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Halloween Hippos And Elephants

Hungry Hippos and Eager Elephants relish in their pumpkin treats as they celebrate the Halloween season.

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Do Babies Born On Halloween Possess Special Powers?

Legend has it that people born on Halloween indeed have the power to see, and talk to the dead in varying degrees.  They’re also blessed with special protections from evil due to all the dark spirits that are let loose upon … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Is The Last Day To Remove Halloween Decor!

In order to avoid the specter of bad luck that surrounds those obsessing over a particular holiday one must remove their Halloween decorations by a certain date. That date is Thanksgiving for reasons not fully understood. Plausibly it could center … Continue reading

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Halloween Movie Theater Massacre Urban Legend

The Legend Of The Horror Movie Hacker The video above is a frightening prank where horror movie goers are spooked by a man posing as a machete wielding killer.  What if that man was indeed a real serial killer out … Continue reading

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