The Perfect Purified Holy Christmas Moon!

Christmas Yule Moon MagicFor the first time since 1977 the Full Moon falls on Christmas Day at the perfect time of 11:11 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).  The Full Moon of December is always known as the Yule Moon in the paranormal community unless other factors should come into play.  This time around it shall be known as The Christmas Yule Moon, or simply The Christmas  Moon.  The Yule Moon is known to dull the violent tendencies of sinister supernatural entities. This goes further for Werewolves who mostly transform into gentle Albino Lycanthropes who only crave vegetation rather than humans, or animals. This is due to the Demi-Angel Santa Claus, and the Spirit Of Christmas taking over the metaphysical lunar energies away from the forces of darkness.  Normally the Moon’s light is considered unholy to an extent with  the Yule Moon considered virtually holy in nature.  Still various paranormal beings repelled by holy light could still venture out. In the case of this Christmas Moon it will in fact be 100% holy light! Read The Rest Of This Christmas Yule Moon Alert….

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