Landing At North Pole City Airport

The video above gives you some idea what it’s like to land in a plane at Santa Claus’s Christmas Capital. Like any other city in the world, North Pole City has an airport for visitors venturing to the winter wonderland. It’s named Saint Nicholas International Airport and it’s manned by air traffic control Elves. The airport not only handles planes of people but also various goods and raw materials from around the world. It also guides flying sleighs and other supernatural forms of transport.

The airport has many runways such as Rudolph and Candy Cane. Multiple runways becomes a necessity during the Christmas season when there is a major influx of traveling Elves and vacationers from the paranormal world. There’s even celebrities who have been made privy to its secret location. This happens when a supernatural being or another human in on the secret is a fan. Sometimes metaphysical events may cause people to find the holy city. One such case was a group of kids who truly believed they were flying to see Santa and so it actually happened!