The TV Series Now And Again Finally On DVD!

Another in a long line of excellent sci-fi series prematurely canceled by silly out of touch network executives.  Now And Again ran for only one season on CBS from September 24, 1999 until May 5, 2000.  The first episode starred John Goodman as Michael Wiseman who was an overweight mild mannered middle aged employee at an insurance company.  He had an extremely beautiful, and charming wife named Lisa (Played By Margaret Colin) and a teenage daughter named Heather (Played By Heather Matarazzo).  One fateful day Michael falls on some subway tracks, and is killed.  Thankfully a top secret government project headed up by Dr Theodore Morris (Played By Dennis Haysbert) is looking for a viable human brain at the same time.

The government project had genetically engineered a perfect superhuman body.  However the creation of a brain eluded them, and they needed to procure one from a recently deceased individual.  They harvested Michael’s brain, and hooked it up to machines that allowed him to be conscious again so they could ask if he wanted a second chance at life.  He agreed, and his brain was transplanted into the superhuman body played by Eric Close who is Michael Wiseman for the rest of the series.  Although we see Goodman in flashbacks.

Unfortunately he is under the command of Doctor Morris, and his top secret project who utilize him for various missions while also testing his new body as well.  In addition he must remain dead to the world he knew, and can’t have any contact with his wife, and daughter. However there are run in’s with them along the way.  Will Michael really trade super strength, speed, and agility for his beloved wife, and child?  Does he have a choice?

Despite leaving us with a cliff hanger in the final episode the series is still worth watching, and is only now being released on DVD.  You can order it here.

Here is a recap of the first two episodes to get a sense of what Now & Again is about:

The Now And Again Finale And Future Seasons Imagined

You can see the end of the last episode here. Unfortunately, it was canceled without a real finale and they left us with a cliffhanger. Michael scurries his family away as armed government troops swoop in a mere minute later. I like to think season two would have been a road trip with his wife Lisa and daughter Heather as they elude the Dr. Morris. He convinces Lisa he’s her dead husband in a new body. Probably by telling her things only her husband could know. Along the way he helps out people with his superhuman abilities while raising money. The season 2 Finale would be him making a deal with Dr. Morris to work for the government yet be free. He does this by threatening to release evidence of Dr. Morris’s government project to the world. Season 3 would be Michael acting as a James Bond type except with amazing abilities. There would be missions around the world culminating in showdowns with Russian superhuman counterparts and perhaps even bionic foes.

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