My Haunted Halloween Manor

Hey folks! Xavier Remington here. President of Mystic Investigations. Me and Rebecca Abernathy have really decked out our home for Halloween, Remington Manor, to greet the little trick o treating ghouls with Halloween mock horrors. We feel just throwing out treats in a jack-o-lantern bucket isn’t enough. These greedy little candy goblins need to earn … Read moreMy Haunted Halloween Manor

Monstrous Animatronic Talking Vampire Prop

This horrific looking vampire is far more monstrous than the human looking vampires known for their seducing of humans for blood.  We would guess he’s an extremely ancient vampire since he appears almost demonic.  Demons being the source of the vampire line.  This animated blood sucker taunts trick-o-treaters with his subtle threats of blood draining … Read moreMonstrous Animatronic Talking Vampire Prop

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