How Gravity Should Have Ended

Astronaut BullockThe 2013 Motion Picture Gravity, Starring Sandra Bullock as Ryan Stone, and George Clooney as Matt Kowalski, is about two astronauts going through a frightening Earth orbit ordeal while space walking.  Apparently the crazy Russians launched a missile to destroy their own spy satellite.  This ends up setting off a chain reaction of debris that destroys other satellites, and eventually the International Space Station along with a Chinese one as well.  The dangerous debris field, moving at high speeds, also wreaks havoc on the two aforementioned astronauts space walk destroying their space ship leaving them no choice but to head toward the International Space Station, and later the Chinese Station in the hopes of finding a re-entry capsule to take them back to Earth.  As they navigate space in nothing but their pressurized suits communications with mission control is unavailable due to the widespread satellite outage.  Perhaps we’ve revealed to much for those who haven’t seen the film.  If that’s the case you should stop reading here until you’ve watched GravityYou can watch Gravity online here.

In the final scene Ryan Stone, played by Sandra Bullock, makes it to the ground in the Chinese space capsule.  We’re left with her capsule landing in the water, and Ryan crawling ashore in an unknown isolated rural area.  The credits roll but we have our own ideas of what happened afterward leading all the way into two sequels for a complete trilogy:

In our version Ryan Stone landed somewhere in Kazakhstan, and the local authorities Astronaut Clooneyextradited her to China where she faced grand theft space capsule charges. The Chinese don’t take kindly to their property being pilfered. The globally televised trial found her guilty with a sentence of 20 years hard labor in a Chinese prison camp. Thankfully she only serves a few months due to extenuating circumstances. The US demands for her release coupled with blaming Russia for the massive destruction of space stations, and satellites that totally knocked out communications around the world set off World War III. These events were the catalyst for tensions that already existed between the USA, China, and Russia. The resulting thermonuclear war caused the decimation of human society around the world. Ryan Stone was a free woman thanks to the global devastation.  She walked from the ashes of the Chinese prison into a new horrifying post-apocalyptic world.  We’d say at this point why not throw in some hoards of zombies for good measure.  Maybe some virus was released from a top secret bio-warfare lab during one of the many seismic nuclear blasts.

Gravity 2 would deal with the global war along with the zombie apocalypse as well. Ryan is eventually rescued from this living hell by the friendly hands of extraterrestrials from a nearby star system. They take her to their home world where she amazingly finds her long dead daughter, and thought to be deceased Astronaut Matt Kowalski, played by George Clooney.  Both are inexplicably alive, and well on the utopian planet of paradise where a handful of humans were saved by the benevolent aliens.

Gravity 3, the final chapter in the trilogy, deals with an intergalactic war between the friendly extraterrestrials from our own Milky Way Galaxy, and the evil invading extraterrestrials of the Andromeda Galaxy. We learn that the Russians didn’t actually destroy their own satellite but rather it was the Andromedians hiding their invasion force near Earth. They also egged on tensions between the superpowers to cause WW III for their mere entertainment! The friendly aliens felt sympathy for their part in Earth’s destruction as they had tasked themselves with protecting Earth, and other planets with life on it.

In the end the paradise planet Ryan is on with her daughter, and new husband Matt Kowalski, is decimated by the Andromedians. However before all is lost the human trio enters an experimental alien inter-dimensional porthole to parts unknown.  In a stroke of luck the porthole leads to a future Earth in a parallel Universe where WW III never occurred. This Earth is a utopian paradise apart of a reality where the intergalactic war never took place because the Andromeda aliens civilization was destroyed by an extraterrestrial empire from the Triangulum Galaxy.  Before the credits roll we learn that the environment of the parallel Earth is swarming with microscopic nanobots that Matt, Ryan, and her daughter breath in upon arrival. Nanobots that regenerate every cell in the human body for eternity. They realize they are now immortal, and almost invincible as they live happily ever after until the ends of time exploring infinity, and beyond. The End!

Yeah it’s not likely they would take a mildly sci-fi movie, and go into a total full on science fiction alien tangent but it would make an awesome trilogy.  Without this type of story we can’t see any possible sequels.  Speaking of space, and aliens Mystic Investigations had it’s own higher orbital extraterrestrial adventures some years ago.  There was an alien abduction, rescue, and trip to the Moon.  It was totally awesome!

Here’s a hilarious take on Gravity in which Superman saves the day:

Watch The 2013 Movie Gravity Here.

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