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We love all things Halloween! Whether it's glee of trick o treating, the iridescent allure of the autumn season, or the spooky mystique of supernatural beings. Enter the world of Halloween all year round on our All Hallows Blog.

Star Trek vs Star Wars

In a Parallel Universe the 1980’s were even more awesome with a most miraculous motion picture crossover we never saw here. The blockbuster was the much anticipated Star Wars vs Star Trek! This fabulous film was number one at the … Continue reading

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Krampus Attacks Super Halloween Kids!

Krampus by Jakub Różalski When most people gaze upon the horrifying image above they probably think that’s Santa Claus being attacked by the monstrous Krampus. A diabolical Krampus who then sets his illuminated eyes of evil upon some helpless kids! … Continue reading

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Screaming Chicken Drive Thru Prank

A man ordering chicken in a fast food drive thru turns into a chicken via voodoo curse. He then faces the horror of being served said chicken cannibal style! The distress of his honking noises will dive deep into the … Continue reading

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A Horse Tells A Creep To Stop Riding Them!

Sassy The Horse tells Roy Moore to step off!  

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