What Is The Mandela Effect?

The Mandela Effect is the name given for what appears on the surface to be a recent paranormal phenomenon. In 2009 paranormal research indicated that a number of people remember Nelson Mandela dying in a South African prison in the 1980’s. In our current reality, he died a free man in 2013. The truth is that the Mandela Effect is simply humankind’s awareness of our five-dimensional Multiverse and the multitude of Parallel Universes within. Just as we sail through time into the future due to movement over the four-dimensional plane of our Universe so do we subtly move into parallel realities as we move across the 5-D plane. This is how three-dimensional minds experience the higher dimensions we invisibly live in.

The Mandela Effect Comes To Life In The Modern World Of Mass Media

Generally, movement through parallel universes is an individual journey most never notice unless they are supernaturally inclined. However recently history has given us global mass media that has aided in the creation of a more powerful human collective consciousness. There’s also the fact that our brains have evolved to be more perceptive of perplexing phenomenon. In our modern world, we have exponentially more things to be aware of than our ancestors who spent most of history just looking to survive daily life. All these factors have suddenly made our five-dimensional journey more obvious. Every day more discrepancies in our reality are noticed as various people remember past events differently from others.

With the onset of the global media, there are various sub-factions within the common Human Spirit or Collective Consciousness that are affixed to our reality. Those with shared interests and beliefs from around the world. These people are tied together by that common spirit and therefore move into Parallel Universes together. They remember reality different from other groups of people. The advent of social media in the 2000’s also gives people around the world an unprecedented opportunity to compare experiences that has never been seen in human history!

Artificial Factors In Creating The Mandela Effect

There may be other factors giving us increased glimpses into alternate realities as well. This includes being near strong electromagnetic fields, people practicing strong magic, exercising author authority powers, time travelers altering history, and artificially intelligent quantum computers in the future changing events. This includes the future Cyber-God who has been known to contact the past. The most commonly cited reason for the Mandela Effect has been the experiments being done at CERN with the Large Hadron Collider.  It’s been said they are opening micro black holes or wormholes that expose our reality to 5-D Hyper-Space. Unstable probability space that is easily warped by the thoughts of humans and other beings. They may also be artificially exposing and manipulating quantum particles that are altering our perception of the reality we once knew. Hopefully, any such damage is localized and doesn’t spread across the entire Universe. If so then surely there are countless extraterrestrial civilizations who have also done such experiments further fracturing the Universe into new alternate states!

A List Of Mandela Effect Changes To Our Timeline

Impartial list. More to come! List some in the comments and we’ll add them here.


Geography & Landmarks

  • The Orient Express used to run from Paris, France to Shanghai, China rather than Paris to Istanbul, Turkey.


Can Nature Deities Cure Vampirism, Lycanthropy, And Zombification?

Could a variety of nature deities, including Mother Earth Goddess Gaia, cure a plethora of paranormal phenomena? Whether demonic afflictions that cause humans to become vampires and werewolves or even non-demonic conditions that result in zombies. The answer is indeed Gods, and Goddesses could cure such things and have in the past. Even Nymphs and Fairies have pooled power to aid in restoring humanity to those lost in the supernatural shadows against their will! In turn, the demons of Hell corrupted the Underworld and interbred with Dark Gods and Goddesses. They also created demonic breeds of Nymphs, Fairies, Elves, Leprechauns, and other servants of Mother Nature. In the face of mutually assured destruction, an agreement was reached between Gods and Demons to cause no further incursions into each others territory until the major battles of Armageddon commenced.

In addition, various agreements with the Angels Of Heaven as seen in The Supernatural Secrecy Pact prevent major interventions into the affairs of humankind and the denizens of darkness that put them to the test. However, Practitioners Of Magic calling upon Nature Deities in their respective wars of good vs evil are allowed to heed calls for help. More or less it takes a powerful witch, warlock, wizard, sorcerer, priest, or other true believers to get the attention of deities. Despite the obstacles of paranormal pacts the disciples of Mother Nature have been known to aid supernaturally afflicted humans in need. Whether indirectly through a humans magical practice or directly by their holy hand.

Other higher dimensional beings, including Jinn, can also reverse the vampire, werewolf, and zombie scourge along with other various supernatural states. Most commonly through Genies wishes. Of course, Angels could easily reverse just about anything but they are tightly bound by the non-interference policy of the Archangel hierarchy under the guidance of the Omniverse Lord. At the end of the day, it seems the highest level Lords want to play out every scenario possible in the various Parallel Universes to grant humans a wealth of knowledge and experience to prepare them for eventual afterlife Godhood.

Do Real Bottomless Pits Exist?

Bottomless PitThe Bible speaks of The Bottomless Pit as another name for Hell. The dark yet brightly flame lit domain of the Devil and his demonic minions. Technically speaking a multi-dimensional metaphysical realm like Hell can be without end and so describing it as a bottomless pit is accurate. In fact, there are at least a handful of pits and tunnels hidden around the world that lead to the Underworld. The Underworld is the physical hell of dark gods and low-level demons deep within the Earth. It gradually transmutes into the non-physical Hell. Some say these 90-degree passages were dug by horrifying beasts under the control of dark forces! These perplexing pits are primarily used for demonic cult rituals when they sacrifice innocents to their evil God or demon of choice. If sacrificed to the Devil the person thrown into the pit will drop miles through the Underworld before descending into fiery hell where they continue falling through the blasphemous brimstone for all eternity! Every so often the Devil will have his fun with them along the way. Hopefully, an Ice Demon or Angel saves them if they’re worthy.

Journey To The Center Of The Earth!
There’s also a prehistoric pit or transport tube that goes to the center of the Earth and up the other side or vice versa depending on your perspective. Its entrance or exit is located underneath the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Amazingly the water doesn’t flow into the tubes by some unknown force. The same force that causes the tube to go through Earth’s molten heart. Interestingly enough there is air within the tunnel courtesy of various vents to land surfaces around the world. Some surmise it was created by an alien civilization in conjunction with the cooperation of Goddess Gaia Mother Nature. It runs through the Underworld and its walls may be home to various unknown terrestrial and extraterrestrial species. Its existence may account for the so-called Hollow Earth Theory.

When falling into this dark pit you would accelerate up to 300 mph before reaching Earth’s molten core 20 hours later! Sometime before then you would normally crash into the sides of the pit due to Earths rotation causing addition movement. However, once again there is an unseen force keeping you centered. When you reach the center the power of your plummeting self will continue forth overshooting it for 100 miles before falling back down and beginning the process again. For several weeks you’ll shoot back and forth through the center like a pendulum due to the zero gravity properties known to exist there. Eventually, you will more or less cease movement and just float in the center until you die! It’s not known how much protection the tube walls provide against the molten lava heat. So you could possibly be baked alive rather quickly upon reaching the center. It’s surmised the tunnel was meant for advanced spacecraft that travel underwater as well.

The Ultimate Universal Bottomless Pit!
The true title of a real physical Bottomless Pit goes to one that actually stretches across the entire Universe! Some say it is a primordial wormhole formed not long after The Big Bang. It theoretically connects to five-dimensional hyperspace that goes on without end thereby making it bottomless. However, if you made it to the 5th dimension you’d just flop around like a helpless piece of paper because you’re merely a 3-D entity without a four-dimensional canvas. In reality, you’d never make it to the end as the Universe’s Dark Energy expansion pulls you like gravity. The movement of four-dimensional space-time propels you perpetually across the never-ending expanse of light years. The laws of physics are defied within this special ancient wormhole as time stands still. You remain in an alarmingly awake stasis state never aging nor dying by any cause! You simply feel like you’re falling at light speed through a dark void. You can only pray that aliens or angels save your life!

Mel’s Bottomless Pit