What Are Werejaguars?

The Werejaguar is a species of Werecat originating in the ancient Aztec Empire of Mexico.  They are a product of Aztec Shaman enchanting freshly obtained Jaguar skins by calling upon the Earthly God Tezcatlipoca.  These mystic cat skins were worn by Jaguar warriors who were upper echelon Aztec soldiers.  Thanks to the magical jaguar coats they received enhanced strength, speed, and agility while wearing them. To obtain this amazing privilege an Aztec Army soldier had to capture twelve enemies during two consecutive battles. The best of those warriors were called Jaguar Knights. To become a knight a warrior had to capture twelve enemies in one consecutive battle.  Naturally wearing the enchanted jaguar pelts made such a spectacular feat possible. However opposing armies had their own magics employed so it wasn’t easy. The Jaguar Knights were the first Werejaguars who appeared as humanoid jaguar men whose physical abilities far outweighed Werewolves, and even most vampires. Once their skins were donned during a special Shaman ceremony they melded into their bodies, and altered their DNA. From that point forth they could transform from a human form into a deadly humanoid jaguar at will by focusing their rage of justice.  In such a state they are humanly cognizant but still under the pull of their animal side.  Any type of unexpected anger, or even excited episode can cause an uncontrollable transformation where they lose control which can lead to a hellish killing spree.   Those that meditate, and find deep peace can maintain control at all times, and even transform into a real jaguar. Upon weeks of communing with nature as a wild cat it’s said they will eventually meet the Jaguar God Tezcatlipoca.   If he judged them as worthy warriors then he would imbue them with the powers of a demigod.  These demigod Werejaguars would be the rarest breed, and there is no recorded incidence of even one existing.  Werejaguars could live hundreds of years but if they communicated with Tezcatlipoca then they were granted immortality. Some of those Jaguar Knights still exist to this day, and can tell tales of the fall of the Aztec empire at the hands of the Spanish Conquistadors.

Despite the fact that the knights killed jaguars as sacrifices to the God Tezcatlipoca in order to get their warrior garb to begin with they can’t eradicate any jaguars ever again once becoming a Werecat. If they do so purposely or by accident they will be permanently turned into an immortal jaguar with the normal abilities of the wild cat. Tezcatlipoca will no longer communicate with them, if he ever did, and they will be damned to roam the Earth as an animal forever.

Immortal Werejaguars can’t mate with humans but could mate with other Werejaguars if there were any females. They may engage in sensual relations with human females but they generally lose control, and end up mauling them to death. Due to their inability to transform other’s or have offspring their numbers are extremely limited. However if someone kills a Werejaguar then they themselves will become one as well. The only known way to kill them is to shoot a special arrow through their heart at no closer a distance than 12 feet. The arrow must be made of silver, and gold plated along with being dipped in Jaguar blood. Obviously the odds are astronomical that anyone would not only find a Werejaguar but then have such a weapon in their possession along with knowing how to wield it against such a deadly opponent of super speed. The only known repellents against these Jaguar Knights is Jaguar blood blessed by an Aztec Shaman. Although a blessing by any Priest should have some effect. Standard supernatural repellents will not work on these beings since most,such as religious artifacts, are meant only for creatures of demonic origins.  If you spot a Werejaguar then you’re already dead.  You won’t have time to call a paranormal professional.  In fact they’ll probably hear about your demise, and then end up dying themselves when they go after the feline beast.  We here at Mystic Investigations have never gone up against a Werejaguar, or any Werecat for that matter.  However we are now armed with powerful knowledge if such a nefarious being rears it’s furry cat head upon us!