Denmark & Other Nations Attempting To Lay Claim To The North Pole

90 Degrees NorthThere’s a battle looming for control of the North Pole, with the US, Russia, Canada and Norway all thinking they have a right to it. They are chasing potential oil and gas, but could distant Denmark have a reason that’s closer to home?  Read The Rest Of The Story Here.  Nobody has a right to claim the North Pole as their own because Santa Claus, and his sovereign city nation of North Pole City already have the rights to it.  Or at least according to the United Nations sovereign countries have exclusive economic rights to anything 200 nautical miles from his City. The United Nations, and the governments of the world, are well aware of Santa’s existence but they of course refuse to acknowledge his existence publicly.  Santa himself can’t attend UN meetings due to the Supernatural Secrecy Pact.

It’s suspected that economic gain is only part of why nations are fighting for North Pole
rights.  Part of it is an excuse to allocate large funds to locate North Pole City, and tap into it’s Angelic powers for the purposes of diabolical global domination.  Certainly the governments of the world have always sought to capitalize on the world of the supernatural but rarely have they been able to harness it’s awesome powers.  Thankfully the Angelic based magical cloak that hides North Pole City from the world is far beyond anything technology could break.  However occasionally Santa has to renew the large scale magical spell when the forces of evil go all out to send it’s dark powers upon him.  For that brief time there is a potential for governmental detection. Coincidentally in September 2014 there was an incursion into North Pole City by United States top secret forces!  Forces from the US Paranormal Defense Agency.  We only found out about it this week because Santa had kept it a secret.  We will write about the incident soon!

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