Is Sesame Street Real?

The long-running PBS kids television show Sesame Street is based on a true story! Often those in the entertainment community have connections in the real supernatural community. They then base their works on paranormal truths they learn. Creators, Writers, and Producers informing the world of what secretly lurks in the shadows. Still, they have plausible … Read moreIs Sesame Street Real?

Man Bravely Fights Voodoo Dark Magic Programming

 The unfortunate man in the video above was programmed by a Voodoo Witch Doctor to be a virtual puppet.  The man whipped up every ounce of willpower to enter his Master’s Voodoo Webinar Room as the magician left to use the crapper. A live-streaming camera captured his painstaking attempt to neutralize his own Voodoo … Read moreMan Bravely Fights Voodoo Dark Magic Programming

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