Who Is The Valentine Vixen?

The Valentine Vixen is a former high ranking Cupid Angel named Casandra. She was fourth in command of Valentines Day behind Saint Valentine. She didn’t agree with the Archangels Of Heaven on the limitations of her powers. More or less Cupids and any sizable groups of Angels could bring peace to Earth. However, the Heavenly Hierarchy has a master plan to play out prophesy and test humankind. Their end game lies in Armageddon. Above that, the Omniverse God simply wants to play out all mathematical probabilities in a wide array of Parallel Universes. There are somewhere Cupids are allowed to bring peace but unfortunately, this isn’t one of them!

The Cupid Casandra had enough of having her hands being tied so she left Heaven and became a Fallen Angel. It would then only be a matter of time before she would devolve into a Demon whether she liked it or not. A fate for any Angel who defies Heaven! Thankfully the powerful Love Goddess Aphrodite stepped in and Casandra fell under her alluring spell. Casandra then became a rare Angel-Goddess. She has an extensive array of powers that can rival many Angels and other Gods. Although the power is metaphysically linked to Aphrodite whose spirit prevents Casandra from becoming a Demon of the Devil. If anything happens to the Goddess Of Love it would be the Vixens undoing!

Technically she’s not one of Aphrodite’s Cupids as she must hide from Angels and even Demons who have a price on her head! She’s more of an independent contractor of love who adopted the Valentine Vixen name. She sometimes gets hot tips from Aphrodite on where her passion powers are needed. However, she has a natural habit of finding people who need her loving help. She spreads far more love, peace, and romance than was allowed by her Angel masters! Certainly, most of it was only allowed on Valentines Day! Now she operates all year round. In addition, she has Aphrodite’s lust in her heart. This makes her seduce men and even woman in her global journey’s! We often warn people to beware is someone way too hot for you that wants to be with you since it’s often a nefarious creature like a Succubus. However, there is a minor chance it could be the Valentines Vixen, a love Goddess, or an overly enthusiastic Cupid of Aphrodite! Splashing some high-quality holy water and especially holy oil will aid you in determining if you’re dealing with a being of love or that of dark demonic hatred! Happy Valentines Day To All And To All A Big Bowl Of Candy Hearts! ♥

Valentines Day: The Holiday Of Supernatural Love

Cupid GirlValentine’s Day is the central holiday of love on Earth. It is the day the forces of good marshal forth the The Spirit Of Love around the world in order to battle the forces of darkness.  Of course the forces of darkness also fight back by warping love into something diabolical, and damaging!  The leader of this February 14th paranormal holiday is an ascended human who became an Angel Saint named Valentine.  The Heavenly Angelic hierarchy granted him permission to preside over Saint Valentine’s Day so the power of love would not spiral out of control or fall into the wrong hands.  They especially wanted to take over control from the various Earthly Love Gods, and Goddesses since Angels are at odds with all Gods other than their Lord Father, aka The Omniverse God. Although it’s not quite as bad a rivalry as they have with Demons.  There’s even rumors that Saint Valentine has a secret romantic relationship with the Greek Goddess of Love Aphrodite who aids in powering the Spirit Of Love for the forces of light on Earth.  Normally this would be blasphemy but humans promoting a person to Sainthood offers said person some amount of tolerance by the non-human Angels.  Read More…

Do Angels Earn Wings On Earth?

The 1980’s TV series Highway To Heaven starred Michael Landon as the Angel Johnathan Smith. He was on Heavenly probation looking to earning his wings. He would travel about the Earth helping out people along the way. He was a human who died and went to Heaven before returning to Earth with a new appearance. There’s no indication if every human had to do this or if it was something only borderline cases had to perform. The series showed there was a Hell bad people went to. Thankfully in our world, nobody goes to Hell unless they actually want to!

In our reality “Wings” on Angels refers to paranormal powers and knowledge. In that respect, every Angel has wings unless they become Fallen and descend into Demonhood. In order to ascend to higher planes of existence, one must earn their way by various means. This could include manifesting on Earth to aid humankind on an individual basis. Of course, this is done over the grand Multiverse expanse in a wide array of Parallel Universes. Otherwise, our society would be overcrowded with Angels walking among us. This process includes both Human origin and Heaven origin Angels.

When someone dies their spirit crosses over into the fifth dimension. This creates a metaphysical big bang of mathematical probabilities. The spirit splits into parallel afterlives just as we live out parallel lives in all manner of Universes. Some of these lives go to a Heaven in which we return to Earth as an Angel earning their wings. In this capacity, our powers may be limited or only active when an Archangel supervisor deems it necessary. In some incarnations, we become our own Guardian Angels. This is just a few of the many methods to gain wisdom and unique experiences in our quest to become more complete beings. Eventually, all our parallel Afterlives in any given dimensional level coalesce into one being that ascends to the next higher dimension. The initial goals are to become an Archangel and then an Omniverse God!

Perhaps you had a mysterious stranger abruptly enter your life with eager intent to aid you in some manner of trouble you were experiencing. Maybe they were extremely subtle about it and you only now realize they helped you out. Then one day they just disappeared without a trace. More than likely you were dealing with an Angel! On the other end of the spectrum, you might have had a stranger who was inexplicably hell bent on screwing up your life before vanishing. Odds are strong it was demon out to earn their horns!

Highway To Heaven: An Angel Deals With Murderous Punks!

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