tree which fell over. She walked right through the glass front door causing it to shatter all over the place. She rested me on the couch in our visitors lounge, and placed a cushion over my private parts. Duanna then kissed my forehead, and told me to heal. She then went off to help the rest of the team take down Diablo’s team of evil warriors. We might write more about this incident later in our main blog.

We apologize for any delay in responding to our users but we’ve been very tired due to the astral attacks.  We will answer your questions shortly.