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We love all things Halloween! Whether it's glee of trick o treating, the iridescent allure of the autumn season, or the spooky mystique of supernatural beings. Enter the world of Halloween all year round on our All Hallows Blog.

The Microwave Monster

The Microwave Monster is the story of a dormant shape shifting extraterrestrial who arrived on Earth in the early 2000’s.  It traveled from the Andromeda Galaxy as a shapeless black blob in stasis within a small capsule ship that took … Continue reading

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Martha Stewarts Delectable Devil’s Food Cake

The Mistress of the macabre kitchen Martha Stewart makes a marvelously diabolical Devil’s Food Cake for Halloween!

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The Monday Maelstrom

The Maelstrom Of Monday Manifests Before You, Yet The Tides Turn Terrifically Toward Tuesday!

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Happy August!

🌞August! The last bastion of summer sun, and vacation fun before you surrender to the stress of September’s school! Still there is hope as Halloween hovers ever closer!🍃 Xavier Remington

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