The Genetic Demon Easter Bunny Experiment

The sinister bunny simulated above was the product of a government genetic experiment gone wrong. A crime against Mother Nature that attempted to combine demonic DNA with that of an innocent bunny. The purpose of this experiment is not known. Perhaps simple scientific curiosity that doesn’t considered the dark consequences of said experiment. Such a creature escaping into the world could create chaos and alter natural evolution forever! Similar experiments have been perpetuated by witches, warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers dabbling in the dark arts. A horrifying attempt to create a monstrous predator to hunt down the Easter Bunny! That sainted leader of Easter who is the world’s only known Werebunny! Thankfully, they failed in creating an Anti-Easter to counter The Spirit Of Easter!

The Escape Of An Evil Rabbit

The unholy creature escaped his government lab after literally biting the hand that created him! He ultimately escaped due to an usual sentient intelligence. Interestingly enough, the horrifying hare’s smarts came from grafting portions of a human brain on to his! As luck would have it, a performing magician deep into dark magick welcomed the rabid rabbit into his terrifying top hat.  The blasphemous bunny could easily see that their partnership was mutually beneficial. The magician could continue his demonic sacrifices without worry of cleaning up the mess. The crazy rabbit had a big appetite for human remains down to the last drop! Not a trace of evidence was left when these two set their sights on an innocent victim only looking to enjoy a magic show!

The Despicable Deception Of A Blasphemous Bunny!

Even more despicable is the bunny’s ability to shapeshift into a cute furry form. A facade of innocence used to lure in innocent men, women, and even children! This diabolical duo even had the nerve to set up Easter events, and have the batty little beast pose as the holy Easter Bunny! For several years they spread their reign of low key terror across North America. Thankfully this filthy fiend was eventually captured by the forces of good working in conjunction with the enchanted Easter Bunny himself! The demonic experimental bunny is now caged in a Cryptozoological lab in the sub-basement of Mystic Investigations! To date we have been unable to return the furry fright to normal adorable bunny form! Get your own animated demon bunny prop, and put on the scariest magic show ever!

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