Chester The Spine Chilling Clown Jester

As the Witching Hour approaches, and the carnival winds down, you finish off the last of your cotton candy.  You smile as you think of the excitingly long day of rides, and games while walking amid the quiet of the warm breezy early autumn night. You notice a mysterious black tent with gold sparkles on it along the edge of the carnival grounds. It lies near the treeline of the dark woods.  The tent is the only one you haven’t been in all night. Earlier the fortune teller had told you,”Your destiny lies under the cloak of glittering darkness.” So naturally your curiosity gets the best of you!

You foolishly enter into the large dark canopy lit only by a small lantern hanging on the wall.  You see a large freight train container marked,”DO NOT ENTER!” on it.  Consumed by a sugar rush of excitement you grab the lantern, and open the containers creaky metal doors. Inside there are several unmarked crates. However in the very back is a small orange trimmed box with bloody red writing on it that simply says,”Toys”. As you open the lid a sulfuric stench ridden wind rips through the container causing the metal doors to slam shut thereby scaring the ever loving hell out of you!  Although that was nothing compared to the spine chilling clown jester who suddenly springs up in front of you like a jack in the box from the very bowels of hell itself!

You fall back onto the floor in terror as it screams shrilly, and cackles with maniacal joy!  The clown’s eyes glow red with inexplicable blood dripping down it’s face. Its pointy sharp teeth, and claws snap at you in a menacing manner!  What you’ve stumbled upon is a demonically possessed paranormal object!  You arise, and back away slowly toward the door.  You feel somewhat secure in the knowledge that this diabolical jester is attached to its box despite it rattling about the metal floor.  You turn to open the freight container doors but the rust ridden thing is jammed! You accidentally drop the lantern, and it breaks leaving you in pitch black darkness!  The cackling, and rattling of the box instantly stops.  For only a matter of seconds you begin to think you imagined the whole thing in the silent darkness.  Then you hear that horrifying chortling in your ear causing your heart to stop beating for a second before palpitating wildly.  You turn around to see the glowing crimson eyes inches from your face.  Your heart wrenching screams are only heard by one person sweeping up trash near the tent!  He displays a sinister smile while quietly chuckling to himself.  His warlock eyes glow green with glee for he has scored another demonic sacrifice to shore up his magical powers.  May God have mercy on your soul!  Happy Halloween!

If you’d like to bring terrifying magic to your haunted house, and trick o treaters this Halloween season then get yourself an Animatronic Clown Prop.

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