The March Storm Moon Of Shamrocks Werewolves Warning!

TShamrock Moonhe Full Moon of March is most often referred to as the Storm Moon in the supernatural community. However like any Moon, it’s mystical magic can be dominated by various metaphysical forces. Since this Full Moon is four days away from lucky Saint Patrick’s Day, and Leprechauns are out in full force, they have some sway on the Lunar powers. So this month the Moon is called the Shamrock Storm Moon. Most Storm Moons produce more aggressive Werewolves brazen enough to enter more populated areas to satiate their need for fresh meat! Read The Rest Of This Paranormal Activity Forecast…

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2 thoughts on “The March Storm Moon Of Shamrocks Werewolves Warning!

    • The Moon usually only happens if it falls close to Saint Patrick’s Day. Also if the Spirit Of Good Luck is extremely strong. Lycans don’t enjoy sunlight but they can withstand it if they have to. Spending too much time in direct sunlight can cause sunburn. However it quickly heals once they’re indoors, or it turns to night.

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