How The Sanderson Sisters Became Witches

The Sanderson Sisters were the wicked witches from the 1993 Halloween film Hocus Pocus. The video above discusses that they plausibly became witches by venturing into the Underworld and entering Hell itself. Once there they sold their souls directly to the Devil thereby granting them wondrous powers of witchcraft and immortality under the right circumstances.

In the real paranormal world witches conjure forth or call upon the Devil with various complicated dark spells and potions. Risking a journey through the Underworld into metaphysical Hell is insanity even for the supernaturally seasoned! However in the case of the Sanderson’s it sounds like they weren’t witches and had no natural magical skills. The Devil gave them the power. This isn’t surprising as he would be deeply impressed they made it to him without dying! How they made it to Hell is anyone’s guess. They would have needed some major protection to make the arduous journey!

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