The Deadly Demonic Carnival Clown

The Carnival came to town for the Autumn season as Halloween quickly approached. Naturally, the general theme of the event was spooky in nature. This included the tall enthusiastic clown on stilts aching to lure everyone into his tent of glorious games and hidden horrors! He lovingly calls himself Hugz The Clown because he always lunges forth in an attempt to hug and capture unsuspecting victims. In reality the clown is a Demi-Demon, aka Human-Demon Hybrid, who eats people whole bones and all! Hugz needs to fuel his demonic power and create ritualistic sacrifices to his Father Demon! He is one sick puppy and the leader of the notorious Hugz Clown Cult! It’s apart of the greater global effort to create a Clown Apocalypse under the Klaus Kane Clown Cult! The end game is to create a demonic clown species that eradicates most humans on Earth! Any humans left would be true sycophant servants who dress up as clowns and serve the cult captains. Hopefully, this dark circus world never comes to pass!

The Carnival Clown Prince Of Darkness

Hugz real name is unknown as he wishes to mask his identity from demon hunters and other supernatural warriors out to destroy him! Simply stay aware and beware of any clowns you come across. Especially at circus’s and carnivals where they attempt to lure you away to an area with no witnesses present! Once you see sinister glowing eyes and razor sharp teeth it may already be too late for your immortal soul! Still you must try to run as fast as your feet will carry you! We recommend always carrying holy water, various religious artifacts, and other supernatural counter measures if you travel to places where clowns may reside!

This bad boy is beyond spooky which makes him an ideal scare tactic for Halloween. Of course in the harmless form of an animatronic decoration for your yard or haunted house this Halloween season. You can buy this frightening clown at Spirit Halloween or find one on Ebay!

May I Eat You Alive My Good Sir? How About You My Fair Lass?

The Carnival Atmosphere