The Super Blue Blood Violet Moon Eclipse

If you thought the Blood Moon Of Halloween was a supernatural nightmare of titanic terror then wait until you get a load of The Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse in the early morning hours of January 31st! Before we say anything else we seriously recommend you stay locked securely indoors during the nighttime hours. All manner of unholy hell will be breaking loose!ūüėģ¬†The Super Moon causes major increases in metaphysical lunar energies thereby increasing paranormal activity both in strength and sheer numbers. The Blue Moon, the second full Moon in one month, has the same effect due to the mystical connection with the first Moon. They create a lunar loop that gives us double the paranormal power. So with two double powered Moons that’s quadruple the trouble!¬† Read More About This Wayward Warning On Our Paranormal Activity Forecast Blog…

The Vampire-Werewolf-Zombie Hybrid!

What’s A WereZombpire?
There are rare Vampire-Werewolf Hybrids and even extremely temporary¬†Werewolf-Zombie Hybrids¬†that can only occur under immensely unusual circumstances. For the most part the respective paranormal viruses that cause the conditions of vampirism, lycanthropy, and zombification are wildly incompatible. There’s also the fact that the Vampire Virus can easily eradicate the Werewolf and Zombie Virus. Still could there be a one in a trillion event of enchantment that could produce a trifecta hybrid of the unholy trinity of the supernatural world? The fabled Vampire-Werewolf-Zombie Hybrid officially dubbed the WereZombpire!

One of our paranormal researchers happened upon a supernatural cold case file from the late 1970’s. A wicked witch from Nebraska named Sally Bing had just demonically sacrificed what she thought was a virginal woman but instead she was a newly turned vampire. Naturally as apart of the sacrifice she drank the vampires blood. The sacrifice took place at The Devil’s Hour of All Hallows Eves in a isolated rural cemetery for the purposes of raising the dead to Zombiehood. The bad witch Bing had major delusions of grandeur that nefarious night! Indeed zombies burst blasphemously through the sinister soils around her. She underestimated the intensity of her sacrificial spell and one of the Walking Dead caught her by surprise biting her on the ankle. She shot forth a burst of metaphysical energy demolishing it into damnation dust!

As she gained control of her personal zombie horde she wasn’t thinking about the fact that it happened to be a full Moon Halloween night. Of course as luck would have it a Werewolf zoomed in out nowhere and chewed off a good sized chunk out of her neck! She fell to the ground instantly dead as the zombie horde overwhelmed the furry menace. Within Sally’s body were the three supernatural viruses of the vampire, werewolf, and zombie. Now dead with nearly all her blood drained the vampire should have won. However her body was deeply infused with dark magics that supported all three viruses efforts to survive. They integrated into one symbiotic organism. Sally was now the worlds first¬†WereZombpire! Unfortunately, for her this transformation came at the cost of her ability to practice witchcraft.

She called upon her dark sisters of magic to figure out what she was but no cure was had. Eventually they shunned her and she killed them with extreme prejudice! Fortunately for her she was immune to magical attacks! The WereZombpire Bing had an insatiable appetite for eating entire humans whole like that of a Demi-Demon. She devoured bones and all! Brains for the zombie, blood for the vampire, the rest of the flesh for the Werewolf, and possibly the bones for the demonic energies infused within. She had the ability to be all three at once and transform into either one individually at will free of any factors like the full moon. All along she kept her sapient wits about her with a strong lust for death and destruction woven within.

The Vampire Dracula vs The WereZombpire!
She caused havoc across North America and was number one on the Paranormal Most Wanted List for years. All manner of brave paranormal professionals and practitioners of magic were no match for her! She mercilessly murdered all things animal, human and supernatural in her sight! The infamous magically inclined Vampire Dracula became intrigued by tales told of her and he flew in from Transylvania to meet this malevolent kindred spirit. He found her in Toronto Canada eating an alley full of homeless people! Dracula literally applauded her and offered a mutually beneficial union. It looked like all was going well as she appeared to be attracted to him and warmly embraced the dark second generation vampire.

Suddenly the normally calm Dracula screamed out in agony as she bit out a gargantuan chunk from his neck! Sally bellowed,”Screw you Dracula! I work for no man!”¬† He immediately turned himself in a dozen bats but she ate a good number of them at lightening speed causing him to reform as a person lying weak on the ground. He glared up at her while his eyes glowing red with anger and he exclaimed,”You have no idea who you’re dealing with my dear! My dark masters won’t stand for this insolence you pathetic monster!” She looked down on him snickering as her eyes glowed in a array of rotating rainbow colors, and declared,”Now you will die oh legendary monster of history! Your time is past old man!”

Sally pounced on him but Dracula pushed her into a brick wall with his last ounce of strength. She quickly regained her composure among fallen bricks and dust. Before Dracula could speed away she pinned him down ready to eat him whole as she took a Werewolf form. At that moment something grabbed her by the neck and forcibly held her up against the brick wall. This something forced her to return to a more humanoid appearance.

The Devil Protects His Loyal Minions!
Before her stood something that finally terrified her. A nine foot tall crimson colored demon with huge horns as a panorama of fire and brimstone appeared everywhere! Screams of agony and visions of horror floated about in a sinister manner. It was the Devil himself in a deeply dense metaphysical energy form! The Devil only risks a visible Earthly presence when one of very important evil assets are in grave danger! The risk is Angels and even Jinn capturing him!

Gaia Brand BB336x280 v1

Dracula arose to his knees as he praised his dark Lord. While holding Sally’s neck firmly he petted Dracula long flowing black mane and gently said,”I heal you my beautiful son of the dark shadows” Dracula’s powers were restored as he profusely thanked him. The Devil then ordered him to leave as he dealt with Sally alone.

The Devil then said,”Oh Miss Bing your exploits have amused me for quite some time but you’ve begun stepping on too many of my fiery toes. You’re starting to jeopardizing my plans for Armageddon. You were once a loyal child of Hell as a wicked witch but this sorry state you’re in has made you a mindless minion of nothingness! I damn you to Hell where you will be my pet for eternity!” They both disappeared in a flash of bright orange fire ridden smoke with a scream of terror shooting throughout the city shattering nearby windows!¬† Legend has it that the Devil lets Sally loose briefly on Earth during the Devils Hour on Halloween! Those unlucky enough to be in her path will die in such terror that they will immediately become ghosts! As the¬†WereZombpire appears every Halloween at some random location it is still an open supernatural case that will not be closed until Sally Bing is eradicated or in the custody of paranormal professionals!

The New Year’s SuperMoon Takes The Place Of The Wolf Moon

The Full Moon of January is almost exclusively the Wolf Moon. A time when mostly loner Werewolves come together in aggressive packs. Perplexing packs whose sole instinct is to snuff out human life and devour it whole with monstrous glee! Of course in the morning the Werewolves return to human form and feel great remorse for their actions. That is if they happen to remember or put the murderous clues together. All this despite January being so close to Christmas and it’s calming spirit of goodness. A serene Spirit that gives us gentle cuddly Yule Moon Werewolves. However with the New Year we have a mystical temporal reset along with certain supportive sinister Werewolf Moon Gods who take command of the lunar energies in January. Thankfully the Spirit Of Christmas still has enough sway to deflect the full brunt of the evil energies. Read The Rest Of This Paranormal Activity Forecast….