The Ultimate Porch Pirate Revenge!

With each passing year, the insidious porch pirate scourge grows ever more prevalent! The tempting allure of blatant theft instilled in some who spot delivered packages on people’s porches or resting outside apartment doors. The complete lack of civility and honor coupled with zero respect for people’s property. The porch pirate epidemic is one of many signs highlighting the detrimental decline of common decency and morals in our sick society! Many have gone with surveillance countermeasures, lock boxes, delivery to one’s workplace or a secure location. There are also services that deliver inside your house or car!¬†Others with a more devious type of justice in mind delve into their creative intelligence to conjure up fantastical tools of revenge against weasels who steal packages.📦

Glittering Porch Pirate Revenge!

The video above highlights the ingenious invention of an Ex-NASA Engineer named Mark Rober. The outside looks like an Apple HomePod speaker package with a fake shipping label on it. On the inside are four smartphones to record the theft from all angles along with providing GPS location for package recovery. Even if the package can’t be recovered the phones upload recorded video to a cloud server. When the cover of the package is removed a massive amount of glitter is furiously fanned forth along with noxious fart spray bursts! Even better would be professional hunters skunk scent! In the end, what we get are the surprised reactions of the offended porch pirates. Hopefully, they learn the valuable lesson of not stealing!👿