Does The Rarest Natural Earthly Element Have Supernatural Uses?

Astatine is the rarest naturally occurring element to exist on Earth. It’s a radioactive element listed on the Periodic Table with the atomic number 85 and the symbol At. The elements name comes from the Greek word Astatos which means unstable. Astatine is a semi-metal that results from the decay of uranium and thorium. Its half-life is barely 8 hours which means it becomes something else in less than 24 hours. Namely bismuth or polonium isotopes. Really it’s vaporized by the heat of its own radioactivity. At any given time there is only somewhere around 30 grams in the Earth’s crust scattered around the world! That’s only about 2 Tablespoons!

Natural Elements Always Have Paranormal Purposes

It seems Mother Nature has given us a paranormal purpose for everything. The most famous is of course silver that provides a wide variety of benefits across the natural and supernatural spectrum. Especially when it comes to Werewolves! So does the radioactive Astatine have any protective, repellent, or healing properties? Nothing could be found written about it in the secret supernatural records hidden among ancient scrolls around our wondrous world. We had several psychics, seers, and mystics attempt to access information about it in the higher dimensional Akashic Records. There were three enchanted entries found stating what Astatine could do. In all three it is made clear that synthetically created Astatine will not work! Even if it could work scientists have produced only .05 micrograms total thus far! Interestingly enough a fourth entry revealed who is in charge of the stuff!

Astatine Can Open Up Paranormal Portals

Apparently, a mere microgram can be used in a magical potion of common items and a rather simple spell. The result is the ability to open up a temporary portal to anywhere in our Multiverse! It would allow travel back and forth to anywhere in space, time, alternate dimension, and Parallel Universe! Of course, you need to finish your business within 8 hours or you’ll be stranded where ever you traveled to! There is also a mention of a variation on the potion and spell that can create a bubble Universe based off your fantasies. Once inside you can choose to stay for 8 hours or forever! 

Astatine Has Repelled A Parallel Dimensional Alien Scourge From Earth!

It appears Astatine has conveniently kept away aliens from a reality out of phase with ours. They are referred to as the Mortelaceravit which appears to be a word derived from Latin meaning “Mangled To Death”. The species are like a bus-sized virus that destroy anything that moves via repeated brunt force attack and absorption of broken down elements. They are made of some indestructible inter-dimensional substance and only Astatine can extinguish them. Even the 30 grams on our planet can be sensed by them if they start to phase into our dimension. Without Astatine life could have never evolved on Earth! Thank God for this element!

The Astatine Blade

If enough Astatine could be mined to create a decent sized blade it would look like a dark metal. That blade would have to be created by magical means and would only last half a day! Such a mystical weapon is said to have the power to destroy, banish, or repel anything that takes a physical form on Earth. This includes any higher dimensional or parallel dimensional entity all the way to the Omniverse and Macroverse level. In higher level beings such as Angels and Gods, it is assumed it merely sends them back to their dimension temporarily so it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to use it! They’d come back extremely annoyed at you! That being said it could eradicate or at least send someone like the sinister Slenderman back to his home dimension! There are also indications it could erase a Philosophical Zombie.

Of course, the only way to create such a weapon would be to travel through time or Parallel Universes to gather enough Astatine to form a knife. The holy blade must be at least 6 inches long and thick enough not to bend. It would have to be quite a quick quest to collect the unstable substance before it dissipates and have a supernatural blacksmith forge a blade! Then find the paranormal person you want to use it on! This would probably be a last-ditch option when all else has failed against a fantastical foe who presents a gargantuan danger to many people! However it is certainly something higher dimensional beings like Angels, Demons, Jinn, etc could create instantly.

The God Of Astatine

All things in nature have a deity in charge of it. In the case of the rare radioactive element Astatine, a male Fairy named Astatos is in charge of it. Although he has been bestowed with the title God by Goddess Gaia Mother Earth. The Greek God Zeus and others have tried to coerce Astatos in granting them unlimited access to Astatine via temporal and five-dimensional manipulation to gain access to larger quantities. It’s assumed they want top flight weapons to use in the War Of Armageddon! As he is under the protection of Gaia they can’t force him. Gaia herself is under orders from the Omniverse God to remain neutral in the coming supernatural battles! So it is unknown if praying or conducting a ritual to summon Astatos would do any good? More likely Astatos is more concerned about keeping the inter-dimensional Mortelaceravit alien scourge off the planet!

Why Is Iron A Paranormal Pain To Some Supernatural Beings?

Mother Nature has provided humankind with various elements to defend itself against the sinister supernatural scourge. As far as miracle metals the most famous is probably Silver and its power over Werewolves along with other denizens of darkness. However Iron has a wide array of repellent, containment, and exterminating applications when it comes to paranormal creatures of a dark sort. The ultimate source of Iron is the heart of supergiant stars that radiate warm holy light forth into our dark reality. Iron forged from fantastic fusion reactions that eventually form the core of these superstars. This heavy core spells the stars death and in some cases a serious supernova that scatters the iron to the four winds of the Universe!

This is the abundant iron we find on Earth. Especially within Mother Earth’s hot molten heart at the inner core. Also from the continued spacial delivery of supernova within falling meteor stars as well. Iron has the metaphysical energy properties of the grounding healing Earth along with the cleansing fires of holy stars. It also exhibits magnetic manifestations as well. Various biological beings, including humans, have iron-rich hemoglobin that makes up the very blood that gives them life. Within Witches and other Practitioners Of Magic, this form of Iron transports the enchanted energies of magic throughout their bodies. However too much iron or the introduction of pure iron substances can, in fact, block their paranormal powers!

Holy Iron
Iron can negatively affect various entities both righteous and wayward in nature. However, it has slightly more power over the forces of darkness due to iron being sourced from the holy light of stars. All stars, including the Sun, are considered blessed by any number of Gods and Goddesses. Particularly the Omniverse Lord. Without their voluminous luminosity we would languish in dark damnation. That being said, iron itself isn’t an official holy substance unless blessed by a Priest of any given religion. Certainly, a blessed iron cross would have more paranormal repellent properties than a wooden cross. In addition, iron is vulnerable to rust which in turn destroys its enchanted effectiveness in all supernatural situations. Always inspect and clean your iron implements on a regular basis to ensure their rust free effectiveness for impromptu supernatural battles.

Types Of Iron
When it comes to dealing with paranormal perplexities pure raw cold iron is best but wrought iron also works very well. Clearly wrought iron creates all manner of tools and weapons that may be used in the hunting, capture, or killing of malevolent metaphysicals. Cast Iron has too many impurities to be effective and this is why it is the common material of witches cauldrons. There’s enough iron to keep the metaphysical energies of magical potions contained and concentrated yet not enough to dampen the magic. Just as the right amount of biological iron in witches blood keeps power evenly distributed throughout their bodies. Steel and other iron alloys aren’t recommended if you want that extra enchanted kick.

Witches And Iron
As mentioned above iron can dampen and completely block a witches magic depending on their level of power. This can be done a number of ways. The most common are iron shackles. Enough Iron Filings sprinkled about or on the witch directly can cause magical disruption as well. A witch can be eradicated by impaling them in the heart with an iron implement. Leaving it in generally guarantees they can’t haunt you as a dark ghost or perform a self-resurrection spell. Iron works on warlocks and also low to mid-level wizards. Unfortunately, high-level wizards and most sorcerers can shrug off irons mystical neutralization.

Supernatural Beings Who Care Not For Iron
Vampires and Werewolves have no love for iron but then again it’s not as bad for them as silver. Those with too much iron in their blood may taste bad to vampires and they may therefore leave them alone. On the other hand, the iron-deficient may be more vulnerable. When it comes to Zombies there is no effect. Fairies, Nymphs and quite a few creations of the Earthly Nature Deities are known to be vulnerable to iron. Some say this came about from a massive joint curse placed on them by Angels and Demons in the distant past. Leprechauns are immune to Iron and support good luck charms like iron horseshoes. Their dark Clurichaun brothers have some minor vulnerability to iron but not enough to stop a determined one! Iron may disrupt the metaphysical and non-corporeal energies of various higher dimensional beings phasing into this reality. This especially includes ghosts and poltergeists. Also Demons and Jinn to some extent. Biological form demons, including the Devil, find iron to be a minor annoyance. Same for Demi-Demons. There are no sure things in the battle against the forces of paranormal darkness. However, it never hurts to bring iron into the fantastical fray! Here at Mystic Investigations we always utilize iron cages to contain Cryptids. More expensive silver when necessary. You can get a chunk of pure iron here to have on hand just in case you inadvertently enter the wondrous world of the supernatural!

What Is Metaphysical Matter?

Metaphysical MatterMetaphysical Matter, sometimes called Astral or Spiritual Matter, is the true polar opposite of Physical Matter rather than Anti-Matter. Unlike Anti-Matter, Astral Matter won’t cause a massive energy explosion on contact with normal matter! They can coexist together. In our physical Universe matter is more or less solidified physical energy, or vibrating strings of energy.  This solidification is a gradual transitional process with tons of atomic, and subatomic particles in between. Below that energy level is Neutral Energy. Most probably what mainstream science calls Dark Energy. The stuff that the space-time continuum, and the very fabric that our Universe is made of. The dimensional containment matrix that separates all manner of parallel, and alternate dimensions. Neutral Energy acts as a conduit through which higher dimensional programmed information is channeled through to the correct location. Metaphysical Energy sends forth the programming of the Gods, or higher dimensional entities, through various vibrational frequencies that then create vibrating physical energy strings that in turn create a variety of low level quantum particles.

Metaphysical Matter is simply solid Metaphysical Energy. A periodic table of metaphysical elements would most likely represent a plethora of common emotions, and thoughts literally made physical. It would be a complete mystery to modern science if they ever studied it. This is because it would appear to be made of nothing by their testing, and microscopic observation methods.  There is no transition from metaphysical energy to metaphysical matter. Some say the intricate transition of physical energy to standard matter our scientists observe is merely an elaborate show to prove that one’s environment isn’t a holographic illusion of the Gods. A ruse to keep humans guessing on the existence of higher dimensional life.

What Is Ectoplasm?
EctoplasmMetaphysical Matter is something created directly by the hand of a powerful being, or practitioner of magic. Often on purpose but sometimes as a supernatural side effect of something. Ectoplasm is the most common form of metaphysical matter that can come in a variety of forms, and colors. White gauze like materials, and green glowing goo are the most prevalent forms seen in the supernatural world. Ectoplasm often results when there is some manner of direct contact with the metaphysical world. Whether it be Mediums contacting the dead, or ghosts, and  other higher dimensional entities roaming about the world of the living. It generally only occurs during high energy exchanges that in essence conflict with the very fabric of our reality thereby causing a waste product of sorts.

Midnight Oil And Blob Monsters
Every element of our reality, including thoughts, and emotions, can be brought into a metaphysical matter Midnight Oilform via marvelous magics, or alchemy. One such enchanted element is Midnight Oil. A literal physical manifestation of the Midnight Witching Hour, and all that it metaphysically stands for. The Witching Hour is often a time when major malevolence manifests magically! Midnight Oil is a potent element used in dangerous spells! Some paranormal beings, like Blob Monsters, can be made of metaphysical matter as well. Various higher dimensional entities such as ghosts, poltergeists, and demons can take physical form if they have enough power on their own, or are aided by a witch, warlock, wizard, or sorcerer. At the end of the day the true power is the will of one’s own thoughts.

There is a very real danger of powerful magicians, or a group of misguided mystical cultists, transforming various non-conscious spirits into physical form. This includes the Human Collective Consciousness, The Vampire Collective Consciousness, The Spirit Of Christmas, The Spirit Of Halloween, etc. Whoever managed to do this could imbue their own mind upon this enchanted entity, and easily turn it into the worst monster the world, or even the Universe has ever seen! It could then be used backwardly to corrupt everything it’s metaphysically connected to. In the case of the Human Collective Consciousness it could theoretically make every human on Earth someone’s puppet to play with as they please! Thankfully the immense energy, and right spells required, have yet to be achieved!

The God Crystals
God CrystalNaturally occuring forms of metaphysical matter include Gaia Crystals. Such crystals are the result of the first shooting star of the night not being wished upon.  The first star is in fact the enchanted energy of Goddess Gaia rather than an actual meteor streaming through the atmosphere. In essence a glorious gift of a wish to one lucky person. An unintentional natural form of meta matter are the legendary God Crystals. These crystals can come from any higher dimensional being attempting to add, or augment, a programming element to our physical Universe. So you could have a very weak crystal created by a low level nature deity, or all the way up to the almighty infinite Macroverse God.

The catalyst is a metaphysical energy burst resulting from an enchanted error. Usually a higher dimensional thought, or command, that doesn’t connect with the intended programmed target. This can even happen when Gods simply have stray thoughts that don’t translate to anything within the underlying pure energy string programming of our reality. This informational metaphysical energy instead manifests as a crystal containing all the powers of said entity. The crystal itself can have a wide array of configurations, and sizes. However it almost always glows with power. The iridescent color can span the entire rainbow.

Some call God Crystals, Author Authority Crystals, since they usually offer some level of ability to transform our Universe. Of course it’s all based on the powers of the God it came from. If it was a nature deity then the powers would be limited to Mother Nature. If it came from higher level deities then you could very well create your own Universe! Either way you will most likely have the ability to transform into a metaphysical matter, and energy form at will. You would finally be free of consciousness confinement within your biological body, and this corporeal Universe! Simply holding the crystal, or in some cases attempting to ingest it, gives one the awesome paranormal powers. Ingestion, or some other manner of physical absorption, is the only way to have these powers permanently. This perplexing processing requires the supernatural stone to be ground into a powder by a proper practitioner of magic, or Alchemist. Naturally they will want a cut but realize that sharing it with too many people will deeply dilute the power potential.

These God Crystals are rare in formation when it comes to our planet since it’s a mere dot in the Universe. However they have been building up over countless billions of years, and they can only be destroyed by magic, or via the hellish heat of a star. So there are a number of them on Earth. Yet at the same time a great many of them are buried courtesy of the sands of time.

The Stuff Reality Is Made Of
The highest concentrations of metaphysical matter are found In higher dimensional realms. Within these Afterlife dimensions there are entire worlds, and Universes, made of metaphysical matter. Places where ascended Humans, Angels, and other beings, can easily manipulate their environment at will by simply thinking about what they want. However most of the dimensions in our Omniverse are composed of metaphysical energy. Ultimately the Macroverse is mostly Non-Corporeal Energy with small concentrations of programmed matter, energy, metaphysical matter, and non-corporeal matter, and other various states of reality.

  • Elf Dust and Fairy Dust are forms of metaphysical matter created by supernatural beings.