Is Disney Cars Real?

Top-flight psychics, seers, and mystics with an eye into the worlds of Parallel Universes have indeed confirmed that Disney Cars is real! In fact, it’s a parallel Earth with virtually the same history as ours except instead of humans, and animals, as we know them, everything is biological vehicles of some type. Interestingly enough the … Read moreIs Disney Cars Real?

Silly Humans Not Appreciating Ariel The Mermaid

One of the most famous Mermaids on Earth, Ariel, breaks up with her first human love Prince Eric.  She ends up staying with some extremely ungrateful friends who seem to be sick of her innocence, and naivety.  Both these fools should be in a state of mystical bliss in the presence of a Goddess  like … Read moreSilly Humans Not Appreciating Ariel The Mermaid