Do Angels Have Gender?

Gender Neutral AngelHuman origin Angels who ascended to Heavenly status after death will generally have a gender in the lower dimensions. However once they evolve into higher dimensional entities that include their Parallel Universe, and even parallel Multiverse selves, that may not be the case. We’re not the same gender in every Universe since our sex is a biological trait, and not something that originates from the great metaphysical beyond. Some may still choose to identify with a particular gender in the higher dimensions of our reality while others may be gender neutral. At the end of the day everyone has equally been a man, woman, extraterrestrial, and a plethora of other incomprehensible states in the grand design of our Omniverse!

Archangels, and Angels directly created by the Omniverse God weren’t created with any particular gender in mind. So they rarely identify with one since they existed long before humans, and other biological beings.  If they materialize before humans in biological, or other form, they can appear as any sex they so choose. Often human history has recorded a number of male Angels since the masculine gender dominated so many societies across history. It seems only in modern times have female Angels finally been welcomed with open arms.  Since Angels are the messengers of God they want to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.  If they sense a certain gender will be the most effective in conveying their message, or completing their holy mission, then they will manifest as said gender.

Do The Baby New Year & Father Time Exist?

Baby New YearYes the Baby New Year and Father Time are in fact real supernatural entities who are actually one in the same.  The Baby New Year grows to senior adulthood through the course of only one year.  It’s a way for Angels, non-human in origin, to experience being a biological entity which includes the aging process.  They also serve various purposes both essential, and ceremonial in nature.  Each year a counsel of Archangels chooses a new Baby New Year from a pool of volunteer Angels.  The Angels soul is then translated into the form of a human baby boy like entity that is placed into the care of the previous years Baby New Year who is now the new years Father Time. They’re only males because male was the dominant form for a great deal of human history, and non-human origin Angels have no gender to begin with.

The Baby Spring & Old Woman Winter
There is a lesser known somewhat equivalent ceremony where an angel is placed into a feminine baby form called the Baby Spring who grows into the Teen Summer, the Adult Autumn, and then Old Woman Winter.  Old Woman Winter then takes care of the next Baby Spring. Old Woman Winter is no relation to Old Man Winter, aka Jack Frost. Although he has attempted to make Old Woman Winters his wives with little success!

The Baby New Year Becomes The New Father Time
On New Year’s Day the previous years Baby New Year is now an old man who is the current years Father Time. It’s only at that point he regains full memory of his Angelic Heavenly existence.  In essence the Baby New Year is the infant Father Time of the current year.  He ages 10 years for every month on Earth. He eventually reaches the age of 120 by December 31st.  He will live to a maximum of 240 years old during his two years on Earth.  After serving as Father Time he returns to Heaven on December 31st of his second year on Earth.  Despite the advanced age Father Time is a powerful paranormal being, and is by no means weakened by his geriatric state.

On New Year’s Eve grown Baby New Year is left alone as his Father Time ascends to Heaven.  Then the current Baby New Year, now an old man, awaits the Heavenly birth of the next Baby New Year at a random mystical location.  A location he figures out through various clues, and signs. It’s a final rite of passage to earn the title of Father Time.  An Angel descends from Heaven, and is transmuted into a biological superhuman baby out of thin air from our viewpoint.  At that point the New Year has officially begun.  The new Father Time begins the journey of parenthood as he mentors the new child.  He is also occasional joined by Mother Nature, aka Goddess Gaia, the living soul of our Earth. Old Woman Winter may also act as an Aunt of sorts.

Who Is Father Time?
Father Time is the Angelic ruler of any given year on Earth. He oversees the planets events, Father Timereports any issues to the Archangel hierarchy, and chronicles the history of humankind along with all creatures of the paranormal planet for the permanent Universal historical record.  Similar beings also exist on alien worlds as well.  Besides his record keeping, and Earthly monitoring duties, Father Time also has temporal powers to regulate time on Earth that can be used in various emergencies.  It allows him to time travel to the past for various reasons including speaking with past or future Father Time’s.  He also has the authority to reset time globally for various reasons which might include mass exposure of the supernatural world to the general public.  Father Time is mentioned in the Supernatural Secrecy Pact when it comes to this important duty.

The New Year’s transition to a new Baby New Year, and future Father Time, is a pivotal, and delicate metaphysical moment that’s essential to the continued flow of time forward.  It is a celestial ceremony that must take place or else time will freeze, or possibly even repeat itself globally.  The sensation of time passing us by is ultimately courtesy of our movement over the four dimensional space-time fabric of our reality. However below that is is a pure consciousness information foundation that can be affected by the human collective consciousness. Unfortunately this is a vulnerability that nefarious figures have tried to take advantage of.  Luckily they’ve been thwarted time, and time again!  Happy New Year!

Can Someone Really Sell Their Soul To The Devil?

Devil Forced To Tell TruthIs it possible to make a deal with a demon in exchange for their very immortal soul?  We hear celebrities, particularly those in the music industry, say they sold their soul to the Devil.  Are they for real or are they speaking figuratively about the evil greedy corporatists who run the entertainment industry? Foolish people do indeed sell their soul to the Devil despite the idiocy of trading a potential eternity of peace, and paradise for success in this short life.  These silly soul sales generally occur via the Devils demonic minions who possess masterful dark deal brokering skills.  Even if celebrities aren’t directly selling their soul there are many who end up selling out to the greedy corporatist establishment who themselves work for the Illuminati, aka wealthy plutocratic elites, who in turn worship the Devil.  So does that mean they will go to torturous hell for all eternity?  What does the Devil get from possessing souls?

Firstly, let us define what a soul even is?  Our ultimate soul in this Omniverse (collection of multiple Multiverses) is that of a Heavenly Archangel who will most likely ascend to Godhood, and form their own Universes.  That is how we’re first born into reality.  This is where our first true memories lie.  That Archangel is made up of multiple Angel lives that existed in the various Multiverses (collection of parallel Universes).  Your Archangel self, and Angel selves already actively exist because they reside outside time as we know it.  Your soul in this Multiverse, or Angel self, is five dimensional in nature, and possesses all the memories, and knowledge of all your parallel lives within many four dimensional Universes like this one we exist in now.  We as biological beings are but a small fraction of our Angel soul.  Within single Universes like this one our 3-D bodies of free will generate even another soul which is 4-D in nature.  It’s the conduit to our 5-D Angel soul which in turn is connected to our 6-D to 7-D Archangel souls.

Naturally we wouldn’t have the authority to sell our 5-D soul or higher when we’re a mere fraction of said soul.  We only have the authority to sell our 4-D soul that makes up our life in this one Universe.  They can still exist as an Angel in the higher dimensions since they’re technically only selling this one soul.  However if they do this in too many Universes they may in fact jeopardize their Angel status.  Too many instances of evil in other Multiverses could  mean never moving on to Archangel or God status.  Or being declared evil, and blinked out of existence for all eternity unless Demons invite them to hell.  Ultimately nobody is tortured for eternity in hell against their will!  The evil are eventually eradicated from all reality in the distant future.  Even the Devil, and hell itself will be wiped from the mind of God never to exist again!

So what happens after a human makes a deal with a demon to sell them their soul?  They get fame, wealth, health, and whatever else they asked for in this short life of less than a century. They also must cooperate with the Devil worshiping Illuminati, and be their slave for all intents, and purposes.  If they keep their agreement then upon death their 4-D soul of this Universe doesn’t move on to the Angel afterlife.  As you may know some don’t move on right away, and become ghosts.  Instead of becoming confused ghosts the soul sellers go to hell to become a demon. As a demon they must directly serve the Devil in corrupting other humans, and doing dastardly deeds of destruction.  If they refuse to cooperate in their dark Afterlife mission then, and only then will they be tortured!

Upon Gods eradication of hell in the distant future the soul sellers memories of demonhood will be within their Angel selves if they end up being judged good in the various Multiverses.  However those who go this far tend to have a dark soul to begin with.  A soul that was already born into hell as a demon from day one.  In this case they are a 5-D Arch-Demon.

If they go back on their agreement while still alive they are usually destroyed in many ways while alive, and then murdered.  However it’s made to look like a suicide, drug overdose, or accident.  It’s considered a sacrifice to the Devil, and they go to hell for a short time before Angels rescue them.  In addition their family, and friends become prime targets for bad luck, and soul targeting! So selling your 4-D soul is serious business, and a dangerous game nobody should want to play.  Thankfully they will be released from the hell of their ridiculous mistake at some point so that they may either go to Heaven or be blinked from existence for all eternity.  God does not allow real eternal hell to exist because no crime is worthy of an eternal punishment. Nor does it serve any purpose whatsoever!

So what does the Devil get from collecting human souls?  The recognition, and gleeful gloating rights of corrupting God’s creations is one thing.  There’s also the fact that he’s amassing an army of hell to battle the forces of Heaven in Armageddon. For this dark cause every able bodied soul helps.  The Devil also gains the amazing metaphysical energy reserves contained within humans souls which adds to the Devils personal power.  Ultimately the Devil, and the demons love messing around with humans, and destroying lives since they don’t have much else to do with their miserable lives. We should pity the denizens of darkness in their pathetic plight. However they’re so evil that they aren’t worthy of our pity.