Woodland Springs Welcomes New Halloween Shop

Halloween Haven ShopThe bored, and clearly disgruntled Halloween shop owner in the video above, Emma Whispers, has recently been enchanted by the Spirit Of Halloween.  After we saw this video we contacted her in England to inform her that the Halloween Shop here in Woodland Springs, Colorado was for sale.  We conveyed to Emma that Halloween has a strong year round interest due to the various supernatural incidents, and paranormal creatures that lurk about our mystical community.  The Halloween business is booming here unlike in Emma’s area where the Spirit Of Halloween has most likely been weakened by some insidious force of evil.  Thankfully the Spirit is strong here in our community!

haven-halloweenHer Halloween shop, called The Halloween Haven, will feature a full line of festive Halloween costumes, decorations, animatronics, books, movies, candy, food, beverages, and a variety of memorabilia to fit everyone’s particular frightful tastes.  Much of the Halloween themed foods are custom baked at the store along with various ghoulish concoctions.  You also have the option of custom fittings for a Halloween costume of your own design.  Every Friday will be horror movie night in the small theater attached to the store.  Viewing is free, and seating is first come first serve.  Refreshments such as Popcorn will be sold for a nominal fee.  The Halloween Haven also features a magic shop of illusions along with very real spell books, herbs, and supplies for practitioners of magic including witches.

The grand opening of the Halloween Haven will take place on Thursday, March 13th, 2014.  Emma, and her staff, will be throwing a party with free refreshments with a unique Saint Patrick’s theme melded with Halloween themes.  Mystic Investigations entire team of paranormal professionals will be there to join in the festivities.  We welcome Emma Whispers, and her Halloween Haven to our enchanted community!

In her spare time Emma likes to make ASMR videos.  You can see more of her at her Youtube channel titled Whispers Red ASMR.

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