Wayward Werewolf Warning!

The Full Moon of August in the supernatural community is generally known as the Corn Moon. This is due to corn being the most common crop brimming forth in farm fields across the planet. The agricultural Gods and Goddesses work with their lunar counterparts to dominate this months Moon. There is no heightened risk from Werewolves under this Moon. Unfortunately, the usual monstrous danger still exists. Read The Rest On Our Paranormal Activity Forecast Blog…

Will Werewolves Go To Hell When They Die?

Werewolf HellSince Werewolves have demonic origins some suggest they should go to Hell when they die.  Despite their demonic DNA they still possess a human soul and would not go to Hell for heinous acts perpetrated while in a monstrous state of mind. Werewolves lacking a coherent conscious state in complete Lycanthrope form are not liable for any injury, or loss of life they may cause. They should not feel any guilt for something that is beyond their control. Of course, there is some liability if they are careless in not properly restraining themselves in chains and cages during the Full Moon.

Another reason why a Werewolf wouldn’t go to hell upon death is the fact that the death itself restores the body to full Human heights. The Lycanthrope Virus is eradicated from the body! This is true whether they die in human form or in Werewolf form. Certainly, when dying in wolf form they visibly transform back to their human body as the final act of death. You’ll never find a werewolf corpse anywhere unless it’s the rare soulless type who was born of two wolf form werewolves mating. In other words, the wild child was never human to begin with!

A final reason why they wouldn’t go to hell is the fact that technically nobody goes to Hell unless they choose to. Those evil individuals in the supernatural know believe going to higher dimensional Hell is a reward. A way to up their wayward lives to the next level. In some cases, the Devil and his minions of Hell don’t believe them to be worthy. Naturally, they would be rejected by the nearest dimensional level of Heaven. So they could very well go to Purgatory with Ice Demons or even the physical Underworld deep within the Earth. Dark Gods are always looking for humans to add to their afterlife domains. Others might very well become free agents of darkness if they can figure out how to gain super-conscious control of their soul. Mostly though their dark soul in this reality is folded into their five-dimensional soul that is comprised of all their lives in the various Parallel Universes. Ultimately at the top Macroverse level of the afterlife, everyone has been equally good and evil. There’s simply no reason why one soul frequency would be completely good nor evil. We were all born into macroversal existence equally at the same time.

Can A Full Moon Transform A Werewolf During The Day?

We’ve all seen the Full Moon occasionally visible during the Summer daylight hours of the morning and evening. So does this trigger a Werewolf transformation? Especially considering that fact that Werewolves are beholden to metaphysical lunar energies rather than the light itself. We only see Werewolves at night but they can linger into the early embers of sunlight when within deeply wooded areas, a cave, or indoors. Their demonic DNA is repelled by sunlight. However, unlike vampires, they will not burst into flames and die. It simply makes them feel pain and blinds their eyes.

The triggered transformation can’t take place during the day even if they are in deep cover from sunlight. This is due to the holy sun having its own set of metaphysical energies. These enchanted energies override that of the Moon. Interestingly enough it is these very energies that are transmuted to unholy light by the Moon at night. That being said there are werewolves who have the power to transform at will. Often those trained in wolf packs. In such cases, they can transform during the daylight if they remain sufficiently shaded from the sun. In addition, some Native American tribes have embraced Lycanthropy and called upon their nature deities to dull the demonic DNA to some extent. So these type of werewolves may frolic freely in the holy sunlight for a time.

In human form, werewolves don’t normally care for direct sunlight but it doesn’t hinder their lives. Especially during the New Moon phase when they’re at the height of humanity. Since human werewolves are usually athletic they spend a lot of time outdoors and will have a healthy suntan. Still, they must use a great deal of sunscreen to prevent burns on unclothed areas of skin.