Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012 is prophesied to be one of the most horrifically hellish All Hallow’s Eve in modern history.  These predictions come from psychics and various other mystics from the present, and even the distant past.  It’s still up in the air if this will be the last Halloween in human history as the prophesies of the 2012 winter solstice loom forebodingly in the future.  If we survive then it’s said that Halloween 2013 could be the ultimate hell fest!

In our Halloween blog we shall speak of the magical merriment of costumes, decorations, refreshments, movies, TV, parties, etc. for those who wish to pretend that the world of real supernatural horror does not exist.  For the rest of us we will tell the tales of terror that lurk about the shadows of the nefarious nights leading up to Halloween 2012.  Be sure to peruse the rest of our website including our other blogs for as much information on the current happenings of our paranormal planet. See The Haunted House Of Vampire Horror…

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