Mystic Investigations Boss’s Day Party

Boss’s Day At Our Paranormal Investigations Firm

There was some minor paranormal activity during our Boss’s Day celebration. As a kaleidoscopic flood of fall foliage fluttered around us majestically an Autumn Nymph, aka low level Earth based seasonal nature deity, materialized from the Paradise Plane to join us for lunch. Or more exactly to join our handsome Executive VP and vampire Drake Alexander. He was only sparsely eating bits of food by dousing it with cow’s blood from his trusty pocket flask. Some people thought it was ketchup or barbecue sauce! Later on the Nymph would inform of us of a baby ghost who had been lying nearby for quite sometime!

The crimson haired Goddess, named Magenta, was dressed in nothing but fall frondescence of all colors. She was replacing another Nymph as the Curator Of Autumn in this particular localized area.  As Magenta partook of food, and drink her tanned skin slightly shimmered in the sunlight.  She had briefly introduced herself to our resident Demi-Mermaid Witch Rebecca Abernathy but Magenta only had eyes from Drake. Oddly enough, a fair number of supernatural beings on the good side of the spectrum are attracted to vampires even when they’re evil. In this case of course, Drake fights on the side of righteousness in a world teeming with metaphysical darkness!  Read The Rest On Our Stories Blog & The Discovery Of A Baby Ghost In Our Offices…