Student Sent Home First Day Of School For Little Mermaid Hair Color

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An Alabama high school student was sent home on the first day of school for having a distracting hair color.  The color being that of the precious Little Mermaid herself.  How dare they insult all of us, especially those with Mermaid lineage, who are adorned with crimson hued hair!  Let us not allow the ugly specter of discrimination to flow forth in the form of destroying the rights of innocent Gingers in America, and around the world.  Stand up for your red head rights, and fight the corrupt system!  This message comes from a Demi-Mermaid Witch who has beautiful auburn locks.  If I entered any institution who told me to leave due to my hair color you can bet the bowels of hell, and beyond that every last person in that building would magically have their hair color transmuted to Ronald McDonald red ASAP!

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