A Flower Moon Werewolf Warning Is In Effect!

The Full Moon of May is usually known as The Flower Moon since it’s the month spring flowers first bloom in abundance. The mainstream community is also classifying this as a Blue Moon due to it being the third of four Moons in a single season. However, in the paranormal world, it doesn’t have the supernatural sway of a true Blue Moon. Thankfully, the Flower Moon doesn’t enhance Werewolves in any way so we only have the standard threat of being mauled, eaten alive, or turned into a mindless monster! The only benefit to humans is the fact that Flower Goddesses, Nymphs, and Fairies will be rising to peak power. Read The Rest Of This Werewolf Warning On Our Paranormal Activity Forecast…🌺

A Lucky Spring Supermoon Werewolf Warning Is In Effect!

🌕The Full Moon of March is generally known as the Storm Moon. The lunar energies of this Moon cause more aggressive behavior in Werewolves. Especially during any snow or thunderstorms that might take place. Thankfully, the general luck of  Saint Patrick’s Day aids in protecting humans throughout the month.  This year the March Moon falls on the March 20th Spring Vernal Equinox and is mere days away from the 17th of sainted fortune.  This works toward imbuing more luck upon potential werewolf prey while the deities of Spring bring about more peace in the demonic heart of the blasphemous beast. There’s also the balance of the equinox pulling more humanity into the mind of the mad wolf. Unfortunately, this is a Supermoon as well. Supermoon’s give us beyond monstrous werewolves that are far more powerfully muscular than usual! This is due to the Moons closer proximity to Earth.🍀

We’re Forecasting Gentler Werewolves With A Side Of Supernatural Caution

What we have here is a Lucky Spring Supermoon. This will leave us with non-enhanced werewolves due to the Supermoon and Storm Moon energies being neutralized by the Luck of Leprechauns, the holy Saint Patrick, Spring deities, and Mother Earth herself. In some cases, these factors might not only protect humans from werewolves but also prevent transition to wolf form in those who resist. Those werewolves in close proximity to Leprechauns, Goddesses, Nymphs, and Fairies may find themselves calmed down for a time. Nights, where the Moon is above 80% of full, will be somewhat safer than usual. Although, one should never let their guard down when it comes to the Lycanthrope menace! True good luck charms can repel werewolves during this Moon in addition to the usual holy artifacts, wolfsbane, and silver.🐺

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What Happens To Pregnant Werewolves?

What Happens To A Pregnant Woman Who Transforms Into A Werewolf?

Firstly, female Werewolves can indeed get pregnant. In human form, they can have babies just like anyone else. Unless they are descended directly from the original pure blood Lycan Werewolves then their child will be a normal human baby. These are the people who became werewolves when bitten by another and they acquired the Lycanthrope Virus. The only problem is if they transform on the nights of the full Moon while pregnant. During the transformation, their unborn child will be burned away as fuel for their monstrous form. Only wolf women who have learned to control their transformations or seek special magical intervention can protect their pregnancy and give birth to a beautiful healthy child.🌕

Pure Breed Lycan Werewolf Pregnancies

Those directly descended from pure breed Werewolves will produce a true werewolf child. One or both parents can pass on the Lycanthrope gene.  If both parents have it then the Werewolf will simply be more powerful and considered Lycan royalty as opposed to a half breed. Although a so-called half-breed is still a werewolf. The term is simply pompous discrimination! These type of Lycan descended werewolves are guaranteed to control their transformations and not be at the mercy of the full Moon.

When a pregnant werewolf woman of this pure heritage transforms to wolf form her unborn child has the genetic, and cellular structure to withstand the internal violence of it.  In fact, it makes the child even stronger.  As the pregnancy progresses the fetus will semi-transform with the mother, and then back again when she goes to human form.  In the final month, the sixth month, it may actually fully wolf out! Violently beating the mother from within when she’s in werewolf form. This might cause an early birth to occur. If the child wolfed out while the mother was in their human-like form she would immediately transform because it could cause great bodily damage and possibly kill her!

The Eternal Pure Werewolf

When pure breed Lycan werewolves mate in either human or their wolf form the resulting child is the same. However, if those of werewolf virus origin complete the act in their wolf form the result is horrifying! When conceived in this way the baby never returns to a human state because they never had one, to begin with. It is a pure demonic werewolf. The resulting pregnancy would cause the female to stay in werewolf form for the one week gestation period. She would most likely find deep forest cover, a cave, or bury herself in the ground until the unholy birth. After giving birth the mother is often the albino abominations first meal. Even in its baby state, it would be more powerful than a full-grown werewolf! Within a week it would be an adult itself. A blasphemous beast capable of destroying entire wolf packs!

The albino werewolf is immortal and remains in wolf form 24-7! During the day it is weaker and will hide in a cool dark place. This is the best time to try and attempt to eradicate it from existence! During the night it roams about eating anything in sight with the apex of its power on full Moon nights. Its bite is deadly to humans and it can’t transform them into werewolves. Nor can the alarming abomination mate with another werewolf. Thankfully, this atrocity is beyond rare since most transformed werewolves simply want to tear apart anything that moves including others of its kind. In addition, the odds of two werewolves of the opposite sex managing to cross paths on a full Moon night are quite astronomical!🐺