Difference Between Nephilim, Demi-Angels, And Demi-Demons

Goliath NephilimNephilim are mentioned in the Christian Holy Bible as giant superhuman offspring of the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men”  In other words angels, and humans.  In reality Angels don’t have gender, and actually manifested on Earth as both male, and female.  Since the Bible was written by men it always has a male-centric take on things.  Not to mention that many stories were embellished. That is why there’s no mention of Angels manifesting as females, and female Nephilim which indeed existed.  Although when delivering the word of God they usually appeared in male form since society was male dominated in ancient times.

One of the most famous Nephilim was a giant named Goliath thought to be at least 9 feet tall.  Skeletons of such giants have been found around the world.  In some cases they could also be the offspring of powerful Gods, or extraterrestrials.  The Nephilim were the children of Fallen Angels, and they tended to be evil in nature but not as evil as Demi-Demons, the children of Demons, and humans.  While Demi-Angels, the children of pure Angels, and humans, tend to be good.  Of course there were exceptions like the legendary Paul Bunyan of American folklore who was the last known recorded Nephilim to be born on Earth. However most of the legends written about him were false.

Both Demi-Demons, and Demi-Angels are always well over 6 feet tall but the majority don’t go beyond 7 feet tall unless human genes dictate such a height.  So why are the Nephilim pushing 9 feet or more?  It’s due to the state of the Angels who mate with the humans who produce them.  These lust driven Angels give in to human desires, and let the word of their Lord, aka the Omniverse God, take a back seat.  This causes them to fall from grace thereby technically being fallen Angels rather than Demons. Fallen Angels manifesting into a biological form into this reality have special DNA make up that uniquely interacts with a human.  Genetics that are akin to an Angel-Demon hybrid which are actually more powerful than an average biological form Angel, Demiangel, and of course a Demidemon. The Fallen Angel DNA is why the Nephilim are such powerful giants. Thankfully the magical Angelic powers are actually latent but they also have immunity to the magics of angelic, and demonic beings.  The only known hybrid similar to a Fallen Angel was, created by an Angel, and Demon mating.  Her name is Shala the Queen of Halloween.  With Fallen Angels however their Demon-Angel state is temporary as they transition to that of a demon.  Once they consummate their union with a human the transition to demon is nearly complete.

Nephilim are considered abominations along with Demi-Demons such as the infamous Anti-Claus.  However Demi-Angels are not.  Angels who descend to Earth for true love, or who succumb to love while on Earthly missions, are generally given Heavenly consent to create a child.  This is why Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas), the most famous Demiangel, is considered a holy being rather than an abomination shunned by the inhabitants of Heaven.  These Angels who mate with humans must also have at least equal, or greater love for God, and return to Heaven on their own accord.  This is why Demiangels don’t see much of their Angelic parent in biological form.  Their loyalty to God, and Heavenly duties unfortunately outweigh directly raising their kids.  However they usually visit every so often, and are always watching over their children from afar.  In the case of Santa Claus he understands his father, the Archangel Sarandiel, had a more higher holy calling.

Nephilim are virtually extinct from the Earth today due to better detection of Angels breaking their bond with God.  Unfortunately a few do spring up every so often.  Those not smart enough to hide are easy targets for Angels, various other supernatural beings, and human paranormal warriors that use numbers to their advantage.  Still only an Angel, Demon, or other higher dimensional being would be able to take one down.  Even a Demi-Angel would be in for quite a battle which is why most will not take on such a giant 9 foot tall plus muscular super beast!

Supernatural Strength From Strongest To Weakest (All Beings In Biological Form)

  1. Archangels
  2. Fallen Angel | Demon-Angel Hybrid
  3. Angels | Archdemons | Demi-Archangel
  4. Demi-Angel | Demons | Demi-Archdemon | Nephilim
  5. Demi-Demon
  6. Vampires

Difference Between Angels, Fallen Angels, And Demons?

Angel And DemonAn Angel is a loyal Heavenly creation of God who dedicates their life to serving the Lord.  Namely the Omniverse God.  However an Angel can also be an ascended Human who attained Angelhood after dying.  An ascension that continues to their own Godhood.  Non-Human Angels were specifically created by God directly as his Heavenly sons, and daughters who in essence have a perpetual childhood, and live only to serve his Heavenly Kingdom. Human Angels were meant to grow into equal Gods themselves since the Omniverse God was once a biological being himself from another Omniverse.

A Fallen Angel is one falls from Heavenly grace by placing something else first in their mind above God.  Generally something in the physical Universe where they end up manifesting themselves in a biological form.  Or it can just be themselves if a big ego develops, and they lust for power of their own. This is how the first Fallen Angel, and Demon, the ArchDemon Devil, was formed.  Some of the ancient Earthly gods were in fact Fallen Angels as well.  The Fallen Angel’s DNA lies somewhere in between that of an Angel, and Demon.   This Angel-Demon Hybrid state makes them stronger than even an Angel in biological form, and most certainly a Demon as well.  Luckily the Fallen Angel is a temporary creature as they are a transitional being headed for Demonhood.  If they don’t bring themselves back to being one with God they will be damned as a Demon for all eternity.

A Demon is an Angel who has not only left God behind but partakes of evil deeds in his quest for power, allegiance to the Devil, or simply for enjoyment.  A Demon has nothing but contempt for God, the Angels, and all his creations including humans.  In fact they hate humans most of all out of jealously since they are destined to ascend to Godhood. Once an Angel transitions into a complete Demon they gain a sub-conscious loyalty to the Devil as they once had for God.  It’s automatically programmed into their minds. Although there are many unholy temptations for an Angel to break his sire bond with God there are very few equivalent holy temptations that would allow for a Demon to return to Angelhood.  However it’s theoretically possible.

Why Can’t Witches Use Magic To Get Rich?

What Happens To Any Practitioner Of Magic Who Uses Their Craft Directly To Amass Wealth?

Witchcraft MoneyA powerful practitioner of magic could easily amass billions, and become the richest person on Earth.  However utilizing magic for personal gain on even a moderate scale always causes bad luck, and will negatively impact others as well since the Universe always strives for a natural state of balance.  Anytime magic is used, especially in human affairs, it disrupts the natural balance of nature on Earth, and in the greater Universe as well.  At the most a gifted witch, wizard, or sorcerer may be able to do something like cast a spell to magically clean their home without repercussion.  In addition almost all of the time any spells calling upon Gods, or Goddesses for wealth fall upon deaf ears as they wish not to be cursed by bad luck themselves.  However dark witches often call upon demons for wealth but the more they amass the more deterioration that occurs within their life, and their soul which has already been compromised by their dark magics.  This goes for anyone making a deal with a demon to be wealthy, or for anything else as well.  However the direct selling of ones soul to a demon generally holds off personal gain curses until the afterlife while someone else in the Universe must suffer in their place.  It’s not fair here but justice reigns supreme in the afterlife. Witches hell bent on acquiring a fortune without demon deals will cast multiple protection, and good luck spells on themselves along with specific spells to repel all manner of beings, and forces of nature.  However they only delay the inevitable Universal karma that will come back to bite them in the end.

This bad luck can range from minor annoyances to death itself.  The dark luck comes from karma, supernatural allies (usually higher dimensional beings) of other people negatively affected by a greedy witch, and many times from the purveyors of supernatural money, and luck.  Leprechauns, and their evil cousins Clurichauns.  Although it’s Clurichauns who dispense bad luck upon the good, and evil with equal glee.  Leprechauns can also remove good luck thereby producing bad luck.  Both beings are attracted to anyone who acquired money through supernatural means, and even by evil human means.  Some have stolen a Leprechauns pot of gold for the wealth, and the good luck imbued in the gold coins.  Unfortunately for them possessing such gold makes them a magnet for the angered Leprechaun, and Clurichauns who would like to steal the gold themselves.  The Leprechaun will do anything to get his gold back including forging a temporary alliance with the Clurichaun.  Not even a powerful practitioner of magic wants to get into a war with these combined Lilliputians of luck.

This does not mean that one can’t amass wealth by utilizing witchcraft indirectly as in providing supernatural services like we do here at Mystic Investigations.  Also accidental wealth by witchcraft doesn’t seem to result in repercussion most of the time.  For instance if a witch is fighting some evil entity, and blasts out the side of a cave to reveal a diamond mine.  If the intent is innocent then one can consider it good luck to stumble across such a thing thanks to magic.  Although a Leprechaun or Clurichaun may visit demanding a cut.  If so then always comply, and don’t consider it extortion.  They are merely keeping balance as creatures of Mother Nature.

The only few exceptions to the karma rule apply to parallel Universes.  For instance you can use magic to send yourself to a parallel reality where you’re already rich.  Of course not many are powerful enough to move five dimensionally, and traverse parallel Universes. Genies use this loophole in Universal law to grant wishes as well, and avoid negative karma themselves.  So people who wish for riches end up in a near identical parallel world where they’re rich so Universal balance is maintained.

Last but not least don’t ever utilize any wealth spell you find on the internet, or buy from a witch.  They’re either ignorant, or have darkness within them.  Most of the time it will be a fraud, and if it isn’t you will find your new found wealth will produce anything but happiness as the murky fog of bad luck sets in.  The witch themselves will face dark luck for making others wealthy by magic.  Some have learned the hard way that making family rich, so they can benefit off them, results in even more negative repercussions cascading about uncontrollably.