The Sinister Santa Badger

The Sinister Santa Badger, a known associate of the diabolical Anti-Claus, will pay you a nasty visit if you’re naughty this Christmas season. This sapient Badger was said to be a former human cursed into Badgerhood by a dark witch he had dated, and then had a bad break up with.  He often poses as a deceased stuffed badger. Then when an unsuspecting victim inspects the supposed dead badger they are promptly mauled with razor sharp teeth as the talking terror laughs maniacally with glorious glee! If you spot the Santa Badger don’t attempt to apprehend him yourself. Call a seasoned supernatural hunter, or other paranormal professional.

Xavier Remington

About Xavier Remington

🎅As the Founder and President of Mystic Investigations I have dealt with all manner of metaphysical mayhem! However the supernatural beings and paranormal phenomenon of the Christmas season are some of the most magical. Our supernatural crime fighting team has had the honor of being welcome at the Demi-Angel Santa Claus's North Pole City and the horror of battling the diabolical Anti-Claus! This Xmas blog was born out of a deep interest and love for The Spirit Of Christmas! Merry Christmas To All And To All A Safe Night!🎄
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