The Monday Morning Blues

🥱The Downtrodden Wake Slow,💙 Console Themselves With Frosted Dough,🍩 Head Hanging Quite Low,😰 Loathing The Monday Ever So,🙁 Being Over Dramatic They’ll Never Know,😠 Yearning For Friday To Reignite Their Glow…👀 Do you wish every day was Halloween or Christmas? Do you shed tears of sadness or clench your fists in fury all week because … Read moreThe Monday Morning Blues

Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday Way Winds Wildly Through Wayward Worry Woods Onto Thursdays Thankful Thoroughfare Fleeing To The Friday Freeway Of Freedom That Then Snakes Into Saturday Street’s Serenity Which Slides Soundly Into The Sunday Subway Slinking Seriously Into Monday’s Madness Moving To Tuesday’s Turnpike Of Terror Thereby Riding You Right The Hell Back To Wednesday Way!😬 You’re … Read moreWednesday Wisdom

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