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A Beauty Nymph Visits Mrs. Claus

After a long day of shopping for new toys, treats, and mystical materials from around the world, Mrs. Holly Claus is paid a visit from a Beauty Nymph. Beauty Nymph’s are the sapient personification of all that is beautiful, and … Continue reading

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Who Is Santa Claus’s Wife?

How Did Santa Claus Meet Mrs.Claus? Santa Claus’s wife is named Holly Claus, aka Mother Christmas. However she’s best known as Mrs.Claus.  Despite standing next to the most famous supernatural man in history her life seems to have been shrouded … Continue reading

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How Santa Claus Married Mrs.Claus

In Part One of the Mrs.Claus Chronicles, Santa Claus had saved the Baby Mrs. Claus, aka Holly McBride, from the evil clutches of his dark demonic twin brother the Anti-Claus. Santa had solid supernatural countermeasures in place to perpetually protect the … Continue reading

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Mrs. Claus’s Secret Enchanted Eggnog Recipe

This North Pole Arctic Enchanted Eggnog is the most sweetest, scrumptious, and creamiest eggnog anyone could hope to have on this planet. It’s so addictive that you can’t stop drinking it. Thankfully nobody gets fat, or sick within the consecrated … Continue reading

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