The Microwave Monster

The Microwave Monster is the sinister story of a dormant shape-shifting extraterrestrial who arrived on Earth in the early 2000’s.  It traveled from the Andromeda Galaxy as a shapeless black blob in stasis within a small capsule-like ship that took over 20,000 years to get here through various sub-space wormhole passages. It plummeted to Earth on Halloween 2005 and was attracted to the electromagnetic radiation of a nearby cellphone. It immediately took the form of the device but found itself locked into it permanently. This was due to Earth’s atmosphere being beyond foreign to its biochemistry.

On Halloween night some foolish guy, dressed as Neo from the Matrix, found the phone on a sidewalk and thought he lucked out. However, when they got home to more closely examine it they found out it didn’t work. The person was so mad that they threw it in the microwave, and turned it on hoping to see it explode. Interestingly enough the radioactive environment of the microwave was close to the aliens home environment, and it reverted to its natural monstrous form! It promptly blew the door off the microwave, and devoured the unlucky human with sinister glee! The angered alien then proceeded to go on a rampage killing everyone in the entire house. The blasphemous beast was intelligent enough to realize it only had to give itself a microwave power boost to stay in its alien state and continue to lay waste to all in the vicinity.

Government agents from the US Paranormal Defense Agency quickly swooped in, and nearly captured the crazed creature. It narrowly escaped into the woods and took the shape of an Elm tree. Despite an extensive search by the government and private paranormal organizations, the tree was never found! Its ability to completely duplicate an object down to the DNA level was very precise. Thankfully it is most likely locked into that shape with a lack of microwave radiation. Also, it is fortunate it can’t move when taking another form. In other words, it can’t be a human walking amongst us!

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