Guy Annoys Women At Yoga Class Prank

Rebecca Abernathy here! I had a guy like this (referring to former video above that no longer exists anywhere. However, found a new one above.) in my Yoga class once, and he was coming on to all the women while asking ridiculous questions. I tried to ignore him but I couldn’t resist once he asked,”When do we learn levitation?” The Yoga Instructor told him that wasn’t a lesson in this class but I whispered for him to meet me out back because I knew the secret to rising into the stratosphere! Once nobody else was around in the alley out back I roared,”Mystic Sphere!”, and my active witch power of a translucent pink energy orb appeared around us. As he exclaimed,”What the…” we rose into the air above the clouds as he screamed like a baby. I then asked him,”Do you still want to learn how to levitate?” I kept laughing as he blubbered,”No noooooooooo!” I dropped him off in Alaska, and flew back to Woodland Springs, Colorado. Thankfully he’s never disrupted our class since. LOL!

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