The Thing Is The Perfect Halloween Movie

The Thing” Starring the beautiful Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a prequel to the 1982 John Carpenter film of the same name.  In the film, a science research team discovers a crashed alien vessel beneath the Antarctic ice.  A seemingly dead alien is found and ends up being revived.  The shape-shifting monster has the ability to take the form of anyone it’s eaten.   Naturally horrific mayhem and paranoia ensue at the science facility as they battle against a most extraordinary extraterrestrial foe.  We at Mystic Investigations have dealt with aliens and various other paranormal beings, yet have never come across anything of this magnitude.  It’s hard to say how things would play out if we were isolated in the Antarctic with a cannibalistic shape-shifting alien afoot.  I’d like to think our supernatural team consisting of a mermaid witch, a vampire, an ex-Navy Seal, a zombie-human hybrid, a telekinetic psychic, and a bionic boy could take down this filthy otherworldly fiend.  The Thing is clearly the perfect movie to see on Halloween.  It came to a theater near you on October 14, 2011, and is now on DVD or watch online here.

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