The Microwave Monster

The Microwave Monster is the sinister story of a dormant shape-shifting extraterrestrial who arrived on Earth in the early 2000’s.  It traveled from the Andromeda Galaxy as a shapeless black blob in stasis within a small capsule-like ship that took over 20,000 years to get here through various sub-space wormhole passages. It plummeted to Earth … Read moreThe Microwave Monster

Graveyard Pumpkin Guardian Ghoul

This Animated Pumpkin Grave Guardian Prop is based on a real ghoulish creature.  A being with a jack-o-lantern head with glowing green eyes cloaked in a black robe.  He conveys menacing warnings to those who venture near the grave he’s protecting.  It’s been said these Pumpkin Ghoul Guards actually work for Shala Queen Of Halloween. … Read moreGraveyard Pumpkin Guardian Ghoul

Fear Runs Rampant With The Jack-O-Lantern Monster Afoot!

As All Hallows Eve approaches the nefarious Jack-O-Lantern Monster has been sighted numerous times rearing his big round pumpkin head around our paranormal planet.  The fuzzy image to the left is the only known photograph of this dastardly denizen of darkness.  Clearly the person who took this photo is no longer with us.  God bless their eternal … Read moreFear Runs Rampant With The Jack-O-Lantern Monster Afoot!

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